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Success Story Lehmann&Voss-Integrated Business Planning

Integrated planning at Lehmann&Voss brings up-to-date forecasts, transparency and precision to sales and capacity planning

The company: Lehmann & Voss

Lehmann&Voss&Co.KG is a chemical company with a long tradition that was founded in Hamburg in 1894. Thanks to the flexible combination of the three procurement channels distribution, retail, and production, Lehmann&Voss and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of specialty chemical and mineral products. The company’s extensive portfolio includes granules, plastics, rubber, high-performance plastics used in motors, and temperature-resistant paints, lacquers, and oils, among other products.

Currently, the company employs about 600 people and serves approximately 7,000 customers worldwide. Lehmann&Voss operates its own research laboratories, application consulting, and, in addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, it is represented by four production sites and 18 subsidiaries, among others in the USA, England, and China.


Integrated, joint planning for all business areas

Consulting approach

Strategic and operational planning with the best the market has to offer

Customer benefit & solution

Integrated planning solution APOLLO with high-performance database IBM Planning Analytics (TM1)

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