Business Intelligence with IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

  • The BI solution for reporting, dashboarding, and visualization
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The business intelligence solution for successful business management

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is a next-generation AI-based business intelligence solution that combines ease of use with high performance. The intuitive functions pf IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson help companies work their way into cognitive computing and change the way they work with data. You get better insight into your business processes and can display information more intuitively in meaningful reports, dashboards, and visualizations. By delivering the data at the right time and with reliable quality, business users and executives can make profitable decisions, understand them, and respond quickly to the increasing market dynamics—on-premise or in the cloud.

You see the view of the wihitepaper "Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics quickly and easily!"
IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson: Upgrade quickly and easily

Here’s how to upgrade your IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson automatically in four steps.

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Table of contents

Table of contents

Key features of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson works in agile fashion, and it is forward-looking and fast - the guarantee for successful business management.

Business Intelligence: Ready to use and accessible from anywhere

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson is ready when users are. The solution offers a uniform experience, whether on the Web or on mobile devices. This allows information to be found quickly, analyzed, created, and shared.

Integration of artificial intelligence

The AI-based business intelligence solution detects patterns and correlations from the complex data. The AI assistant enables end users to create fully automated visualizations and dashboards.

Put data to work for you

Work with data should be easy and productive – not time-consuming. This cross-functional analysis tool enables seamless collaboration between users with different skills.

Simple self-service functionality

The intuitive interface of the business intelligence solution does not require any special know-how. This makes the IT department’s work easier, saves time, and ideas can be implemented directly by the department.

Fast, attractive reporting and visualization

Intuitive functionality enables companies to create meaningful, compelling graphics, infographics, dashboards, and high-content reports in minutes.

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson as a basis for analysis for successful measures

A reliable, clean database provides the basis for a strong, meaningful analysis to make successful business decisions and measures.

Excellence in consulting and implementation

From design to implementation

Our IBM-certified valantic consultants provide our customers with reliable support with their expertise from the conception, implementation/upgrades to the application of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson. We will answer all of your questions about data modeling, reporting, data analysis, visualization, and dashboarding. Comprehensive knowledge of data warehouse, OLAP, data integration and security expand our BA service portfolio.

As a long-standing IBM Gold Business Partner, we have already successfully implemented numerous projects for well-known customers.
Are you planning a migration / update of your Cognos BI environment? The BI life cycle management solutions from our partner Motio can help you with this.

You see the view of the wihitepaper "Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics quickly and easily!"
IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson: Upgrade quickly and easily

Learn in our white paper how you can save up to 70% of the time required – and thus also money.

Read the white paper

Success Stories

References and experience from more than 800 customer projects

Our customers are pioneers in the digital world: This is also reflected in the numerous enthusiastic customer opinions. Below is an excerpt of our success stories for IBM Business Analytics solutions.

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Triad case study Grenzebach Group featured
Grenzebach plans and controls supply chain processes with valantic’s waySuite

Grenzebach serves the global markets of the glass and construction materials industries as well as interlogistics with custom-tailored automation solutions. Together with valantic, the company implemented a location and function-spanning planning solution for networked control of all value-creation processes.

Bild von einem Mitarbeiter von Sonepar Suisse, daneben das Logo von Sonepar, valantic Referenz: B2B-Plattform mit Spryker für Sonepar Suisse
B2B platform for Sonepar Suisse

In the future, Sonepar Suisse will focus more on optimal user guidance with its usual outstanding range of functions – and will rely on valantic's expertise. The result: A B2B platform based on Spryker with innovative navigation, optimized combitool, and other power features.

Bilder aus der Zuckerproduktion; Südzucker automatisiert SAP Stammdatenpflege mit MDC Master Data Cockpit
Automated SAP master data maintenance for Südzucker

valantic’s SAP add-on, MDC Master Data Cockpit, now enables the Südzucker Group, one of the world’s largest food producers, to establish transparent, end-to-end processes for creating and maintaining its material master data across several companies, while simultaneously reducing throughput times and significantly cutting IT overheads.

Featured image of the Success Story SBB: in the background you can see a train of the Swiss Federal Railways passing through the Swiss mountains, in the foreground three images consisting of diagrams, a passenger and the logo of the SBB | Success Story SBB: Business Planning with Anaplan
SBB’s Passenger Division networks with Anaplan partial planning, reduces complexity, and is now able to simulate

The Swiss Federal Railways rely on networked planning in real time and the simulation capability of the cloud-based Anaplan solution. Together with valantic, SBB modeled the previous financial planning in Anaplan in a coaching process.

