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The latest technological trends and insights with practical use cases

Digitalization is causing serious technological changes and is affecting all industries and value chains. It requires a new way of thinking. But which trends and topics determine the developments? How are Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence already being implemented today? The white papers in this download center provide decisive impulses for successfully shaping the digital future.

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Our white papers and studies

Mockup Whitepaper Electrification of the Automobile Industry, valantic Logistikmanagement

White paper: Electrification of the Automobile Industry

The automobile industry is currently undergoing rapid change. The biggest driver at the moment is the conversion from combustion engines to e-mobility. This change poses challenges for the automobile industry, which among other things require more intensive research and development, re-planning of production and logistics systems, establishing new supply chains, and qualifying employees in order to be able to fulfill the new requirements.

Image of the white paper: SAP SuccessFactors

White paper: SAP SuccessFactors

Finding and recruiting highly qualified specialists and retaining them long term is the goal of every HR management department. There is a tool that helps you to do this. SAP SuccessFactors is one of the world’s leading full cloud solutions for all HR topics, with over 6,750 companies and 100 million users currently relying on SAP’s HR software every day.

Cover of a whitepaper with a woman infront of a laptop and a bridge in the background for network graphs

White paper: Always keep an eye on the opportunity

Find out in our white paper how you can use the SAP Sales Cloud to call up all relevant information on a sales opportunity at a glance – in the form of a network graph.

Picture from a magazine, valantic viewpoint "B2B Commerce - a focus on five important trends"

Viewpoint: 5 Trends in B2B Commerce

Learn in this viewpoint which trends in B2B commerce you absolutely have to keep an eye on.

Picture of a magazine, valantic, time travel into the future: From telephone trading to artificial intelligence

White paper: From Telephone Trading to Artificial Intelligence

Find out in our white paper how Artificial Intelligence can secure competitive advantages and which challenges can be mastered if used successfully.

Bild einer Zeitschrift, valantic Whitepaper "Financial Lingua Franca in Payments: ISO 20022"

White paper: Financial Lingua Franca in Payments – ISO 20022

In our free position paper you will learn how a globally recognised standard can raise your customers’ payment transactions on a significantly more automated, secure and efficient level.

Bild einer Zeitschrift, valantic Whitepaper "Customers yesterday, today and tomorrow - from customer relationship management to customer experience management"

White paper: Customers yesterday, today and tomorrow

Learn in our whitepaper why CRM is no longer enough today and why the path leads toward customer experience management. Welcome to the age of the customer!

Image of a magazine, valantic Whitepaper "Yay, my bot understands me! Using conversational AI to create a new customer experience"

White paper: Yay, my bot understands me!

How to create a new customer experience with conversational AI and chatbots

Image of a magazine, valantic Whitepaper "Transparent Customer Journey"

White paper: Process transparency on the entire Customer Journey

About the benefits of a near-standard integration of SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud into SAP ERP and IBP.