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As an e-bike manufacturer, Riese & Müller offers its B2B customers countless configuration options with different delivery times and prices. How can this be mapped effectively? The new dealer portal makes it possible. The B2B platform developed by valantic impresses with a pre-order tool including a product configurator and innovative Hyvä frontend. Adobe Commerce (Magento) provides the strong basis.

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Right from the start, the collaboration between valantic and Riese & Müller centred on improving the ordering process via the sales platform: How can bicycle dealers put together and order the e-bikes desired by their customers as efficiently as possible?

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The challenge

The bike manufacturer was initially concerned with the following:

  • Improving usability: The operation of the dealer platform was to be kept as simple and intuitive as possible, which was a particular requirement given the wide range of options available.
  • Dynamic mapping: For a simple and quick compilation of the desired bike, it was important to map the numerous, sometimes complex product dependencies as dynamically as possible.
  • Customer service and sales: Automation was to reduce the error rate when handing over orders and thus relieve the burden on customer service and sales.
  • Digital pre-ordering: Complete digitalisation of the previously analogue pre-ordering of e-bikes.
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Solutions and results

The valantic team worked together with Riese & Müller, taking into account the requirements for technical solutions. This was implemented:

  • Development and design of a high-performance pre-order tool based on Magento with an intuitive ordering workflow.
  • To improve security and stability, the pre-order tool and retailer portal were upgraded to the latest Magento version.
  • The front end was implemented using the web framework AngularJS and connected to a Magento commerce system as a transaction platform.
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  • Development of a new, customised Magento product type by the valantic team, which enables a more powerful delivery of product data in the bike configurator. This means that a specific article no longer needs to be maintained in the system for every conceivable configuration.
  • Our valantic experts have implemented a high-performance validation logic to ensure problem-free configuration of the e-bikes. This checks the product dependencies extremely quickly.
  • Conception, styling and development of bike and package configurators.
  • Responsive design for mobile use.
  • Interface development for Timeline ERP.

Updates during the project

Following the relaunch of the dealer portal, further measures were added. Goal: Optimisation of the customer experience for business customers and therefore also for Riese & Müller’s end customers. The following was carried out:

  • The valantic team updated the shop software to Adobe Commerce 2.4.5.
  • The front end was moved to the high-performance Hyvä theme.
  • The configurator and pre-order tool were combined into one feature. Dealers can also use it to pre-order the new bikes for the coming year.
  • Live interfaces between the Timeline ERP system and Adobe Commerce (Magento) enable dealers to call up information in real time and order spare parts
  • If desired, additional shipping options can be called up in the shopping basket – such as a ready-to-ride assembly of the bikes for delivery to the dealer or for home delivery to the end customer.
  • In order to keep the system stable, especially in times of heavy use of the portal, the hosting was switched to the AWS Cloud.
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The company: Riese & Müller

With high-quality e-bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes, Riese & Müller GmbH sets standards for technological innovation, pioneering design and quality in the premium segment. The Mühltal-based company has been shaping urban mobility with innovative bike concepts since 1993. More than 900 employees in sales, assembly and development work on the brand’s success with dealers, specialist audiences and end customers. The top supplier is regularly recognised for its premium bikes.

valantic and Riese & Müller have been working together since 2016 and the reference was last updated with new project highlights in November 2023.

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