Optimized resource allocation, clear responsibilities, and process transparency

More growth through efficient and effective global innovation management

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If you cook (or enjoy eating), you have most likely used a product from this company before. The globally renowned provider of premium household products has a strong presence in over 100 countries with an annual turnover of nearly 1 billion euros. The manufacturer aims to continue growing, especially through strategic internationalization and innovations.


Lack of transparency regarding market opportunities and ongoing innovation projects, a complex interplay of local and central processes, and inefficient resource allocation make it challenging to achieve growth goals and lead to dissatisfaction among all stakeholders.

Consulting Approach

Qualitative and quantitative pain point analysis across all innovation processes (central and local). Development of a target state with clear desired processes, roles, responsibilities, and control instruments. Organizational, process-related, and system-level implementation, including effective change management.

Solutions and Client Benefits

Process optimizations reduce the lead times from Idea to Market and enhance innovation capabilities. A ‘Single Source of Truth’ improves data quality and the efficient execution of all processes. Transparency and global alignment/networking lead to high acceptance and utilization, resulting in higher satisfaction among all stakeholders.


”With regard to the pragmatic, analytical, and collaborative approach and the results, I feel excellent.“

Portrait of Daniel Lebek, Director

Daniel Lebek

”With the newly established innovation management process, we have jointly laid the foundation to accelerate the planned growth and effectively meet the needs of both the headquarters and the local markets. More transparent and streamlined processes will now ensure that synergy potentials are identified early, and resource allocation is implemented more efficiently.“


The Challenges

The company faced the challenge of optimizing its global innovation process to achieve its ambitious growth goals and realize the business objectives of globally distributed stakeholders. Several obstacles need to be addressed:

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  • Extended innovation project lead times: Market opportunities and trend products were identified too late.
  • High process complexity and lack of transparency: Projects remained “under the radar” for extended periods.
  • Limited continuous exchange and global collaboration (“not invented here” syndrome): Potential synergies and sales opportunities were not identified or realized in a timely manner.
  • Innovation funnel without “hard decision points” (continue or stop) along the product development process: A high number of parallel innovation projects led to prioritization issues and inefficiencies.
  • Lack of dashboards and “management-ready” summaries of process and project data: Resource allocation and decision-making became complex.
  • Desire for increased global collaboration and improved information flow at both global and local levels without overwhelming stakeholders.

Consulting Approach

The Solutions

The entrepreneurial success of the project is based on three essential pillars:

  1. 1

    Creating emotional acceptance

  2. 2

    Global effectiveness

  3. 3

    Focus on data quality and actionable insights

Visibility and acceptance were increased through targeted measures such as integrating key stakeholders, regular communication, and internal “marketing” for the project.

Global effectiveness and, therefore, efficient and effective collaboration were promoted through three essential elements: comprehensive training concepts, automated workflows throughout the entire process, and “glocal” collaboration formats.

Control tools to improve data quality, new scoring systems, and control dashboards led to better visibility and actionable insights along the innovation management process.

Client Benefits

valantic has laid the foundation for sustainable growth and innovation power for our client through this project.

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By increasing global process transparency and introducing a “Single Source of Truth,” both data quality and cross-border collaboration in the development of new products are simplified.

Newly introduced innovation management process lanes ensure that development speeds are aligned with market needs. This allows trends to be identified early and addressed with suitable products in the market.

A global learning platform ensures that relevant information is easily accessible and reduces support and onboarding efforts. This is appreciated by the process participants: Acceptance and usage of the realigned process and training content are high. As a result, satisfaction with the process has also increased.

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Our expertise in innovation management

In an ever-changing digital world, driving innovation and quickly adapting to market changes is crucial for business success. valantic supports clients in building, optimizing, and managing innovation processes.

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Portrait of Daniel Lebek, Director

Daniel Lebek