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As your navigator in the digital finance age, valantic Digital Finance offers first-class consulting for corporate performance management and AI-supported financial processes. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise and progressive technology to sustainably increase your company’s performance. Together we will set new standards in the digital transformation of your finance function.

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valantic Digital Finance digitizes and automates financial processes at C-level

valantic Digital Finance , one of the leading boutique consultancies in the German-speaking region, is a proven specialist for digital finance, corporate performance management (CPM), financial consolidation, planning & forecasting, business analytics and the use of artificial intelligence. Using smart processes, relevant content and progressive technology, valantic Digital Finance optimizes businesses’ management fundamentals which are then made available to relevant stakeholders. The resulting insights let companies measurably increase their performance and benefit sustainably from digital transformation.

valantic Digital Finance, your trusted partner at CFO level, pursues a holistic consulting approach and accompanies digital transformation projects from the design of the control logic to implementing the enterprise-wide database and software solutions – often extending far beyond the classic finance area. valantic Digital Finance maintains Gold partnerships with SAP and Microsoft and is a CCH Tagetik Platinum Partner.

Among other technologies, valantic Digital Finance uses Tagetik CPM, a platform for analyzing and optimizing the performance of financial processes such as budgeting, consolidation, planning, cash forecasting, reporting and control. The Tagetik finance solution also works outstanding with Microsoft products such as Power BI, SharePoint, SQL Server, Excel and PowerPoint.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

In corporate performance management projects, valantic Digital Finance acts as a sparring partner and source of inspiration in one. CPM helps a company’s C-level management plan and manage goals using robust processes and tools. In the first step, valantic Digital Finance analyzes the existing management elements – such as controlling, planning, forecasting and reporting – to give you an overview of the status quo of your processes and system landscape. These revelations then form a sound basis for developing various options for action, a target vision and a strategic CPM roadmap.

Top highlights from our Corporate Performance Management portfolio


Modern-day controlling concepts master the balancing act between simplicity and sufficient accuracy, and must take the management concept into account when the controlling function is set up or modified. Be it cost center structures, value flows or an underlying design for a corporate ERP system, valantic Digital Finance assists you in designing and implementing your project.

Simplifying and making controlling easier to grasp… that is our goal.

Functional control

When corporate functions go awry, it is not just the financials that provide the impetus for management. Function-specific KPIs – such as for sales, supply chain, production and administration – ensure process transparency and let courses of action be identified. To this end, valantic Digital Finance develops effective instruments, such as targeted reporting, to provide relevant information to key stakeholders.

Target Operating Model

Besides the instruments of performance management, valantic Digital Finance also cooperates closely with you to create a new target operating model for your CFO organization that unlocks potential and successfully supports your digital transformation.

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Service portfolio: Corporate Performance Management

valantic Digital Finance helps you to build innovative, integrated, digital CPM landscapes and install effective management mechanisms within your company.

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Corporate Performance Management service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Corporate Performance Management service portfolio

Planning & Forecasting

valantic Digital Finance aims to enhance the quality of your planning and forecasting and thus create true added value for corporate management. In terms of methodology, we rely on design thinking – the fast-track development of prototypes that must prove themselves in discussions with all stakeholders. Particularly in complex planning projects, this is conducive to winning over all relevant employees, and efficiently coordinating the requirements.

With our expertise, we make sure you choose an investment-safe planning software that is best suited to your business and to subsequent implementation and commissioning. And last but not least, professional coaching guarantees the deployed solution generates maximum possible value add for your digital finance.

Top highlights from our Planning & Forecasting portfolio

Design Thinking-Based Prototyping

Planning that convinces. When designing and implementing new planning solutions, we rely on design thinking-based methodologies, and cooperate closely with you to develop your planning and forecasting prototypes. Particularly in complex planning projects, this is conducive to winning over stakeholders, and efficiently coordinating the requirements.

Achieving the best possible outcome for you… that is our goal.

Implementation & Digital Transformation

Implementing new planning content, processes and systems is no easy task. Abstraction, comprehending the model and continual synchronization with the company’s management model, as well as a deep understanding of the data and data structures, are essential.

At valantic Digital Finance, we know what needs doing and help you realize your planning and forecasting solutions. In doing so – and sometimes, together with implementation partners – we realize a solution that ensures your investment’s success.

Planning & Forecasting with advanced analytics

The complexity and frenetic pace of the markets pose challenges for corporate management systems at all levels. They need to become more agile, as does the planning. The rapid increase in the importance of data, combined with technological leaps, is accelerating this trend. Here, advanced analytics assists planning through the prediction of target values, and forecasting through the anticipation of business trends. Using artificial intelligence as a foundation, valantic Digital Finance employs new models and methodologies for intelligent data distillation to visualize critical insights and foresights that set targeted impulses for controlling.

valantic Digital Finance helps you develop models and successfully integrate these into your planning processes.

