E-commerce solution for optimized ordering & logistics processes at BURGER KING® & QSL

BURGER KING® & QSL: king in e-commerce

With their technical and logistics expertise, Meyer Quick Service Logistics (QSL) and valantic ensured that taste remains ‘King’ – now even more efficiently. We’ve all been there, tired and hungry, feeling like the journey home is too far. That’s when a quick-service restaurant like BURGER KING® saves the day. Your thoughts eagerly wander to the tempting delights – but who ensures that fries and more are ready on the spot, day or night? QSL is here to deliver.

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The results at a glance

  • A bidirectional interface between the B2B platform and QSL’s ERP system was developed and implemented.
  • ERP integration: With a focus on stability and performance, interfaces were created that can handle over 2,000 orders simultaneously.
  • A route planning system for BURGER KING® logistics was implemented.
  • A high-performance system with flexible scaling options for handling peak times was created.
  • Individual order workflow instead of the classic checkout system: A direct checkout workflow was established that differs drastically from the classic checkout. This makes it possible to cater to the needs of individual restaurants with tailor-made routes.
  • Stabilization and failover were made possible by a redundant system architecture.
  • User guidance is intuitive and simple.
  • An adaptable, scalable and multi-client capable multistore platform is now in effect.
  • User training and extensive backend access for helpdesk applications were provided.
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Meyer Quick Service Logistics (QSL) is a food logistics company with an integrated retail function. Headquartered in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, the company specializes in overseeing the entire logistics process for its clients. This includes procurement of stock, managing operational purchasing, picking, storage, distribution, and handling all related accounting tasks. QSL serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for numerous franchise brands throughout Europe, including Starbucks, Burger King, Hans im Glück, Fresh Point, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The collaboration with QSL commenced in 2014. The most recent project updates were added to this case study in May 2023.

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The challenge

BURGER KING® wanted to implement a new online ordering platform tailored to the specific requirements of each branch. This new platform aimed to replace the existing central ordering system for all BURGER KING® restaurants in Germany. According to BURGER KING®, these were the key requirements for the e-commerce solution:

The order portal had to …

  • … be built upon an enterprise-level e-commerce system.
  • … be optimized for B2B logistics.
  • … be industry-leading and scalable.
  • … allow for the customization of customer-specific ordering processes.
  • … adapt to various concepts in the system catering industry.
  • … facilitate B2B e-commerce between QSL as a full-service logistics provider and all BURGER KING® restaurants.
Screenshot of the QSL login for Burger King

The solution

On the journey to creating the new order portal, valantic initially provided technical and strategic consulting. Magento 2 served as the basis. In collaboration with QSL and BURGER KING®, the valantic team then developed a centralized e-commerce platform for the B2B sector.

This tailor-made platform boasts a bidirectional interface with QSL’s enterprise resource planning system and offers robust ERP integration capable of handling over 2,000 orders simultaneously. It introduced a customized route planning system to optimize BURGER KING® logistics, and a tailor-made order workflow now replaces the traditional checkout process, ensuring efficient service to restaurants.

In addition, a redundant system design guarantees reliability. The user interface is intuitive, and the platform is flexible and scalable. Comprehensive user training and advanced backend access have also been implemented to facilitate seamless usage for all stakeholders.

Updates in the course of the project

The collaboration between QSL and BURGER KING® remains ongoing. As B2B requirements and technology continue to evolve, the e-commerce platform is poised for expansion. Currently, the webshop boasts impressive KPIs, including 3,800 stores, handling 3,000 orders during peak periods, and offering a catalog of 7,000 products. The platform serves a diverse customer base of 16 clients, with some requiring bilingual support.

Since its initial implementation, the valantic team has made significant advancements to enhance the platform, offering users an even more convenient ordering experience. Some of the key updates added to the platform include:

  • Quantity verification: To minimize errors, significant deviations from standard orders are highlighted. The system also stores maximum and minimum order quantities to prevent exceeding or falling short of established quotas.
  • Streamlined ordering process: facilitation of a swift and easy ordering process through order suggestions based on past orders
  • Order completion reminders: Customers receive reminders about pending order confirmations before the order window is closed.
  • User-friendly complaints handling: A maximally user-friendly complaint form ensures quick and convenient assistance with complaints. It includes the option to upload images and pre-filled fields.

Special user benefit for QSL / BURGER KING®

An advanced route planning system was integrated into the BURGER KING® logistics infrastructure. This specialized solution is designed to map out an efficient route as part of the order workflow. This means that restaurants receive comprehensive logistics and scheduling information already during the ordering process.

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Shaping the future of e-commerce

Are you looking for a customized e-commerce solution? valantic might be just the right partner to implement it for you! Leveraging our established expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we have collaborated with QSL to propel BURGER KING® to greater heights. Now, let’s explore how we can enhance your business processes and strengthen your brand! Together, we’ll pave the way for tomorrow’s success.

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