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Augmented Shop Experience for Spaeter

Spaeter is always working on optimizing customer experience – among other ways, in cooperation with valantic. The company’s latest successful project is a pick-up shop with 24/7 access, augmented reality navigation, and self check-out.

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Anything, anytime, anywhere: Pimcore makes it possible to fulfill as many and varied customer requests as possible. With the flagship store in Lucerne (Switzerland), the cornerstone was laid for Spaeter’s pick-up shops of the future.

The idea: A pick-up shop that is accessible around the clock. Almost an ever-available spare parts warehouse where customers can find their way around even without personnel. This is the challenge that Spaeter set itself while working with valantic.

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The challenge

In addition to providing reliable logistics and transport, Spaeter AG operates numerous pick-up shops for last-minute needs. But what to do if spare parts are needed on the construction side outside of business hours? Spaeter is meeting this demand for urgently-required products with a forward-looking solution:

Controlling access to the shop.

Ensuring the authentication of the customer.

Making it possible to find products.

Image of SPAETER CIO Stephan Habegger

Stephan Habegger
CIO Spaeter AG

”The motto is anything, anytime, anywhere. With our new Spaeter pick-up shop in Lucerne, we want to fulfill this customer need as well as we can.“


About Spaeter

Spaeter is one of the leading Swiss wholesalers in the building supply industry. Supplied are customers from the building trade and ancillary building trades, as well as industry. The product focus is on the steel and metal, building and building technology sectors. 800 employees in 30 locations ensure efficient flows and continuing customer satisfaction.

In addition to online sales, around 20 stationary pick-up shops are available throughout Switzerland. There the goods can be bought on site and taken away.

Logo Spaeter, Carl Spaeter AG

The project goal

Improving customer experience

Stephan Habegger, CIO Spaeter AG, talks in the interview about customers’ desires and fulfilling customers’ needs.

The results at a glance

valantic’s customer Spaeter is using an augmented shop experience to take customer experience to the next level. Here’s what the new flagship pick-up shop in Lucerne is offering:

24/7 shop access

Check-in via Spaeter app

Augmented reality navigation

Scan-to-basket function

Self check-out

Augmented reality navigation

From the vision to the solution


Pick up and take away products around the clock in pick-up shops. To realize this vision, indoor navigation with augmented reality was developed for the Spaeter app. This way, customers can find everything quickly and easily, even without the help of personnel. The result is a system that supports optimal purchasing.

The project links the existing online shop and the Spaeter app with the bricks-and-mortar pick-up shop. The result is numerous “new” processes that create a better customer experience:

  • Self check-in: Access to the flagship store is via the app. The correct parameters for order processing and availabilities in the pick-up location are set automatically.
  • Click and collect: Items can be placed in the shopping cart online in advance.
  • Scan to basket: Alternatively, the customer purchases in the store using the scan function of the app.
  • Self check-out: Purchases can be paid for directly and contact-free.
Mockup Spaeter Augmented Shop Plan

Always on the right path: the augmented reality navigation

A map is at the heart of the augmented reality navigation. It depicts the approximately 40 shelves in the store. So-called locked areas, zones that are not accessible, are also marked. A coordinate system transmits the appropriate data to the app.

The process allows customers to navigate the shelves automatically. The app knows where the items are stored. Directions are displayed by the coordinate system using arrows and lead the customer to the product. A visual editor designs the updating of the map so that it is as user-friendly as possible.

Image of SPAETER CIO Stephan Habegger

Stephan Habegger
CIO Spaeter AG

”The initial customer feedback is promising and give us the courage to keep pursuing the trail we have blazed. We believe that with our project, we are laying the cornerstone for all of our future pick-up shops and this way, we will be able to assist customers with their activities as well as possible.“


The customer benefits of the augmented shop summarized:

Access to products at any time

Independent location and taking of the desired items

Contact-free shopping and payment

Spaeter Augmented Shop Experience thanks to Pimcore, valantic Customer Engagement & Commerce

Download case study Spaeter

Here you can download the case study as a pdf and access all the important information regarding Spaeter’s augmented shop experience project.

Download the Spaeter case study now! Download the Spaeter case study now!

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