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HOHNER and SONOR optimize Supply Chain Management

The musical instrument manufacturers Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH and Sonor GmbH commissioned valantic with the introduction of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution wayRTS (Real Time Simulation). Both of these longtime manufacturers of harmonicas, percussion instruments, and Orff instruments now have much more agile, cross-plant demand and production planning with maximum transparency along the entire value-creation chain.

The results at a glance

Complete inter-company transparency with regard to the value-creation process

Delivery capacity and delivery reliability were improved, safety buffers in the form of time and inventory reduced

Real-time scenario technology allows the simulation of inquiries and order scheduling (ATP & CTP) without disturbing productive work

Electronic transfer of work lists and plant data collection with wayMES

About Hohner

Matthias Hohner GmbH, based in Trossingen, Germany, is the parent company of the HOHNER Group. The long tradition of the HOHNER Group in the manufacture of high-quality musical instruments began back in the 19th century. Matthias Hohner GmbH primarily performs holding functions in the form of administrative services. The manufacturing companies are Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH and Sonor GmbH. Millions of music enthusiasts worldwide play HOHNER and SONOR instruments.

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The initial situation

HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH, a world market leader for harmonicas and accordions, its sister company and percussion instrument manufacturer SONOR GmbH, and their strategic partner in Taiwan, KHS Musical Instruments, are planning a uniform SAP ERP system. For HOHNER in Trossingen, this meant replacing the previous ERP system and the associated waySCS APS software.

Challenges in the project

The rough actual analysis produced not just optimization potential in the processes of strategic and operative procurement, but also in interface processes. In an agile approach, the scope of the more detailed analysis was expanded in consultation with STOLL project management to include additional areas of the planning process.
Insights from the analysis were transferred together with recommendations for action to the steering committee; individual topics were explored in more depth in a joint workshop.

Special features of the project

wayRTS is standard software for advanced planning and scheduling in real time. It is connected via interfaces to the data-leading ERP and can also write planning decisions back to it. Normally, in the course of implementation, tests are run using data from the productive system, for in the end, this data is what will be used to generate generally valid planning and for visualizations. On this basis, it is possible to simulate various scenarios for procurement, resource assignment, production, and logistics. The challenge with this project: due to the simultaneous introduction of SAP by a consulting team in Taiwan and wayRTS by valantic, the valantic team in particular was working with “moving targets.” However, cooperation between the project team at HOHNER and SONOR and the Taiwanese consultants worked well and revealed that the wayRTS export interface provided quality control for migration of the data to SAP. Joint fine-tuning could be done at various points, so that these producers of musical instruments will have plant-spanning transparent production and supply chain planning with correct master data that is meaningful for IT-supported processes.

The planning for the companies in question is focused especially on sales, for 95% of sales come through bricks-and-mortar music stores around the world. Strong growth markets in Russia and Asia, as well as one-off production, are the concerns that are attracting the special attention of the planning team at HOHNER and SONOR. Thanks to the introduction of wayRTS to allow transparent location-spanning planning, in the future, the planning teams in Trossingen and Bad Berleburg will be able to step in for one another as necessary.

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