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Service portfolio: Planning & Forecasting

You want to improve the efficiency of your corporate planning and forecasting? Then why not get in touch? We’d be delighted to help you shape your company’s planning processes and…

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Planning & Forecasting service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Planning & Forecasting service portfolio

Reporting & Business Intelligence

To make the right decisions, all digital finance decision-makers must have access to relevant, up-to-date information that has optimally been visually processed and is available in real time. valantic Digital Finance has guidelines, proven process models and best practices to put your organization on a clear footing and enable successful operations.

Number crunchers are relics of a bygone age. Today, decision makers and other recipients of reports expect to be able to access these at any time, on any device. With our many years’ experience, we help you select the optimal software, both in terms of a suitable analytical front end as well as a target-oriented architecture for data warehouses and data lakes. valantic Digital Finance channels data from your management processes into a powerful reporting system using leading applications such as SAP, Tagetik and Microsoft. It also integrates new technologies as a matter of course to allow artificial intelligence solutions to be anchored sustainably into your company.

Top highlights from our Reporting & Business Intelligence portfolio

Internal, External & Functional Reporting

valantic Digital Finance designs state-of-the-art solutions for legal, management and functional reporting with flexible analytic options. In doing so, we channel the contents of your management concepts into a powerful reporting system based on various technologies such as SAP, Tagetik and Microsoft.

Working closely with you, we use design thinking to tap the content’s potential and modernize your reporting landscape.

BI Governance

Business Intelligence system landscapes are complex, and broad expertise is needed to ensure the successful implementation and long-term operation of these systems. valantic Digital Finance has guidelines, process models and best practices to put your organization on a clear footing and enable successful operation.

Our seasoned BI consultants will help you implement an efficient and robust solution for your company.

Data Warehouse & Data Lakes

Terms such as “Big Data” and “Machine Learning” are on everyone’s lips, as ever more data need to be integrated, transformed and distilled to the essentials. This is vital if information is to serve as a relevant decision-making basis for your business strategies.

valantic Digital Finance guides you safely through the data jungle and makes your system landscape fit for the future.

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Service portfolio: Reporting & Business Intelligence

valantic Digital Finance offers comprehensive services in the area of Reporting & BI. Let valantic Digital Finance take your company’s reporting and analytics capabilities to the next level.

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Reporting & Business Intelligence service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Reporting & Business Intelligence service portfolio

Financial Consolidation

Implementing consolidation strategies in the area of digital finance is a complex endeavor. Besides using the right consolidation technology, it is also essential to understand the legacy systems, empower employees, and keep an eye on the implications for ERP and the overall organization.

Legal and management consolidation systems often form the backbone for supplying information to the entire group. Having grown over many years, however, these systems have often become unwieldy and inflexible. In times of short innovation and life cycles, this clashes sharply with today’s demands, where changes must be quickly recognized, accurately simulated and mapped with a high degree of reliability.

valantic Digital Finance helps you along the entire consolidation lifecycle: from the initial prototyping and selecting the right software solution to platform enablement and integration into your IT landscape.

Top highlights from our Financial Consolidation portfolio

Efficient Software Selection and Prototyping

valantic Digital Finance works closely with you to prepare a market overview and define suitable shortlists.

We structure and organize the selection process and help your decision making, while evaluating the optimal solutions for group consolidation, controlling and reporting at your company.

Automated Consolidation & Reporting

valantic Digital Finance clarifies your consolidation issues with you before modeling your consolidated financial statements using “turnkey” applications. In doing so, optimal data integration and interfaces with upstream systems and other relevant data sources are essential. valantic Digital Finance actively assists you and successfully optimizes your consolidation processes.

Managed Services

As a Managed Service customer, you benefit from the further development of our Consolidation Solution as a Service by our specialists. valantic Digital Finance assumes responsibility for operational consolidation and annual financial statements, and, where required, can work directly in your specialist departments to overcome personnel bottlenecks; this can also include updating your internal regulations for compliance with the latest standards, if desired.

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Service portfolio: Financial Consolidation

valantic Digital Finance works with you to capitalize on the full potential in your financial organization and take your company’s consolidation capabilities to the next level.

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Financial Consolidation service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Financial Consolidation service portfolio

Digital Platform & Technology

Heterogeneous IT ecosystems often prevent companies from effectively exploiting the full potential of data-driven processes in the area of digital finance. Stand-alone solutions and complex interfaces are costly and hinder high-performance, needs-optimized scalability in a company’s business development. Only an overarching architecture creates a sustainable basis for more efficient processes, just-in-time analytics, data-driven decisions and, ultimately, greater business success.

Top highlights from our Digital Platform & Technology portfolio

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s strategic analytics flagship. It unites the disciplines of business intelligence, AI-powered analytics and planning in a single application with a single unified user interface.

SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse is the principal data warehouse solution in the SAP world, also due to its preconfigured data models. Based on the in-memory platform SAP S/4HANA, new possibilities arise for agile, flexible data management. With many years’ experience as a SAP Gold Partner, valantic Digital Finance helps you implement sustainable and future-proof data warehouse solutions.

