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Conversational AI - Interface Between Humans and Machines

  • White paper: Yay, my bot understands me!
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Conversational AI

With Conversational AI we talk to networked systems and machinery via natural spoken dialogues.

Chatbots have found tremendous interest in recent years. Personal language assistants such as Siri or Alexa are increasingly accompanying our everyday lives and act as interface between humans and machines. But Conversational AI is more. Conversational AI can network devices and applications through natural language to control operational processes.

Image of a magazine, valantic Whitepaper "Yay, my bot understands me! Using conversational AI to create a new customer experience"
White paper: Yay, my bot understands me!

How to create a new customer experience with conversational AI and chatbots.

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The Centerpiece: The Conversational AI platform


We realize our conversational AI projects based on the AI ​​platform of our technology partner Cognigy. With Cognigy.AI, conversations with customers are designed and controlled centrally and across all channels.

We network devices, facilities, enterprise-specific applications, and core systems with Cognigy.AI. This enables cross-application processes to be controlled via naturally spoken or written dialogues. In this way, we are adding another element to the digital workplace and the digital transformation of business processes.

Incidentally, Cognigy was named “Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms” by Gartner.

Application Scenarios


Record tickets by voice and pass the support process

Sales and Marketing

Record data in CRM using voice-based control and book appointments


Initiate the first interview by Chatbot


Onboarding new employee by digital assistant


Through voice control conduct complex processes


Access to information systems and knowledge bases bot-supported

The Evolution of the Chatbot

Chatbots are already part of our communication today. The networking of the devices with each other and the connection to databases increases. Algorithms are becoming more powerful. This creates promising projects – across all industries.

Businesses should therefore identify Conversational AI as a key technology. Now is the time to integrate them for their business models and internal operations. The evolution of voice control will change every industry. It will open up potential and form the basis for completely new sales channels.

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