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Image of two people in a warehouse, including the image of a tablet, in the background an industrial port with containers and cranes, valantic Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Supply Chain & Logistics

Excellence in SCM & Logistics

The interplay of all supply chain and logistics areas of an industrial company must be smooth: from purchasing to production, on through to supplier and logistics management. In today’s world, companies have to focus on their core competencies.

Our Holistic Consulting Approach in SCM & Logistics

Picture of two men at work in a production plant, next to it a picture of a machine and behind it pictures of a tablet with a screenshot of the wayRTS software and a port with containers, valantic production planning with wayRTS

Sales & Operations Planning with waySuite

Implement supply chains faster and more profitably and increase competitiveness with optimized planning. Learn more

Picture of a tablet in a warehouse full of boxes, valantic logistics management

Logistics Management

Improve the cost and inventory situation for the long term with a holistic view of your logistics network Learn more

Picture of colorful containers, valantic supplier management

Supplier Management

Transparency and sustainable supply security in supplier management Learn more

Picture of two people in a warehouse, next to it pictures of moving trucks and behind them pictures of a warehouse and a mountain road, valantic Connected Chain Manager

Supply Chain Collaboration

Transparency and planning reliability in SCM with the Connected Chain Manager (CCM) Learn more

Picture of a warehouse, valantic Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation with SAP MFS

Material flow and automation technology fully integrated into your warehousing processes Learn more

Picture of trucks, valantic SAP logistics solutions

SAP Logistics Solutions

Mastery and optimization of complex supply chain and transport processes with SAP Transportation Management Learn more

Picture of a warehouse, intralogistic cooperation of valantic and ubh

Intralogistics and production logistics

For flexible production and logistics processes, companies must coordinate production and logistics more closely with each other and optimize and standardize processes.

Supply Chain & Logistics News

Portrait of Markus Hoff, Senior Consultant in the field of logistics management at valantic, in the background a warehouse and an industrial port
Supply Chain Design: Planning and Simulation of a Company’s Logistics Network

Markus Hoff, Senior Consultant at valantic in the logistics management sector, in an interview about supply chain design. Learn more

Bild von Marco Fuhr, Senior Consultant im Bereich Logistikmanagement, im Hintergrund Windräder, eine Photovoltaik-Anlage und das Ladekabel eines Elektroautos, Nachhaltigkeit im Supply Chain Management
Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Marco Fuhr, Senior Consultant Logistics Management at valantic, in an interview about sustainability in supply chain management. Learn more

Picture of Ingo Hoepfner, next to it a picture of a tablet with graphics and statistics and behind it pictures of car parts in a warehouse and of a street,TISAX certification for valantic
TISAX Certification for valantic:
5 questions for Ingo Hoepfner

TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is the highest security standard in the automobile industry. We asked Ingo Hoepfner about this right after valantic had received the TISAX label. Learn more

Supply Chain & Logistics Webinars

120 seconds with…

Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic

valantic is SAP Partner for SAP Integrated Business Planning. In an interview Fabian Stocker, Vice President S&OP of valantic explains, how integrated planning can succeed in the age of digital transformation. The success recipe there is and remains integrated process and SAP consulting including organization. SAP Integrated Business Planning supports all planning processes, from demand planning to sales and operations planning on through to capacity planning and the prioritization of customer orders.

Strategic network planning
at Siemens AG

With the “SIRIUSProducts” Siemens AG Digital Factory Control Products offer central components for industrial switching technology. After projects for internal material flow and inventory optimization, the focus was on the question “How can distribution logistics be made more efficient?”

Production Planning with wayRTS

High-performance planning in real time – Your way to Industrie 4.0

With the wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) APS system we offer you real-time planning software for high-performance production planning and control of all value-added stages of your company. wayRTS makes your planning transparent and gives you the opportunity to carry out simple interventions with planning support that can be automated as required.

  • Planning with real-time processing and scenario technology
  • Planning support that can be automated at will
  • Main memory based through in-memory technology
  • Optimization with real-time synchronization
  • Visual and interactive planning tools

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Portrait of Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen, Managing Director at valantic Supply Chain Excellence

Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen

Managing Director
valantic Supply Chain Excellence GmbH