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Conversational AI

The transformation of human-technology interactions. Intelligent dialogue systems enable natural conversations, improve customer experiences and optimize business processes. From virtual assistants to chatbots – an innovative solution for efficient and user-centered communication.

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The evolution of Conversational AI

The future of communication

Conversational AI, the integration of artificial intelligence into conversational systems, has made enormous progress in recent years. This technology enables machine-like conversations, whether in chatbots, voice assistants or other interfaces. Through machine learning and language processing, Conversational AI can understand and respond to complex conversations. In this text, we will explore the basics, applications and trends of this fascinating technology and look at its impact on different areas of daily life.

What opportunities does Conversational AI offer companies?

Improved customer experience

Conversational AI offers the opportunity to optimize customer service and create personalized interactions, resulting in an overall improved customer experience.

Increased efficiency

In companies, Conversational AI can help to automate work processes, save time and use resources more efficiently.

Global scalability

By being available in different languages, Conversational AI enables a global reach, which is particularly beneficial for companies with international customers.

Innovative applications

The continuous development of Conversational AI opens up scope for innovative applications, from virtual assistants to advanced dialog systems in various industries.

Accessible communication

Conversational AI can help to make communication more accessible for people with different needs, for example by providing voice-based interfaces for people with visual impairments.

Ability to learn and adapt

Conversational AI has the potency to continuously learn and adapt to the needs of users. This adaptability enables personalized interactions and improves the accuracy of responses over time.

Conversational AI | Success Story Toyota | eCare Bot

Case Study

Conversational AI at Toyota

Your car talks now! Toyota, together with valantic, has developed a fully automated bot that calls the driver directly when the car reports a fault. Never miss important warnings or not know what to do again! The eCare Bot is available to customers 24/7 and immediately provides a recommended course of action according to the error message.

Conversational AI at Toyota
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Blog · November 16, 2023

Generative AI (GenAI): The evolution of creativity through technology

In the world of artificial intelligence, a revolution is in progress that goes far beyond simple algorithms: It goes by the name of GenAI.

Generative AI (GenAI): The evolution of creativity through technology
Yay - my chatbot understands me | Conversational AI


White paper: Yay, my bot understands me!

How to create a new customer experience with conversational AI and chatbots

White paper: Yay, my bot understands me!

The Centerpiece: The Conversational AI platform


We realize our conversational AI projects based on the AI ​​platform of our technology partner Cognigy. With Cognigy.AI, conversations with customers are designed and controlled centrally and across all channels.

We network devices, facilities, enterprise-specific applications, and core systems with Cognigy.AI. This enables cross-application processes to be controlled via naturally spoken or written dialogues. In this way, we are adding another element to the digital workplace and the digital transformation of business processes.

Incidentally, Cognigy was named “Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms” by Gartner.

Image of Marc Schneider cognigy

Marc Schneider
Head of Business Development, Cognigy

”With valantic, we have found an experienced partner with great expertise who shares our vision of natural, intelligent conversations between people on the one hand and machines, applications or devices on the other.” We are very pleased to be working together on business processes in companies to optimize and improve results through the use of AI-driven conversations.“


Application Scenarios


Record tickets by voice and pass the support process

Sales and Marketing

Record data in CRM using voice-based control and book appointments


Initiate the first interview by Chatbot


Onboarding new employee by digital assistant


Through voice control conduct complex processes


Access to information systems and knowledge bases bot-supported

TK Customer Care - satisfied customers through conversational AI

Chatbots and digital assistants improve service quality in customer contact, shorten waiting and response times and ensure that network operators and maintenance centers use their resources in a more targeted manner.

Chatbots conduct dialog with customers via various channels such as social media, email or telephone and integrate into backend systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM. This creates a new, better user experience and increases customer satisfaction. valantic supports you from the design of the solution to the implementation of conversational AI and workflow solutions for the automation of business processes (robotic process automation).

We would be happy to advise you!

The Evolution of the Chatbot

Chatbots are already part of our communication today. The networking of the devices with each other and the connection to databases increases. Algorithms are becoming more powerful. This creates promising projects – across all industries.

Businesses should therefore identify Conversational AI as a key technology. Now is the time to integrate them for their business models and internal operations. The evolution of voice control will change every industry. It will open up potential and form the basis for completely new sales channels.

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Conversational AI: scenarios for the use of chatbots

  • Automated processing of recurring inquiries in all channels – customers receive immediate answers
  • 24/7 relief and support for service employees
  • More flexible and faster than FAQs in the medium to long term
  • Centralized provision of information from all relevant areas
  • Call center, human resources, technical 1st level support

Voice and chatbots work very closely with the customer, shorten long waiting times and provide customers with the information they need very quickly, for example in 1st level support. Chatbots and voicebots work primarily collaboratively, hand in hand with human employees. If it is not possible for the bot to answer questions satisfactorily, for example because the level of complexity is too high, it passes the customer on to a human team member.

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Conversational AI: benefits of chatbots and voicebots

  • Improved service quality
  • Significantly shorter response time
  • Significantly higher self-service rates
  • Targeted use of resources
  • the famous nose length ahead of the competition
  • better Net Promoter Score (NPS) and more satisfied customers

Voice, chat and social media bots are powerful components of a cross-channel omni-channel and UX strategy that generate concrete added value very quickly. Another example: social listening bots have their ear very close to the customer. Customers don’t mince their words on social media and usually give unvarnished feedback. Social listening bots analyze what feedback customers give about your solutions and how your brands are performing on the market.

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Conversational AI: Features

  • Chat & voice & social media – across channels and systems
  • NLP/NLU technology (integration of Microsoft and IBM Watson possible)
  • Context tracking and contact profiles
  • Short training times thanks to web-based graphical Flow&Process Editor
  • Smooth agent handover
  • A variety of integrated channel connectors
  • 3rd party integration (Salesforce.Microsoft and others)
  • Guaranteed enterprise security, role-based access rights, extensive analysis and reporting tools

Voice, chat and social media bots work very closely with customers and significantly increase customer satisfaction. In contrast, RPA bots (robotic process automation) achieve significant time and efficiency gains, primarily in back-office workflows. RPA automates repetitive, highly rule-based business processes, but can also make simple decisions. RPA projects only take a few weeks and typically require a low five-figure budget. Your company benefits immediately and directly from the efficiency gains achieved through RPA. We would be happy to advise you!

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