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höfats: an online store that has it all

The young design company höfats based in the Allgäu region of Germany successfully implemented an e-commerce platform that caters to the needs of both end customers and retail partners in the online space. Despite the tight timeline, valantic was able to deliver a platform that met all requirements.

Cube Feuerkorb Höfats

Results at a glance

  • Implementation of a highly scalable B2C online store in a short amount of time
  • Increase in conversion rate through significant improvements to the design
  • Improved efficiency thanks to a powerful B2B solution for partners
  • Seamless B2B shopping experience thanks to a connection to the ERP system
Höfats Team

About höfats

höfats is an innovative company that develops and sells stunning outdoor open-fire products. With multiple award-winning designs and highly innovative features, their products inspire in countless ways. No wonder the company excels at turning its customers into ambassadors and communicators, generating strong emotions and fostering intense customer loyalty.

Since its inception as a start-up in the Allgäu region, höfats has grown into a strong company, employing 50 people who work on developing revolutionary product ideas. The company’s future is focused on digital growth, with a strong emphasis on expanding their online presence.

Höfats Person

The challenge

For a fast-growing company like höfats, speed played a crucial role in the implementation of their new online store. Additionally, in light of their increasing international presence, they sought solutions for tax and warranty issues that varied by location.

The solution

Upgrade to the latest store software version

By replacing their outdated store system, höfats gained numerous advantages, especially in terms of improved scalability and flexibility. Using Shopware 6 as the foundation, they received a hybrid, future-proof online store that enabled them to manage all sales channels through a single platform. With its modern design and enhanced functionality, this new and improved platform provided benefits for both retail partners and end customers.
Höfats Startseite

B2C and B2B on a single platform

The new design of the online store makes it easier for both B2C and B2B customers to navigate the site and find information. In addition, the solution for retailers impresses with functionalities that focus on automating and optimizing business processes, resulting in more efficient order processing, price management, and delivery management.
Höfats Partnershop
Höfats Startseite
Höfats Partner

Project details

Project duration: 5 months

Connected systems:

  • Xentral (ERP)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Stripe

We are Your Contacts

Reto Rutz - Lead Consultant

Reto Rutz

“Grüezi” from St. Gallen

+41 71 313 55 70

Daniel Franz

Daniel Franz

"Hallo" from Siegen

+49 271 233701 14

Dietmar Rietsch

Dietmar Rietsch

"Servus" from Salzburg

+43 662 876 606 199

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