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Pharmaceutical specialist Engelhard relies on software for efficient, company-wide contract management

Pharmaceutical Specialist Engelhard relies on Contract Management Software

The desire for digital contract management that offers clarity, transparency, and auditing security when dealing with contract documents prompted the internationally successful pharmaceutical company, Engelhard Pharmaceuticals, to use modern software in its corporate organization. Today, valantic’s contract management, which is integrated into the SAP environment, has completely replaced paper-based contract record management and relieves the more than 450 employees at the German company headquarters with digi tal record management, a deadline management, and extensive workflows.


Contract management, which creates deadline compliance, central and audit-proof data management and an overview of all contracts and records.

Consulting approach

SAP-integrated contract management cuContract by valantic.

Benefits for the customer and solution

Overview of all contracts, appointments and deadlines, digital file management as well as comprehensive workflows thanks to SAP-integrated contract management cuContract.

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Download Success Story about Contract Management at Engelhard Arzneimittel

Download the success story now and get to know how Engelhard Arzneimittel uses contract management in SAP to digitize processes and keep an overview of all contracts, appointments and deadlines.

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