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valantic’s expertise in CX monitoring, AI implementation and search optimization enabled MCM, a renowned luxury brand, to achieve a new level of customer experience excellence. The collaboration led to a significant reduction in failed orders, maximum visibility of payment instruments, and an enhanced AI-powered search experience. As a result, the high-end brand now delivers exceptional digital experiences to its discerning customers.

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The results at a glance

30 %

reduction in failed orders

100 %

increase in payment instruments visibility

80 %

surge in total orders from search

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About MCM

MCM Worldwide is a distinguished luxury leather goods brand, renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and iconic German-engineered functionality. With a focus on combining traditional artisanship with innovative design, MCM offers a wide range of luxury fashion accessories and travel goods.

The brand’s presence spans globally, with architect-designed boutiques in major cities and partnerships with prestigious retailers worldwide. Supported by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, MCM operates over 20 online sites, catering to the needs of modern global nomads.


The challenges

Despite its reputation as a luxury brand, MCM faced challenges in delivering a seamless “luxury” online shopping experience. The brand encountered a significant number of failed orders, which impacted customer satisfaction and hindered revenue growth. Additionally, MCM sought to gain insights into customer preferences regarding payment instruments and enhance its search-driven shopping experience.

The solutions

valantic collaborated closely with MCM, providing tailored solutions to address the brand’s challenges and elevate its digital operations. The solutions implemented included:

CX monitoring for an improved checkout experience

valantic leveraged its proprietary CX-Monitoring to analyze user journey patterns and identify pain points during the checkout process. This comprehensive monitoring process allowed MCM to gain visibility into internal and background processes, ensuring a stable and optimized site experience. By addressing customer challenges through clear messaging and improved checkout procedures, valantic helped MCM achieve a 30 % reduction in failed orders. The result: increased customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
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Enhanced visibility of payment instruments

valantic’s CX-Monitoring solution enabled MCM to gain real-time visibility of payment instruments used per region. This valuable insight allowed MCM to analyze the percentage split of payment instruments and make informed decisions regarding payment options. By aligning payment options with customer preferences and increasing transparency, MCM optimized the online shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved overall operations.

AI-powered search experience

To optimize MCM’s search-driven shopping experience, valantic deployed AI for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, known as Einstein. The time-to-market in this case was only a short 10 days. By leveraging AI capabilities, MCM’s customers could easily navigate the vast product offerings, find desired products quickly, and eliminate the frustrations associated with dead-end searches. The implementation of AI-powered search resulted in higher engagement, increased sales, and an 80 % surge in total orders from search.
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MCM model and laptop with website page

Client benefits of the valantic solutions

The collaboration between MCM and valantic yielded significant advantages for the luxury brand. The key benefits were:

  • Improved customer experience: By optimizing the checkout process, MCM enhanced customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.
  • Enhanced payment visibility: valantic’s solutions provided MCM with real-time visibility into payment instruments, enabling the brand to align payment options with customer preferences. This optimization resulted in a more seamless payment experience.
  • Increased sales and engagement: The deployment of AI-powered search revolutionized the way customers interact with MCM’s online platform. The enhanced search experience led to higher engagement, increased sales, and improved the overall customer experience.

Anand Nair
MCM Global Head, Digital & Customer Technology

”We sought a partner that not only appreciated our goals but had the know-how to guide us in the right direction. valantic was the perfect partner for this, as their knowledge of monitoring and knack for creating optimal user experiences is second to none.“


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