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Bilder aus der Zuckerproduktion; Südzucker automatisiert SAP Stammdatenpflege mit MDC Master Data Cockpit

Automated SAP master data maintenance for Südzucker

International SAP Master Data Project

Sugar is the core business for the group’s four divisions.  Each year, the company processes around 28 million tons of sugar beets in 23 sugar factories and two refineries, producing around 4.5 million tons of sugar for Europe and the global market. With the SAP add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit from valantic, the Mannheim-based company has now managed to create consistent, transparent processes in the material master system across several companies, with reduced throughput times and significantly reduced IT expenses. Data quality was also ensured by the now-automated maintenance of master data in SAP.


To establish transparent, end-to-end material master data processes across several companies

Consulting approach

SAP add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit from SAP Gold Partner valantic plus workshops

Benefits for the customer and solution

Shorter throughput times, significantly reduced IT overheads, enhanced data quality through automated maintenance of SAP master data

The solution was initially rolled out for finished products in the sugar segment in Germany. Johannes Kapper, Project Manager, Product Manager, who was formerly responsible for master data management at Südzucker, explains: “We wanted to start with a pilot project in one small business area. The implementation was supposed to be quick and the solution well and independently scalable.”

In the end, the project team at Südzucker was not only won over by the tool itself, but also by the valantic consultants’ approach to implementation. “The introduction into the functionality of the tool was very efficient with a small project team in concentrated workshops,” explains Johannes Kapper. “The valantic consulting team helped us formulate what was really necessary. Everything went smoothly in the implementation. Promises were kept at all times. This enabled us to successfully implement the pilot project for the sugar segment Germany with just a small team with comparatively little effort in terms of time and budget,” explains the project manager.

Overall, the cost of the new material systems has been reduced enormously.
In the following months, the use of the MDC for finished products could be rolled out in stages for the entire sugar segment.

Bilder aus der Zuckerproduktion; Südzucker automatisiert SAP Stammdatenpflege mit MDC Master Data Cockpit
Download Südzucker case study

Download the full case study and find out more about how Südzucker uses valantic’s SAP add-on MDC Master Data Cockpit to implement transparent, end-to-end processes for creating and maintaining material…

Download of the Südzucker Case Study

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