You are viewing product images of the fashion brand CALIDA | Success Story Calida IBM Planning Analytics
CALIDA relies on Advanced Planning & Analytics to control integrated omnichannel processes

CALIDA works with valantic to develop a business and self-service oriented, scalable, and end-to-end integrated analysis and planning solution with IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

Image of a construction worker with a tablet and the logo of HGC, valantic case study: e-commerce & corporate platform for HGC with SAP Commerce Cloud
Smart e-commerce & corporate platform with SAP Commerce Cloud for HGC

HG COMMERCIALE blazes the path toward digital transformation – and valantic is there to assist with this. The aim of the new, integrated commerce and corporate platform is to set a benchmark for B2B online trading in the construction industry.

Picture of cheese production machines, next to it the Hochland logo, valantic case study: Hochland chooses greenfield approach for its SAP S/4HANA migration
Project S/4 Future: Hochland migrates to SAP S/4HANA

Cheese producer Hochland is migrating from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA. The company opted for a greenfield approach and is achieving very good results with its flexible, pragmatic project methodology.

This is the featured image of Emmi's Success Story consisting of a cow pasture, a woman eating her yoghurt with pleasure and the Emmi logo.
Powerful innovation concept Lean BI with Emmi and MicroStrategy

Emmi (CH) implemented a new data warehouse architecture in a very short time and optimized reporting and analysis based on MicroStrategy.

Image header metal parts, smart phone, employee, Spaeter augmented shop experience
Spaeter counts on augmented shop experience with Pimcore

Spaeter is always working on optimizing customer experience – among other ways, in cooperation with valantic. The company’s latest successful project is a pick-up shop with 24/7 access, augmented reality navigation, and self check-out.

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Sympany optimizes IBM Cognos Analytics for new data warehouse

The Swiss insurance company Sympany introduces a new data warehouse (DWH) in record time and during ongoing operations and optimizes the reports in IBM Cognos Analytics - with the help of valantic.

Image of a man cleaning a table, next to it the logo of Vileda and the Vileda website, valantic case study
Vileda Relies on a Central Digital Platform for B2B and B2C with the SAP Commerce Cloud

A central digital platform with uniform customer experience for B2B and B2C customers across all locations and brands worldwide – that was the big challenge for Vileda, a brand of Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH.

Image of a truck and a man who carries crates of drinks, including a picture from the production of the drinks manufacturer Winkels
Beverage Producer Winkels Perfects Its Production And Logistics Processes With SAP

Winkels is the leading beverage logistics business in southwestern Germany. The aim was to fully replace the legacy DOGAS system and map the entire value-added and logistics chain – from production, warehousing, distribution and transport to the return of empties – in SAP.

valantic Case Study Netcom Kassel
Netcom Kassel implements BREKO TK compliance platform

As the number of customers increased, so did the number of authority requests at Netcom Kassel. Hence the desire for a more efficient solution arose. With this in mind, Netcom Kassel decided on the BREKO TK compliance platform.

Picture of a person on the phone, next to it a picture of a street sign and behind it pictures of buildings, valantic Financial Service Automation and Digitalization in the Financial Sector in New York
Belgian asset manager relies on valantic X-Gen for ISO 20022 migration

The leading Belgian asset manager has recognised the need of implementing the new ISO 20022 protocols at an early stage in order to avoid later pressure and to be duly prepared for the future. valantic supported the asset manager with the implementation of X-Gen. The generic workflow and message engine X-Gen allows fast adaptation and enables automated processes in the financial industry. As a result processes can be adapted, automated and automated faster, more securely and efficiently.

thyssenkrupp Logo, Bild vom Head of SCM von thyssenkrupp und zwei Bilder von Maschinen, valantic Case Study thyssenkrupp
thyssenkrupp takes the leap to the cloud with SAP IBP

Krefeld thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe GmbH acts as a processing specialist for steel and aluminum, and also as a supplier to the automotive industry. It is therefore subject to major fluctuations in demand and high price and competitive pressure. With the support of valantic, the company implemented the cloud solution SAP IBP for integrated, partially automated sales, purchasing and disposition planning to increase efficiency potential.

Picture of two persons, next to it the Mosca logo and behind it pictures of machines, valantic Case Study Mosca
Successful use of IBM Cognos Business Analytics at Mosca GmbH

Mosca GmbH of Waldbrunn, Germany, is an international machinery and equipment. The company had licenses for the IBM Cognos program for several years without exploiting the strengths of the data warehouse system. Mosca turned to valantic to finally get the program “up and running.” valantic worked with Mosca to build a central data warehouse and uniform reporting platform for the areas of sales and service, HR, controlling, warehouse and logistics, purchasing, manufacturing, and production.

