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Data Protection as Management Task

In an era where data is considered one of the most valuable assets, protecting this “data treasure” becomes a central challenge due to advancing digitalization. Proactive data protection management is crucial to minimize the impact of data breaches and maintain business reputation. With over 20 years of experience, we offer pragmatic solutions and guide you in establishing data processing compliant with GDPR guidelines.

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Data Protection as an Integral Part of Corporate Management

The importance of data protection manifests not only as a business and legal necessity but also as a moral obligation towards customers. In an era where data is considered a company’s most valuable asset, whether in the form of product information, operational processes, customer data, or employee data, safeguarding this “data treasure” against loss and unauthorized actions becomes a central challenge in modern management. Particularly, advancing digitalization intensifies this challenge and underscores the necessity of successful data protection management.

The impacts of data protection breaches are highly diverse and extend far beyond immediate legal consequences. They can significantly influence the reputation of a company and thus decisively affect the decisions of potential customers. A company that consistently prioritizes the protection of personal data also radiates seriousness and quality awareness.

As an IT Management Consultancy, it is in our DNA not to prevent data processing but to enable it in compliance with GDPR.

To ensure the long-term benefits of a high level of data protection, it is not only necessary to define clear processes but also to develop a comprehensive data protection concept.

Continuous adaptation to changing conditions and technological developments is crucial. By consistently implementing such measures, not only is the integrity of sensitive data preserved, but also the trust of customers is sustainably strengthened.

valantic recognizes the complexity of data protection management and stands by your side with comprehensive support in defining and implementing effective data protection measures.


As an IT Management Consultancy, ensuring data processing is not only enabled but also compliant with the strict regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is ingrained in our DNA. With over 20 years of experience, we successfully support businesses with a pragmatic and SME-friendly approach.

Together, we can ensure that your company not only meets current data protection requirements but is also prepared for future challenges. Trust in our expertise to strengthen data protection in your company and secure long-term business success.

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Implementation of a Data Protection Management System (DPMS)

Our experienced team supports you in the successful implementation and maintenance of a Data Protection Management System (DPMS). We create a customized data protection concept that not only meets legal requirements but also considers the specific needs of your company. Additionally, we assist you in fulfilling documentation obligations and in the area of technical data protection. Regular data protection audits complement a sustainable DPMS.

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Appointment as Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We offer you the opportunity to appoint an experienced Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will assist you in managing your data protection requirements. Our data protection experts prioritize developing a strategy tailored to your specific needs in collaboration with you. This ensures that legal requirements and your business needs are optimally fulfilled.”

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Audits with Practical Recommendations and Sample Templates

Our audit services extend beyond a detailed examination of your internal processes. Upon completion of the audit process, you will receive clear recommendations for action and practical templates from us. These serve as specific guidelines to efficiently and sustainably implement necessary measures. Our goal is to support you in identifying areas for improvement and provide you with practical tools to not only effectively implement changes in your organization but also foster a positive attitude towards data protection

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Provision of Data Protection Know-How

We offer comprehensive training sessions and interactive workshops to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge of data protection. Through targeted awareness-building, we create the conditions for a conscious and compliant handling of personal data in daily work routines. The goal is to impart theoretical knowledge along with practical insights and specific instructions for action. This empowers your employees to comply with data protection regulations and thereby maintain the integrity and security of sensitive information.

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Assistance with Data Protection Impact Assessments

Topics such as video surveillance systems, the transmission of data to insecure third countries, or other risky processes require a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Our goal is to identify potential risks in these specific areas and then develop tailored and pragmatic recommendations for action. Through thorough analysis, we assist you in ensuring compliance with the requirements.

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Consultation on Data Processing Systems

We offer comprehensive preliminary assessments of data processing systems and provide professional consultation on data protection-related aspects. Our experts assist you in planning and implementing the necessary measures during the early stages, ensuring smooth and compliant handling of personal data. By doing so, you lay the foundation for secure and data protection-compliant data processing within your organization.

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Immediate Assistance with the Treatment of Data Protection Incidents

In the event of data protection breaches, complaints, or inquiries from data subjects or authorities, we offer immediate and comprehensive assistance. Our experts respond promptly to such incidents, enabling the initiation of necessary steps and the clarification of the situation in its entirety. We understand the sensitivity of such data protection incidents and strive to guide you through a smooth process. Beginning with the analysis of the situation and the implementation of appropriate measures, we ensure compliance with various data protection regulations and guarantee a professional and practical approach to potential data protection issues.

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Compliance Checks of Websites (GDPR, TTDSG)

Our experts conduct compliance checks to ensure that your websites comply with data protection regulations. We support you in identifying any violations and making the necessary adjustments.

We take pride in being a trusted partner for companies seeking comprehensive support in IT management and data protection compliance. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can support your company in ensuring data protection-compliant data processing while increasing operational efficiency.

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