CCH Tagetik as the Corporate Performance Management Platform

Based on CCH Tagetik as the Corporate Performance Management platform, valantic Digital Finance implements planning, consolidation and reporting solutions for highly efficient support and accelerated business processes. valantic Digital Finance is a longstanding consulting partner of CCH Tagetik and was recognized as partner with the best “SAP HANA Practice” in 2019. With T/4Connect, valantic Digital Finance has developed a solution that perfectly integrates CCH Tagetik and SAP S/4 HANA.

SAP on Azure

Microsoft and SAP have shared a thriving strategic partnership since 2019, making SAP on Azure a successful procedural model for flexibilizing IT costs and interconnecting the two tech giants’ product offerings – including Microsoft’s powerful analytics and reporting solution Power BI, and data warehouses on Microsoft Azure.

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Service portfolio: Digital Platform & Technology

With our focus on implementing and integrating technologies, working with valantic Digital Finance will help pave your way to long-term, enhanced business success.

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Digital Platform & Technology service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Digital Platform & Technology service portfolio

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Many organizations make inadequate use of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to allow these to be used effectively for process control and data-based decision-making. State-of-the-art advanced analytics algorithms (machine learning) transform data into valuable insights that can help drive your business success.

valantic Digital Finance has many years’ experience using process mining technologies in the area of digital finance – from preparing for an S/4HANA implementation, and evaluating use cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to overcoming short term process bottlenecks.

Top highlights from our Data Science & Advanced Analytics portfolio

Leveraging Benefits Through Automation in Accounting

Accounting and controlling departments in group, subgroup and segment management also benefit enormously from the use of automation algorithms. The software solution performs an automatic, initial validation of the data, cuts error rates to almost zero and relieves employees of repetitive, pedestrian tasks.

valantic Digital Finance reduces accounting errors and identifies optimization potential in accounting. Here, tax analytics is one of our focal areas for enabling the implementation of sales-tax/pre-tax interrelationships and transfer pricing, and for simulating tax optimization scenarios.

Advanced Analytics Architecture

Many approaches are available for implementing advanced analytics architectures in the enterprise context, where fundamentals – such as cloud usage, long-term development strategies and integration into the existing IT strategy – must also be considered.

valantic Digital Finance presents various approaches to you based on our show systems, where key technology vendors – such as SAP and Microsoft, as well as more specialized suppliers, such as DataRobot and Databricks for Enterprise AI – play a role. The topic of data lakes is also integrated sustainably into these architecture scenarios.

AI Solutions – Advanced Analytics Cases

The digitization of corporate processes provides companies with large amounts of customer, market and product data. A meticulously planned digital strategy is thus needed to transform these seemingly disconnected data into meaningful insights and competitive advantages for companies, and to fully exploit the potential of Big Data. Working closely together with you, valantic Digital Finance uses statistical techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a basis for sound business decisions and faster processes.

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Service portfolio: Data Science & Advanced Analytics

valantic Digital Finance uses the latest advanced analytics algorithms (machine learning) to extract value from your data, enabling automated forecasting and fewer manual activities, for example. Let’s get together and improve…

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Science & Advanced Analytics service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Science & Advanced Analytics service portfolio

Transformation & Adoption

A project’s overall success correlates strongly with the participation and empowerment of the project team and the project’s subsequent acceptance by the customer’s employees. For this reason, valantic Digital Finance actively accompanies the transformation process, not only with technical consulting, but also with proven change management methodologies, including transparent role profiles and activating training measures. In this way, we pave the way together for successful change in your organization.

With valantic Digital Finance, your transformation project is in experienced and dependable hands. valantic Digital Finance structures your transformation, renders the risks transparent and brings your project to a successful conclusion.

Top highlights from our Transformation & Adoption portfolio

Project Management

The complexity of transformation projects can also quickly become a risk for the project’s success. valantic Digital Finance’s PMO approach provides uncomplicated standards and instruments for managing large transformation projects, including classic project techniques as well as agile methodologies such as Scrum, Design Thinking and Kaban.

Change Management

Change processes require support and moderation. For this reason, valantic Digital Finance accompanies projects with appropriate change and communication measures to overcome resistance and tear down barriers. Especially in the area of corporate management, we have developed effective strategies for accompanying even complex and constant organizations during change.

valantic Digital Finance has the necessary project expertise to makes change a sustainable success factor at your company.

Communication Management

Many companies’ financial organizations are suffering from increasing complexity and opaqueness for manifold reasons. Individuals are losing the overview due to communication barriers, while people and roles are beginning to appear replaceable. Based on internal and external communication, valantic Digital Finance has acquired a passion for nurturing mutual obligation, trust and transparency to strengthen the organization.

valantic Digital Finance is your consulting partner for the formulation of clear messages and use of cross-media communication forms.

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Service portfolio: Transformation & Adoption

valantic Digital Finance’s transformation experts paired with internalized standards in the project team pave the way to successful change at your company. Let valantic Digital Finance accompany you and your…

Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Transformation & Adoption service portfolio Click here for more information on valantic Digital Finance's Transformation & Adoption service portfolio

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