Picture of three people, next to it the Peter Jensen logo and behind it pictures of a bathroom, valantic Case Study Peter Jensen IBM Cognos Business Analytics
Wholesaler Peter Jensen relies on IBM Cognos Business Analytics

Peter Jensen is a wholesaler of sanitary and building technology products. In cooperation with valantic’s BA specialists, Peter Jensen introduced IBM Cognos Business Analytics. Thanks to the introduction of a database solution in addition to the new CRM system, it is now possible to link and evaluate not just information from the CRM system, but also from the materials management system. This way, all required business data is aggregated centrally and it can be called up at any time.

Picture of a laptop in front of the company premises of Winterhalter-Fenner AG, valantic Case Study
The new E-commerce platform for the electrical wholesaler Winterhalter + Fenner

Winterhalter + Fenner AG is one of the leading electrical wholesalers in Switzerland. In collaboration with valantic, the company has developed a new platform. The focus was to create an optimal user guidance in order to be able to use the range of functions even more efficiently, to offer customers individual management options and tools for self-management.

image of a smartohone with a payment on the screen, valantic case study instant payment platform RTPE
valantic implements Instant Payment platform RTPE for Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna is the largest commercial bank in the Czech Republic. It is a subsidiary of the Erste Group, which has more than 16 million customers in seven countries, making it one of the largest banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe. valantic implemented the instant payment platform RTPE for the customer Česká spořitelna in order to give the customer the opportunity to make payments in real time.

Picture of a laptop with the new my Themoplan system valantic Case Study Thermoplan
New Service Portal for Thermoplan

As one of the leading companies worldwide, Thermoplan produces high quality fully automatic coffee machines for the professional sector. Thermoplan's customers include Starbucks and Nespresso, for example. Thermoplan maintains a global network of 5,000 service technicians. valantic has developed the myThermoplan communication platform for global communication for Thermoplan’s service and sales partners.

Picture of harmonicas in front of other musical instruments case study Hohner sonor valantic
HOHNER and SONOR optimize Supply Chain Management with wayRTS

The musical instrument manufacturers Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH and Sonor GmbH commissioned valantic with the introduction of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution wayRTS (Real Time Simulation). Both of these longtime manufacturers of harmonicas, percussion instruments, and Orff instruments now have much more agile, cross-plant demand and production planning with maximum transparency along the entire value-creation chain.

Picture from the machine hall of stürmsfs, valantic Case Study stürmsfs
New e-business platform for stürmsfs

B2B sectors such as the steel and metal trade are currently undergoing rapid digital transformation. stürmsfs AG, from Goldach, is one of the trailblazers and has been present in the online metal trade for several years already. Now, the company wants to take the next step by freshening up and modernising both the website and the shop.

Picture of a woman with a tablet in a hall with knitting machines, valantic case study STOLL
Optimization of procurement processes at the knitting machine manufacturer STOLL

STOLL, a german manufacturer of flat knitting machines is an integrative link between high-performance technology in the development sector and the manufacturing of flat knitting machines on the one hand and an innovative partner and developer in the fashion & technology sector on the other.

Picture of a cornfield,valantic Case Study Raiffeisen Warenzentrale Rhein Main eG
RWZ optimizes onboarding processes with SAP add-on apm identifier

RWZ must manage approximately 2000 user applications in SAP each year due to employee hiring, departures, and position and department changes. The individual requirements of its 13 areas of operations, multiple people involved in the application process, and processes that evolved over time made hiring new employees time-consuming. The cooperative wanted a slim solution that could make the existing process less error-prone, speed it up, and ensure transparency throughout.

Picture of a spoon with yoghurt and strawberries valantic Case Study Müller
Müller optimizes Material Maintenance Processes in SAP with Master Data Cockpit

As an international, growth-oriented company, Müller focuses on a diverse product range and a focus on the respective markets. The constant introduction of new, country-specific products also involves a high level of material maintenance in the SAP system. In order to be able to continue to react flexibly and quickly, the desire for an SAP-supported solution for a significantly simplified and accelerated SAP master data maintenance grew.

Picture of Salzbrezen, valantic Case Study Lorenz Snack World
Lorenz optimizes material creation processes in SAP with Master Data Cockpit from valantic

The company Lorenz-Snack-World is a growth-oriented European branded goods company with an international orientation. In order to make workflows more flexible and optimize material maintenance processes, Lorenz Snack-World was looking for a solution that was fully integrated into SAP. The decision was made for the Master Data Cockpit from valantic.

