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Picture of a woman with smartphone in the supermarket, next to it a basket full of fruit and vegetables and a milk bottle, valantic industries: consumer goods industry

Consumer Goods Industry

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The consumer goods industry faces numerous challenges: fluctuating raw material prices, fast-moving products, high inventory turnover and difficult to plan consumer reactions increase the complexity. The logistics and distribution of products with fixed delivery times, long residual terms and impending contractual penalties also increase cost pressure.

We have been working in the consumer goods industry for many years and have implemented SAP implementations at a number of brand and trade mark manufacturers. We know the food & drink industry. FMCG processes and flexible recipes are not just buzzwords for us. We know what it means to map batch traceability in the SAP system and offer you a variety of solutions to integrate, consolidate, analyze and visualize data from all administrative systems. This provides the various decision levels in the company with a reliable analysis, reporting and planning platform based on a uniform data basis and thus also provides transparency in terms of costs, earnings and quality. We also have the appropriate expertise for e-commerce sales or stationary trade as well as for customer interaction, e. g. for e-commerce with modern and intuitive apps.

To ensure that the right products and quantities are always exactly where they are needed, individual and perfectly networked logistics are required. Our experts will help you to strategically plan new and optimize existing logistics networks. Both consulting and the implementation of our own software solutions.

We accompany you from the creation of your product to its sale and beyond.

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Topics for the Consumer Goods Industry

Artificial Intelligence

Use deep learning systems for your company: For example, for the direct calculation of claims in the context of a vehicle insurance based on accident photos. Let’s see what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for you!

Big Data

Discover innovative solutions that would have been unthinkable without Big Data. The analysis of the enormous amount of data is a ver­si­cally rich source of knowledge that can be used to significantly improve your business processes.

Protection of privacy

Der Fort­schritt der Digi­tali­sierung und das wachsende Bedürf­nis nach Sicher­heit füh­ren dazu, dass immer mehr Daten er­fasst werden. Dem steht das Recht auf infor­matio­nelle Selbst­be­stimmung gegen­über. Wir bieten Lösungen, die diese Ansprüche vereinen.

Consumer Goods Industry
Solutions & Services

SAP for the
Consumer Goods Industry

From numerous projects all over Europe we know the food and beverage industry, FMCG processes and flexible recipes with their respective IT challenges very well. We know what it means to map batch traceability in the SAP system.

financial pilot

With the valantic financial pilot, you can quickly and easily create the prerequisites to map the structure of an integrated success and financial planning according to the specifications of your company.

Integrated Business Planning with SAP IBP

Based on SAP HANA, the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution optimizes demand and inventory planning across the entire supply chain.

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