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Sales reporting in the SAP Analytics Cloud at Burgis

Burgis wanted to provide all sales-relevant management KPIs intuitively and clearly. The experts from valantic provided support with the introduction of the SAP Analytics Cloud and adapted the solution to the food retailer's special reporting requirements. They then coached the administrators and trained the key users in the independent creation of reports and dashboards.

Drei lachende Köche bei der Arbeit | Success Story Burgs | Einführung der SAP Analytics Cloud

Burgis analyzes its sales thanks to comprehensive revenue reporting in SAP SAC

The company: Burgis GmbH

Burgis is love, dumpling love. You can taste it in every dumpling, from Neumarkt to Hamburg. The dumpling specialist Burgis is a family-owned company based in the Upper Palatinate, which provides its customers with a “Sunday moment” with its dumplings every day. Customers, employees, suppliers, and partners feel this and place their full trust in Burgis.

Sustainability is an integral part of the company philosophy at Burgis. Photovoltaic systems, heat recovery, and efficient, hygienic, and environmentally friendly packaging are part of this traditional company’s “green thread.” As a food producer, it is also a matter of course for Burgis to support non-profit organizations with donations of goods.


Map all revenue-relevant control KPIs in the SAP Analytics Cloud

Consulting approach

Conception, design and implementation through pre-defined requirements and coaching


More granular analyses, greater flexibility, less time required, user interface that can be learned quickly and a problem-free connection to the S/4HANA

Stefan Sendner
IT-Manager at Burgis GmbH

”In the SAP S/4 standard, revenues can be recorded, but you won’t get a detailed outline of the group structures like the one that is possible with valantic’s new SAC solution. “


Feedback from professional users
Burgis GmbH

”valantic’s new solution has a familiar user interface that is easy to learn and that many people already know quite well. “

Sie sehen ein Knödelgericht mit Biergläsern | Success Story Burgis | Einführung von SAP SAC

The challenge

Map all revenue-related control KPIs in the SAP Analytics Cloud

The family-owned company Burgis had successfully migrated its enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to SAP’s future-oriented platform S/4HANA, but the reporting functions provided in S/4HANA were not detailed enough for this medium-sized company. It was not possible to map some of the food retailer’s special reporting wishes with the standard.

Landschaftsbild | Success Story Burgis | Einführung von SAP SAC

The solution

valantic’s consultants introduced the SAP Analytics Cloud and adapted it to Burgis’ requirements. The administrators were then coached, and key users trained to create reports and dashboards by themselves. The project goals and solutions in detail:

  • Extension and refining of the S/4HANA data model so that the structure of the customer’s company could be mapped in detail.
  • Introduction of customized retail KPIs such as “net sales,” discounts, advertising cost surcharges,
    postal code analysis, best-selling brands, and many more.
  • Creation of custom CDS views to calculate the defined KPIs and derive the customer hierarchy from the customer master data
  • Creation of live data models and import of data models including automatic loading of master and transaction data
  • Enabling of revenue reporting, analysis, and dashboards in web applications and with Excel add-ins for controlling and sales
  • Coaching of the administrators and key users
  • Empowering of users to create visualizations quickly and easily without IT expertise using a plug-in in the familiar Excel environment; these visualizations can also be presented to the customer on-site
  • Integration of additional data sources easily and securely
Knödelgericht | Success Story Burgis | Einführung von SAP SAC

Three advantages at a glance:

  • Greater flexibility in analysis
  • More automation in reporting
  • Less time required for users

“valantic has shown us solutions. We felt like we were flexible, and we received a fair, transparent quotation.”

The traditional company Burgis had converted its enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to SAP S/4HANA in order to be able to secure its investment in the future as well. SAP S/4HANA was successfully introduced, however, it quickly became apparent that it does not include key figures for revenue reporting. The customer hierarchy, company structures, and special KPIs, such as the advertising cost surcharge (WKZ), could not be sufficiently mapped in SAP S/4HANA. Furthermore, it was not possible to integrate external data sources satisfactorily.

“We listened and compared, and valantic showed us several potential solutions for our reporting dilemma. We felt that we were flexible and that we received a transparent quotation with three alternatives,” remembers Stefan Sendner, IT and project manager at Burgis. “We then decided on alternative #2, the SAP Analytics Cloud including reporting, because the SAC is easier to combine with S/4HANA than other solutions and less maintenance-intensive as a cloud solution,” he adds.

The project began in March 2022: valantic implemented and successfully completed the revenue reporting project based on S/4HANA and the SAP Analytics Cloud within a few weeks. One of the core components was a new, adapted data model that accurately maps the customer hierarchy and organizational structure of the retail groups that Burgis supplies.

With the new solution, specialist users can refine their analyses with the click of a mouse and perform detailed analyses, such as the best-selling product, the highest revenue brand, or sales by postal code – which was only possible with considerable additional effort or not at all with the old solution. “You can list revenues in the SAP standard, but you will not get a detailed breakdown according to group structures,” explains IT manager Sendner.

In addition, valantic has added KPIs relevant to the food trade to the standard KPIs. These include advertising cost surcharges, discounts, customer and volume discounts, individual sales reporting, and analyses by material price group and others relevant to Burgis.

Drei lachende Köche bei der Arbeit | Success Story Burgs | Einführung der SAP Analytics Cloud

Benefits of the Burgis solution with the SAP Analytics Cloud

The main benefits of the new solution, designed and introduced by valantic based on SAC, can be counted using three fingers:

  1. More granular analysis
  2. Greater flexibility
  3. Less time

Specialist users without specialized IT knowledge use their usual Excel plug-in to create their own reports, but they can access more functions and connect external data sources. “It is a familiar user interface that is easy to learn and that many people already know quite well,” was often the opinion of the users. Visualizations of the analysis results are also so convincing that sales associates are also happy to use them in their on-site presentations to customers.

Another gigantic benefit of the SAP Analytics Cloud: Additional analysis modules can be connected to S/4HANA quickly and easily should this be desirable or necessary. Conceivable, for example, might be a P&L calculation, production cost planning, logistics or sales planning. However, a final decision on future expansions is still pending at Burgis.

Sie sehen ein Knödelgericht mit Biergläsern | Success Story Burgis | Einführung von SAP SAC

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