Picture of salmon fillet, valantic Case Study Costa
Mobile Store Check in SAP Cloud for Customers for COSTA

Studies have shown that the customer usually decides on a product only at the point of sale. Therefore, the products must be positioned appealingly in the supermarket and there must always be sufficient quantities on hand. For only optimized product lines generate more sales. To ensure this, COSTA employees check the point of sale offerings on a regular basis.

Image of the hand of a man carrying a steel beam valantic Case Study SFS
New Onlineshop for SFS with the SAP Hybris Commerce platform

SFS, the Swiss supplier of tools, screws, and hardware is entering the next digital generation with its new onlineshop made by valantic. And it is therefore pursuing a customer-oriented and future-oriented vision, namely “everything for the customer.” With more than 200 000 items, the platform offers everything that you need in a mechanical workshop, in the industry, a carpenter’s workshop or on a construction site.

Picture of the vitakraft company building, valantic Case Study Vitakraft
SAP authorization management for Vitakraft

Vitakraft has been using SAP to control its pet food business at its eight sales units across Europe. Because the information is handled by a central SAP system, the implementation of an international, uniform authorization concept was also necessary. valantic provided the company with an SAP-integrated solution that can implement an individual authorization concept in compliance with regulations and significantly reduce the daily administrative effort for role maintenance.

Picture of wine bottles in a wine rack, a mobile phone on which an online shop is displayed and two people in a consultation, valantic Customer Experience (CX)
Mobile App for Hero sales advisors

The Swiss traditional company Hero was established in 1886 and employs approximately 4300 people in 16 countries. The blue label with the white writing is a classic among Swiss brands and stands for “making fresh food tasty and long-lasting.” In Switzerland, the brand is also known for products that last a long time, ones that are especially suitable for gastronomy operations. Various other brands such as Schwartau and Corny belong to the Hero Group.

Picture of a train station, valantic Case Study Siemens AG
B2B-Order platform Siemens Rail Mall with the SAP Commerce Cloud

Service technicians depend on being able to get the right material to the right place as quickly as possible. For this, they need an online platform that is easy to use and where you can get to the product you need quickly. The role-based navigation leads the person placing the order directly to the desired item and features a slimmer check-out. Depending on availability, the appropriate part is delivered the next day or even on the same day by courier.

Here you can see the contribution image of our Case Study from East Belgium on the topic of business analytics. A triad from the logo of East Belgium, a dashboard of the financial monitor and the project team.
Finance Monitor Provides Maximum Transparency at the Ministry of the German-Speaking Community of Belgium

Based on the business intelligence solution IBM Cognos BI, valantic develops a finance monitor for the Ministry of the German-Speaking Community in Belgium. Thanks to this online tool, current budget figures – income, expenditures, liabilities, etc. – can be viewed at any time and from around the world. This way, the government wants to provide the German-speaking community with maximum transparency for its citizens.

Picture of a tree on a field and blue sky in the background, valantic Case Study AOK Niedersachsen
AOK Niedersachsen significantly improves policyholder service with IBM Cognos

AOK Niedersachsen is the tenth-largest health insurance company in Germany. In Germany, companies that provide statutory health insurance are subject to a high degree of state regulation. For this reason, it is crucial for AOK Niedersachsen to stay agile and continuously boost overall corporate performance. Supported by IBM Business Partner valantic the company implemented a comprehensive database and a flexible BI system that supports planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting.

Image of a microscope, Evotec AG IBM Cognos
Evotec AG uses IBM Cognos technology for planning, reporting and analysis

Evotec AG is a research-based biotechnical company. It relies on the precise planning of business and research projects. valantic supported the company during the implementation of a new information structure for planning, analysis and reporting with IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Now that Evotec uses these solutions, it is able to reliably plan and analyze the business development as well as generate simulations and forecasts.

Picture of Antipasti skewers, valantic Case Study delicacies Homann
SAP harmonization at Homann Feinkost

The Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller (UTM), based in Luxembourg, is a family owned food company. The Unternehmensgruppe turned to valantic to integrate the SAP environment of the subsidiary Homann Feinkost GmbH at its six German locations efficiently, with predictable costs, and on the planned schedule into its own SAP system environment. They created a common system basis, which can be used later for additional optimizations and process harmonization.

Picture of the Siemens company building, valantic Case Study Siemens AG
Strategic network planning with COLUMBUS at Siemens AG

With the “SIRIUSProducts” Siemens AG Digital Factory Control Products offer central components for industrial switching technology. After projects for internal material flow and inventory optimization, the focus was on the question “How can distribution logistics be made more efficient?”

