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Our Solutions for Financial Services

Digitalization is changing the business of banks and insurance companies in several dimensions. Customers are simultaneously better connected, better informed and expect more and more digital solutions from financial services providers. Banks and insurance companies are not the only ones affected by the change.

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The e-commerce boom by companies such as Amazon and Alibaba has led service providers in the financial industry to increasingly digitize their offerings. Customers want a wide range of payment and financing options and flexible subscription models. Such a dynamic environment requires a clear strategy, swift action and reliable implementation.

We accompany our clients in three areas of expertise: Digital Payments, Blockchain and Digital Banking & Insurance from the development of digital strategies and products to the digital transformation of the company.


Digital Payments B2B

valantic provides smart automation technology driving the financial industry


We are at the forefront of Payments Automation, and partner with Banks and Payment Service Providers to quickly deliver new solutions using Payments Suite and X-Gen, our business solutions platform.


Our experience combined with the latest tools helps get the most out of existing systems and create new possibilities – a powerful and flexible approach that continues to adapt to changing market needs.

Market understanding

We operate at the heart of the market, which gives us a real-world understanding of the wider challenges faced by our customers. Whatever the issue – from cross-border complexities to real-time payment engine upgrades, Enabling SEPA Instant to ISO20022 migration – we help you meet deadlines and modernize mission-critical systems at the same time.


Having worked with over 100 institutions, we bring energy and passion to everything we do, delivering efficiency, insight and business agility to the community.

Digital Payments B2C


Digital payments have revolutionized the way we conduct transactions in e-commerce. With the rise of digital payment platforms like PayPal, Stripe, and Square, customers can easily and securely purchase goods and services online. With the continued growth of e-commerce, digital payments will continue to play a crucial role in facilitating online transactions.


valantic provides support at every step of the payment integration and change journey such as the development, implementation and optimization of digital payment strategies and solutions for digital business models, as well as consulting across the entire digital payments value chain: PSP Gateways, Acquirer, POS Terminals, Risk&Fraud Management.

Our offering for Digital Payments in B2C


When it comes to developing and designing digital payment strategies, our experienced team provides valuable insights by conducting market and trend analysis, benchmarking and technology scouting. We offer in-depth expertise in regulatory affairs to ensure compliance. With our expertise, we create a tailored strategy and roadmap that positions your organization for success.

Design & Concept

Coming up and defining concrete ideas for digital payment products can be a tricky thing. We can support your Ideation process with design thinking workshops, idea validation and the assessment of new businesses. Furthermore defining product requirements and a business model is a crucial step for the development of a payment product. We help you to design your payment process, to define product requirements and a business model for new payment offerings and offer technology and partner sourcing along the entire value chain.


Protoyping, business cases and investment proposals for a payment product can be quite overwhelming, which is why our team offers the calculation of the business case, definition of the go-to-market strategy for a new payment offering. We ensure your technical integration success beginning with design driven requirements engineering, IT system and business architecture solutioning and full-stack development embedded in a fully agile PMO setup (Scrum & SAFe).


In today’s fast-paced business environment, our dedicated team is poised to drive optimisation initiatives for your organization. Through enhancing customer payment user experience, conducting thorough payment and risk audits, and organising payment innovation workshops, we ensure your payment strategies are streamlined, secure, and aligned with industry best practices.

Blockchain & web3

Blockchain and web3 have the potential to create a more open and transparent internet that is more democratic and equitable for all users. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, web3 applications can offer secure, decentralized platforms for transactions and data validation. This can lead to increased trust and transparency in online interactions, as well as greater control over personal data and privacy. As these technologies continue to evolve and mature, they will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the digital economy.

valantic helps you with the definition of blockchain visions and strategies, the development of blockchain solutions from ideation, use case assessment and implementation and furthermore offers a proprietary in depth blockchain education program.

Our blockchain & web3 offering


The term blockchain is frequently used as a buzzword, but going beyond the mere understanding of the term and imagining blockchain technology in one’s own business context is often challenging. We help to build and establish a blockchain vision.


Understanding the fundmentals of blockchain and web3 is essential to imagine, elaborate, and implement different use cases. We familiarize your organization with Blockchain, digital assets, identity solutions and DeFi through group education sessions, one on one’s, keynotes, case studies & blogs. We aim to enable you to contextualize these emerging technologies for your digital strategy.

Evaluation of Technology

The field of blockchain and web3 offers many different solutions to an infinite amount of problems. We help you evaluate the proper technology for your specific problem with our proprietary & state of the art evaluation framework.

Solutioning & Prototyping

Once the proper technology for your problem is found, it does not stop there. The solution contains a lot more and we help you to find the right solution for your problem through structured ideation sessions and prototyping to generate a proof-of-concept.

Product Development

For the successful execution of the whole project, we help you deliver your product as well as the necessary organisational efforts. We offer a wide range of assistance including product owners, scrum masters, project management, governance building, and moreover getting the right development partners on board.

Post-integration advisory services

Utilizing blockchain technology for your operations requires a strong focus on change and implementation management. We are your longterm partner helping you to deal with any consortia-related topics, migration plans or overall considerations to build internal intelligence.

Electronic Trading

Close up of a screen of the stock exchange; valantic Financial Services Automation (FSA)

We are at the forefront of Electronic Trading, and partner with clients in Fixed Income, Equities and FX to quickly deliver new solutions using our business solutions platform. Our experience of over 20 years, combined with the latest tools, helps our customers get the most out of their existing systems and create new possibilities – a powerful and flexible approach that continues to adapt to changing market needs.

Better access to existing data and highly adaptable workflows improves client outcomes. Our business solution platform enables more efficient quoting, pricing, RFQ management and trading on the front end, supported by enhanced post-trade capabilities that improve reporting and reduce errors.

We have created expert networks at the heart of the markets, which give us a real-world understanding of the wider challenges faced by our customers. We put that knowledge to work in everything we do, with energy and passion to deliver efficiency, insight and business agility to the community.

Digital Insurance

As technology continues to advance, the insurance industry is evolving, with new products and services emerging to meet the changing needs of customers. The insurance industry plays a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses manage risk and protect themselves against unexpected events.

valantic helps companies to develop digital strategies to keep up with the rapid changes happening through the advance of technology by running project organization & control for large system transformation program in the non-life sector or the automation of robotics process & introduction of technology-based reporting. We generally support and enable digital transformation through E2E development of digital products and services from idea to implementation.

Our offering for the insurance industry

Product Management

We can support your product management from start to finish by accompanying market launch of the new insurance business model, developing a innovation strategy and roadmap, as well as designing and implementation of digital customer payments services and a financial system.

Sales channel consulting

We help you to increase the acceptance of your digital channels in the insurance industry, support new technology management and innovation scouting, and furthermore accompany strategy adaptation and open innovation partnering.

Underwriting & Risk Management

Topics such as development of workflow, roles and authorization concepts for market area P&C, as well as the development of workflow automation and RPA for the life market area is part of our competencies.

Contract Admin & Service

Simplification of processes and increase in processing speed, improvement of the customer experience by optimizing the service center and the introduction of customer portal with online self-services and centralization of customer data throughout the whole insurance journey of the customer.

Claims/performance management

We enable and support the automation of E2E and online claims self-services to increase efficiency.

Operations & IT

Our offering in the field of insurance includes the preparation and implementation of market unit transformation, the development and introduction of IT strategy, reorganization of IT technology management an the introduction of program-wide test management and quality assurance.

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