HR 4.0: Transformation to the HR department of the future

SAP for HR management

The SAP HC world is undergoing massive digital and process changes thanks to the conversion to S/4HANA and new cloud products. valantic supports the HR transformation!

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Companies expect that the digital transformation will create space and time for what matters most, thus providing an important basis for future challenges in the HR world. For the HR department plays a key role in the story of a company’s success.

The challenge for HR departments is to strike an optimal balance between using state-of-the-art technologies and digital processes and in the process, providing optimal services for their own employees. Adherence to legal, wage, and operational requirements and data protection is obligatory and with the digital transformation it should be possible to complete the digital transformation in the HR department with foreseeable, fair, and transparent costs.

IT strategy consulting for transforming your HR operations

HR managers can only master the challenges of New Work successfully if three building blocks are taken into account: Employees, processes / IT systems and HR. The solution: a modern, integrative, employee-centric HR IT management. valantic people accompanies your business on its successful path through the digital HR transformation.

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SAP SuccessFactors

The strategic 360-degree view for HR managers

The age of stand-alone processes and silo mentality is well and truly over. What HR managers need is an integrated HR suite that gives them a holistic, 360-degree view of every phase of the employee lifecycle – from recruiting and onboarding to talent management, further training and succession planning.

SuccessFactors is one of the world’s leading full cloud solutions for all HR topics – a solution that is field-proven, fully integrated and highly efficient. Over 6,750 companies and more than 100 million users rely on HR software from SAP in their daily work. The suite consists of nine modules that can be operated either as stand-alone components or combined with each other and booked from the cloud, depending on individual needs.

Cloud-based Personnel Record: SAP SuccessFactors integrated

With valantic workdocs HR, valantic is launching a cloud-based personnel file on the market that is precisely tailored to the needs of HR departments.

The cloud has also become essential in personnel work. The cloud-based personnel record valantic workdocs HR reduces the administrative effort in every HR department, increases the efficiency of processes and removes the need for paper files. Personnel documents are managed easily, quickly and digitally. This means that all HR-relevant documents can be viewed and edited by employees with just one click, without wasting time and in the latest version. Even tedious signature processes are no longer needed thanks to legally compliant digital signatures. The highest security measures and modern encryption technologies ensure the security of highly sensitive personnel data. valantic workdocs HR is aimed at SAP SuccessFactors users and can be accessed via a single sign-on with SAP SuccessFactors.


product sheet: valantic workdocs hr

Cloud-based personnel record valantic workdocs HR

The cloud-based document management valantic workdocs HR reduces administrative effort and increases the effectiveness of every HR department.

Download the valantic workdocs HR product sheet now and learn more! Download the valantic workdocs HR product sheet now and learn more!


Human Capital Management

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HR management with SAP HCM

We map all facets of an SAP HCM HR management project reliably and professionally. These include

  • SAP HCM implementation consulting
  • SAP HCM upgrade and migration consulting
  • SAP HCM individual development
  • SAP HCM enhancement of existing system environment
  • Introduction of new SAP HCM solutions
Screenshot of an SAP interface, valantic SAP Services

SAP HCM Application Management

Administration, support, maintenance & service, as well as the implementation of all necessary legal, wage, and operational requirements of the SAP HCM system.

As part of application management, we offer service management, maintenance & service, release management, payroll control, 2nd level support, role and authorization management, interface management, and change request management.

HCM INSIDE product family

Digitalize HR processes & documents end-to-end

Multifaceted changes present new challenges for HR work: The digital transformation, artificial intelligence and people analytics, the skilled labor shortage, and demographic change will determine the future of the working world. The challenge of daily HR work is to attune state-of-the-art HR management and administrative tasks, data, HR systems, and processes of daily operation perfectly to one another and integrate them optimally.

The challenging task is to achieve a perfect balance between using state-of-the-art technologies, optimized processes, and providing transparent services for a company’s own employees, on through to identifying the optimal use of data to establish the company’s future in the long term. The fulfillment of legal, wage, and operational requirements and adherence to data protection are not a requirement, but a matter of course – if possible at foreseeable, fair, and transparent costs.

HCM-INSIDE – digitalization of HCM processes

The HCM-INSIDE product family HCM FRAME, HCM TIME, HCM PAYSLIP, HCM PUBLISHER, and HCM SCHICHTPLANER helps users with the digitalization and reorientation of HR business processes (ESS/MSS) in the area of

  • Reporting and forms
  • Salary accounting and documentation
  • Time management and shift planning in SAP HCM
  • Bidirectional, optimized data exchange between cloud and OnPremise systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, CornerStone, etc.

in order to simplify and further automate these.

