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Chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Research, innovation, safety, reliability and highest quality standards are the basic requirements for successful chemical & pharmaceutical companies.

The long-term future of the chemical & pharmaceutical industry looks positive. A growing world population, whose prosperity is rising and whose life expectancy is increasing, will result in increasing sales of medicines. However, the present situation presents the industry with major challenges. These include rising performance and usability expectations of patients, health insurers and healthcare providers, as well as expiring patents or declining sales and margins.

Companies in the chemical & pharmaceutical industry are currently facing market changes due to new production capacities in the Middle East and the exponentially growing chemical & pharmaceutical industry in China. Competitors in emerging markets have caught up technologically and are now benefiting from low production costs.

Big Data and Business Analytics, Customer Engagement & Commerce and Supply Chain & Logistics solutions ensure that companies in this situation remain competitive and successful in the long term. With their help, market trends can be identified early on, research costs minimized, customer expectations met, long-term customer relationships profitably secured and logistics and production processes optimized. Our industry solutions enable chemical & pharmaceutical companies to establish a company-wide integrated control system for planning, monitoring, analysis and reporting of all important company processes.

We offer in-depth industry expertise to support manufacturers of chemicals, paints and/or coatings as well as pharmaceuticals and other medical products.

In this way, we help our customers to optimize their business processes, work much more efficiently, identify risks and opportunities more quickly and thus benefit from changes and new challenges.

valantic – pharma excellence

valantic is your specialist for the chemical & pharmaceutical industry. Ten of the world’s fifteen largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies already trust our expertise. Changing market conditions, new distribution paths, the digitalization of business processes, but also the expiration of medication patents increasingly require new ways of thinking and supporting systems. With valantic’s innovation power and experience, manufacturers in the chemical & pharmaceutical industry can maintain and expand their market position even when basic conditions are changing.

For example, valantic offers a quick, easy evaluation for generation of the necessary information, both for company data as well as for external market data. The crucial tool here is the valantic pharma navigator. With this intelligent advanced analytics solution, relationships can be determined, revealed, analyzed based on scattered company information and this information can be used as the basis for company-strategic decisions.

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