Based on Magento 2 and Hyvä

High-performance B2C e-commerce platform for mey

Since the beginning of the cooperation, the valantic team has made substantial contributions to the successful further development of mey’s e-commerce operations. In a mere five months, a completely new e-commerce platform was successfully implemented for the traditional company. In addition numerous other improvements were realized, including a powerful and flexible Hyvä frontend with optimized UX design.

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The company: mey

mey is one of Europe’s leading brands for high-quality lingerie, men’s and women’s underwear, loungewear and nightwear. The German family business was founded as early as 1928. In addition to the highest quality, mey places a special focus on modern design. Each product is designed, produced and launched with loving attention to detail, creativity and passion. In addition to the online shop, mey products are available in over 30 stationary flagship stores.

valantic has been working with mey since 2019. This reference was updated in August 2023 with new project highlights.

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The challenge

The high quality standards that mey sets for its own products should also be reflected in all aspects of the shop implementation. This was mey’s clear wish at the beginning of the collaboration. The mey online shop also bears the label “flagship store”. This specification initially resulted in the following requirements for the modernization of the shop:

  • Improving the customer journey
  • Ensuring stable pages with faster loading times
  • Minimizing the time-to-market for the new shop
  • Integration of impressive imagery that encourages purchases

Solutions and results

Taking these requirements into account, valantic implemented the following solutions in close collaboration with mey:

  • A comprehensive series of usability tests were conducted to refine and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Usability-focused shop set-up: Various measures were implemented to enhance the customer experience. These included automatic pre-selection of matching colors for items with different color variants, as well as the integration of a free-text search feature powered by Elastic Search.
  • Building a self-scaling and high-performance infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS); at the same time, replatforming to Magento 2 to create a stable foundation for the future expansion of the e-commerce platform
  • Integration of the Magento database with Shopgate’s native apps

Updates in the course of the project

Following the successful launch of the new online shop, the collaborative efforts of valantic and mey have led to the identification and implementation of further measures to enhance the e-commerce project.

Up to this point, the following key aspects have been executed:

  • New frontend: A cutting-edge frontend, utilizing Hyvä technology, has been integrated to optimize page performance and reduce loading times. The old Magento theme was replaced, and Hyvä provides the flexibility for future developments. Importantly, the familiar shop interface has been retained for the benefit of end customers.
  • Efficient image management: Given the extensive range of products available in various designs on the mey online shop, an external image storage solution has been implemented. This strategic move enhances loading times in the shop without compromising image quality, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.
  • UX optimization: In collaboration with mey, a series of user experience (UX) enhancements have been introduced in addition to the new frontend. These optimizations include a more cohesive integration of the login area within the customer account, aligning it closely with the overall design and functionality of the other pages.

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