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SIMPLON has been active in the bike industry for more than 60 years. The bike manufacturer stands for innovative high-end bikes with sophisticated technologies and incomparable design. With smart features and an aesthetic look and feel, the website is an eye-catcher as well. In online matters, SIMPLON relies on the expertise of valantic.

Picture of an elderly gentleman in a bicycle repair shop shouldering a SIMPON bicycle.

Results at a glance

The following measures were successfully implemented in the course of the collaboration:

  • comprehensive relaunch as well as permanent further developments of the website
  • implementation of features such as: a B2B portal, simplon.TV, an appointment tool as well as a dealer search
  • development of a B2C online store for clothing and merchandise
  • ongoing content optimization and content expansion on the website (topic pages, product pages, test reports, etc.)
  • online magazine
  • newsletter marketing


Love of materials meets craftsmanship: With a lot of creativity, passion and ingenuity, bikes are manufactured at the SIMPLON factory. “Born & raised in Austria” applies not only to the company’s geographical location but also to its quality standards. From road to city to all-mountain: SIMPLON’s range covers numerous bike categories.

At the Experience Center, bike enthusiasts embark on an exciting journey through the two-wheeled world of SIMPLON. Detailed body scans, expert advice and test rides in a magnificent setting make a visit truly a special experience. Experience Digital adds a digital alternative to the company’s physical service offering.

Screenshot of the SIMPLON home page showing an elderly man in a bicycle workshop.

The challenge

First-rate bikes with numerous configuration options and a nationwide dealer network: What is an attractive offer for SIMPLON’s customers also presented the company with a major challenge. The way to solve it was to create an online presence together with valantic which clearly presents all options. In addition, a system was required for the dealers in which they can obtain information and place orders.

Photo of two cyclists from behind riding on a wet road.

The solution

In the course of the website relaunch, the SIMPLON online presence was given a completely new design. Dynamic content, numerous content elements for diverse presentation options and much more: The new website leaves nothing to be desired. To ensure flawless performance, the professionals at valantic’s Web Performance Optimization (WPO) department are constantly monitoring what is happening on the website.

Content optimizations resulting from the work of the WPO department are passed on to the editorial team, where they are implemented accordingly. SIMPLON also draws on the expertise of our experts in areas such as the online magazine and their newsletter.

The excellent user experience offered by the website definitely deserves special attention. And in order to ensure this attention, SIMPLON also relies on valantic for social media marketing. The visual department has already created numerous videos, reels and shots that digitally reflect the spirit of the premium brand.

Images of the new website of bicycle manufacturer Simplon

The ongoing optimizations are paying off

A look at the status of relevant website KPIs shows how positively the continuous further developments have affected performance: Since the relaunch, 83 percent more users have visited the website. The number of sessions also increased by 73 percent. Particularly impressive is the number of page views, which has gone up by around 470 percent. The user-friendly configurator is largely responsible for this enormous increase.

Picture of the SIMPLON website on a computer screen and in a mobile view.

Other features of the website

responsive design for desktop and mobile

bike configurator with 360-degree product images

convenient appointment booking options for SIMPLON’s Experience Services

comprehensive product detail pages

informative topic pages as well as an inspirational online magazine section

online store for bike clothing and merchandise

Benefits for the company

By working with valantic, SIMPLON benefits in several ways:

  • Ongoing adjustments to the website ensure that an optimal user experience is always guaranteed.
  • The regular publication of search engine optimized, relevant magazine articles contributes to SIMPLON’s expert status in the bike industry.
  • Posting high-quality content on social media strengthens and intensifies the premium brand’s relationship with its customers.
Simplon website & store supported by Pimcore & valantic

A look into the future

While SIMPLON is constantly launching bikes with new technologies and materials, it is also fine-tuning its online presence. Whether it’s product detail pages, themed landing pages or new functionalities: The wheels keep turning.

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