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Powerful Innovation Concept "Lean BI" with Emmi and MicroStrategy

Emmi AG: Innovative premium dairy for Switzerland in the world

Emmi AG, headquartered in Lucerne, is the largest dairy processing company in Switzerland and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. The company generates around 50 percent of its sales abroad.

In Switzerland, Emmi focuses on the development, production, and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products, as well as on the production and sale of mainly Swiss cheese. Cheese specialties are the best sellers abroad, and lifestyle, convenience, and health products are the best sellers among the fresh products. Emmi has production facilities outside Switzerland in Chile, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Tunisia, Brazil, and the USA.

More information about Emmi can be found here.


DWH/BI and the old reporting no longer supported international departments optimally

Consulting approach

Greenfield approach “Lean BI”: New DWH architecture and central reporting based on MicroStrategy

Customer benefits and solution

Fine-granular, fast reporting is the basis for more successful business decisions

Lean BI should provide the most important analyses necessary to manage the business and make data-based decisions across the board. Lean ERP aims to keep the digital core of the most important business processes for international entities as small and compact as possible and to avoid special cases whenever possible.

Due to its lean architecture, the ERP Infor M3 and MicroStrategy were chosen as the powerful analytics and reporting front end. valantic worked with Emmi to roll out the Phase 1 solution and migrate the data quickly and without any significant delay. Use of the BI tool Trivadis biGENIUS has managed to keep the time-to-market very short. Just over three months after the start of the project, the new BI solution went into productive use in February 2021, and the results of Phase 1 of the project completely met the expectations of the specialist departments. The solution is “way, way better than what we had before,” says Markus Blatter, Project Manager Lean ERP at Emmi.

Emmi project manager Markus Blatter particularly emphasizes the very pragmatic and professional cooperation.” All promises were kept, all requirements fulfilled. It was and is a very pleasant cooperation,” reports Blatter. In Phase 2 of the project, the remaining Cognos reports for the business units Finance and Supply Chain Management, among others, will be migrated to MicroStrategy and further improved. Step by step, more Emmi offices will have access to the Lean ERP/Lean BI innovation concept as a platform for making more successful decisions and achieving even greater business success.

Read more about how your company can create a modern BI platform for more successful business decisions with MicroStrategy on our Microstrategy partner page.

This is the featured image of Emmi's Success Story consisting of a cow pasture, a woman eating her yoghurt with pleasure and the Emmi logo.
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