Picture of the Uelzena company building, valantic Case Study Uelzena
Uelzena automates SAP master data maintenance

Uelzena is one of the leading suppliers and innovative problem-solvers in the contract manufacturing and dairy products industries. With the introduction of valantic’s master data management solution Master Data Cockpit (MDC), Uelzena optimized its company-wide processes for item creation with automated workflows and clearly-defined responsibilities for the maintenance of various field functions.

Image of a man at work with metal, valantic case study storms
Development of a Webshop with SAP for stürmsfs

Stürmsfs AG, based in Goldach (Switzerland), is a company trading with steel, metal and alternative materials. These are products that cannot be marketed as easily in a Webshop. The existing Webshop had to be reworked. Thanks to to stürmsfs’s power of innovation and valantic’s expertise, the result was a future-oriented shop solution that guides the customer step-by-step through the entire order process.

Picture of a glass roof, valantic Case Study Mesago
Central Access with SAP without Media Discontinuity at Mesago

The valantic customer Mesago is a subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt and counts approximately 2700 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors each year. The company wanted a system that fulfills the requirements of modern customer data management and offers channel-independent, personalized communication. valantic’s result was an all-around view of the customer, thanks to the complete reinstallation of SAP CRM, SAP ERP, and SAP BW, and the additional connection of third-party applications.

Picture of bread, valantic Case Study Aryzta Food Europe
Aryzta Food Europe: New Momentum for the international Sales Force

Aryzta Food Europe is a globally-active food producer that has grown enormously in an organic manner. Its customers include large companies, as well as local bakeries, hotels, retail outlets, and food services. When it was searching for a mobile CRM technology that the sales force could always access, even offline, the company encountered valantic. valantic assisted Aryzta with the installation and start-up of a hybrid CRM scenario.

Picture of a coop@home Screens on a smartphone, valantic Case Study coop@home
coop@home – New Sales Platform with the SAP Commerce Cloud

With coop@home, you can order products easily from home or on the road and have them delivered right to your door. As Coop’s E commerce partner, valantic in partnership with cxpartners London was responsible for the development and redesign of coop@home. Based on the SAP Commerce Cloud, valantic completely refreshed the online shop coop@home both technically and visually. With the relaunch, buying food can be handled more intuitively, easily, and faster.

Picture of the Sortimo Company Building, valantic Case Study Sortimo
Sortimo strengthens market position with SAP Master Data Cockpit

Sortimo International GmbH is a leading manufacturer of vehicle equipment and mobile transport solutions. With the introduction of the Master Data Cockpit (MDC) from valantic, Sortimo is further expanding its market position and can also realize major orders at short notice with special requests of the desired quality at any time.

picture of a tractor on a Feld in front of the RWZ company building
Authorization trace for SAP CRM at RWZ

RWZ is the third largest of the main cooperatives active in agricultural trade in Germany. Around 2,800 employees work at over 220 locations throughout Germany. It is active for over 150 member cooperatives, 40,000 farmers, winegrowers and horticulturists as well as thousands of commercial and hundreds of thousands of private customers. Around 600 employees from various sales groups and RWZ divisions work with SAP CRM.

Picture of a man with black coat and black umbrella in front of red wall, valantic Case Study E-Plus Telefonica
Data Protection-Compliant Deletion of Obsolete Customer Data at Telefonica

Telefonica now uses a valantic solution to manage the customer database in a structured and centralized manner in accordance with data protection.

Picture of the N-Ergie Company Building, valantic Case Study N-ERGIE
Rate Calculator for Business Customers with JEE application in IBM WebSphere at N-Ergie AG

For the Nuremberg energy supplier N-ERGIE AG, valantic has implemented a tariff calculator with CRM as part of an individual development. The result is a JEE application in an IBM WebSphere Portal environment.

Picture of wind turbines on a field, valantic Case Study Misurio AG
IoT Platform energyON with IBM WebSphere for misurio AG

Misurio AG designs and develops the cloud-based IoT platform energyON to make energy systems from energy providers more flexible. valantic supported the project with advice and development.

Picture of BBC Cellpack Technology employees, Press Release: valantic introduces multi-plant planning at Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC
Multi-plant planning with waySuite at BBC Cellpack Technology AG

Supported by valantic's Supply Chain Excellence team, BBC Cellpack Technology has optimized its logistics and value creation processes. New, transparent multi-plant planning facilitates the handling of stock transfer orders, optimizes stocks, and increases delivery reliability. The technological basis for this is waySuite for Sales & Operations Planning.

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