When a train breaks down - spare parts must be found immediately.

Siemens Rail Mall: B2B-Order Plattform for Service Technicians

Service technicians depend on being able to get the right material to the right place as quickly as possible. To achieve their targets  they need a B2B-Order platform that is easy to use and where they can get to the product they need quickly. A role-based navigation leads the person placing the order directly to the desired item and features a slimmer check-out. Depending on availability, the appropriate part is delivered the next day or even on the same day by courier. The repair work can begin.

Business man working in the train.

What customers want

image of a screen with a photo of a technician putting a DB logosticker on a train on it

User-specific Design & Usability

The purchasing behavior of the person placing the order has been analyzed in detail: Who is the person placing the order? How does he buy? How does he search for products? The results form the basis for the development of the state-of-the-art design and role-specific usability that is optimally tailored to the purchasing behavior of the person placing the order.

Guaranteed ordering and availability around the clock

Siemens offers 20,000 spare parts around the clock. The person placing the order is supplied with updates about the order automatically via e-mail and the goods are delivered with “track & trace” to the place where there are needed. The Rail Mall ensures that orders can be placed at any time.

Role-based purchasing

The shopping platform displays role and customer-specific catalogs, products, and prices. With this function, service technicians can order spare parts and have them delivered, while clerks can enter the individual orders, for example.

Maintaining Products, Images and Texts centrally

Siemens employees can edit the content in the Webshop centrally: Thanks to a Web content management system (WCMS), the desired products and texts can be maintained easily. Orders are evaluated with the touch of a button using Management Cockpit and prices and other product details are available to service employees at any time thanks to the Product Information System (PIM).

3D-Models and other Options

In order to examine an item in detail and get a better impression of it, functions such as pictures and 3D models have been integrated. This allows the person placing the order to identify products more easily. However, new types of sending also make handling easier; these include print-on-demand (production of components in a 3D printing process).

Quick Reaction

Decisions are made faster, they are always traceable and can be documented. With the integrated service room, returned goods can also be processed easily.

Proximity to Customers and Partners thanks to Social Collaboration

The cooperation between manufacturers, partners, and customers is simplified greatly thanks to social collaboration in the Rail Mall. In the shop, it is possible to exchange documents such as plans, drawings, and calculations with the team via Sharepoint.

About Siemens

Siemens – the international leading supplier of rail vehicles – serves its customers around the world with environmentally-friendly, efficient, and reliable rail vehicles. Siemens’ Mobility Division conveys people and goods on rail and road across short and long distances. For smooth operation, the company makes more than 20,000 spare parts available online.
Siemens wanted a new, modern Webshop that is extremely user-friendly, reliable, and available around the clock. The result: a SAP/hybris commerce platform developed by valantic, which is clear and easy to use and takes customers directly to the desired product.

Oliver Breithaupt
Siemens AG

”With the Rail Mall 4.0, we worked with valantic to create a modern E commerce environment for the needs of Siemens Mobility and its customers. Thanks to new processes, our shop system is customer-friendly and reliable, an enabler for customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction.“


Oliver Breithaupt
Siemens AG

”During the project planning, the schedule was clearly defined and very short. According to the requirements, Siemens was looking for a partner with an agile implementation approach, extensive expertise, and one who could truly manage the schedule. Like various other competitors, movento gave the impression that it had the required expertise, but it combined this with self-awareness and guaranteed that it could adhere to the schedule. In the end, valantic’s total impression made the decision.“


Used technologies

  • SAP Hybris B2B Commerce Plattform 6.4 and Product Content Management (PCM)
  • SAP ERP Integration
  • SAP Hybris Commerce Web Content Management System (WCMS)
  • LDAP-Integration
  • SAP Hybris Commerce Order Management System (OMS)
  • 5 Cockpit User
  • Apache Solr Searchengine
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)- Design
  • 3D-Models and 3D Print on Demand

New since September 2018: Easy Spares Marketplace™

What began with the SIEMENS Rail Mall has become the „Easy Spares Marketplace™“ since September 2018. Siemens Mobility GmbH presented the new digital marketplace for the first time at the Innotrans international trade show. Read the news about SIEMENS marketplace here.