Screenshot valantic HCM-INSIDE Dashboard and Reporting

HCM INSIDE – automated timekeeping for SAP HCM

The best addition to and expansion of SAP time management – we increase the benefit of the SAP HCM system! From entry of and application for presence and absences, overtime, rebookings and access, on through to the approval and creation of evaluations and proof of time worked to ESS/MSS scenarios; HCM INSIDE TIME offers workflow-based, transparent, efficient processes. The synchronous data interface to SAP Time Management (PT) provides a view of all SAP time management data in real time and ensures data exchange between cloud and OnPremise systems, such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, CornerStone, etc.

Benefits of HCM INSIDE at a glance

Individually configurable

HCM INSIDE Web portal for ESS/MSS processes

Revision-proof data storage

Save time and money

Keep data up-to-date

Environmentally friendly


Digitalization of paper forms for SAP ERP

Currently, companies are still using paper-based processes, which in many company areas (e.g. purchasing, logistics, HR, etc.) are characterized by a lot of manual administrative effort (process and systems) and media breaks. Paper-based processes and their manual data takeover, e.g. in the SAP HCM system, generate enormous administrative and process costs for companies. HCM Frame helps reduce administrative and process costs significantly.

Benefits of HCM FRAME at a glance

Digital forms

HCM FRAME Web portal for ESS/MSS processes

Revision-proof data storage


Keep data up-to-date

Environmentally friendly


Make SAP salary accounting documents available online

HCM PAYSLIP digitalizes company-wide salary documents and makes these available to employees in compliance with the GDPR. Employees have access to all relevant salary documents online at all times, and also additional documents such as their cafeteria bills – regardless of when and where.

With HCM PAYSLIP, the company can make many standard salary documents available digitally, such as employees’ pay stubs, tax payment certification, and data collection and transmission reports. On request, additional documents can be incorporated, such as employer certification, proof of time worked or cafeteria bills.

Benefits of HCM PAYSLIP at a glance

HCM PAYSLIP Web portal

Available salary document



Private e-mail address

Responsive Web design

SAP HCM Support Services

In case of technical questions, but also for HR-specific control processes, we are happy to make German or English-speaking technicians available for 1st, 2nd or 3rd level support via telephone, e-mail or ticket system. Here, we address all important processes, beginning with classic support to interface management, release and test support, on through to HR services.


Development of custom solutions

picture of a man, next to it a picture of a computer with code, behind it a picture of Post-it's and a picture of a building, valantic agile project development

The SAP standard doesn’t fit? We can develop custom-tailored solutions for you. With our experienced team, we can create add-ons for these areas:

  • Employee and manager self-services (SAP ESS/MSS)
  • HR management (SAP PA)
  • HR time management (SAP PT)
  • HR accounting (SAP PY)
  • and many more.

In addition, we develop complex interfaces, connections for SaaS solutions, ABAP webservices, Fiori, and UX 5, and we implement the use of business logic outside of the SAP ERP system by calling external webservices.

Digital Personnel Record cuSmarText HR

Bild eines Computerbildschirms mit der Benutzeroberfläche von cuSmarTextHR für die digitale Personalakte

In the HR department, a lot of time is wasted searching for required documents. Another time factor is the time-consuming and error-prone manual creation of HR-relevant documents. This not only costs time, but also nerves. With the digital personnel record cuSmarText HR this is a thing of the past!

cuSmarText HR replaces the traditional paper record in the HR department while complying with the highest data protection guidelines. It manages all documents digitally and makes them available to authorized users at any time, up-to-date, centrally and company-wide. Required documents can be found with just one click, can be sent to employees and can be viewed by employees with authorization. In addition, cuSmarText HR can be used to create HR-relevant documents automatically and yet in a personalized manner, e.g. employment contracts, form letters, references for employees.

Further various functionalities of the digital personnel file automate the processes in the personnel department: simple search function, digital signature, intuitively usable web interface, individually definable access rights, direct connection to the SAP system, integration with SAP SuccessFactors and much more.

The digital personnel file cuSmarText HR increases the productivity of each HR department, reduces paper mountains and at the same time lowers the total cost of ownership.

Automated document creation

Digital signature

Simplified communication

SAP SuccessFactors

GDPR-compliant & audit-proof

Controlled destruction

Product Sheet: Digital Personnel Record

Product sheet: Digital Personnel Record in SAP

The reliable digital personnel record cuSmarText HR eliminates long searches for documents. Processes are accelerated and the productivity of the HR department is increased.

Get to know more about personnel record in the product sheet Get to know more about personnel record in the product sheet

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