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Image of a man working on a car, next to it a car transporter and a production hall with car parts, valantic industry: automotive


Strategic advising for the automobile industry

In hardly any other industry are there such tightly timed cross-company value creation chains as in the automobile industry. However, given dramatic shifts in the regional importance of sales and procurement markets; the electrification, digitalization, and individualization of vehicles; and with respect to ever-stricter environmental protection regulations, OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry are facing enormous upheavals. Without changes, the strengths of the past will lead to a dead end.

Process and IT support for an industry in motion

Do you want to be one of the winners with these changes? Transform current challenges into long-term strengths of your company? Plan reliably even in volatile markets and produce smartly and efficiently? Then you should take action now instead of just reacting. A first step: Speak with the experts from valantic. Our specialist teams unit many years’ industry experience with knowledge of new tools and technologies for the automotive industry.

Products for the automotive sector

Image of a person who tightens something, valantic planning and control of the supply chain

Planning & control of the supply chain

wayRTS is a powerful software for real-time production planning and control of all value-added stages of your company. wayRTS makes your planning transparent and gives you the opportunity to carry out simple interventions with planning support that can be automated as required. Learn more

Picture of two people in a warehouse, next to it pictures of moving trucks and behind them pictures of a warehouse and a mountain road, digitalization of the supply chain with valantic's Connected Chain Manager

Supply chain monitoring with the Connected Chain Manager

The Connected Chain Manager (CCM) is a powerful and user-friendly tool for monitoring inventories and ranges of coverage in multi-level supply chains. It is ready for immediate use and therefore ideally suited for situations where fast transparency is required. Learn more

Image of a truck on a road, valantic strategic network planning with Columbus

Strategic network planning with COLUMBUS

With COLUMBUS we are pursuing one goal: to make the design of logistics networks as simple and efficient as possible. COLUMBUS supports the design and evaluation of supply chains from the development of scenarios to the finished business case. Learn more

Automotive News & Services

Image valantic Webinar Supply Chain Management & Logistics

SAP IBP for small and midsize companies

The webinar will focus on a live demo in SAP IBP tailored for midsize companies, the software architecture and the valantic best practices approach for integrated end-to-end planning processes. Learn more

Image of a person holding a tablet, valantic SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Integrated business planning combines the strategic, tactical and operational planning processes in one system landscape. Learn more

Picture of Ingo Hoepfner, next to it a picture of a tablet with graphics and statistics and behind it pictures of car parts in a warehouse and of a street,TISAX certification for valantic

TISAX Certification for valantic:
5 questions for Ingo Hoepfner

TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and is the highest security standard in the automobile industry. We asked Ingo Hoepfner about this right after valantic had received the TISAX label. Learn more

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Portrait of Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen, Managing Director at valantic Supply Chain Excellence

Dr. Falk von Falkenhausen

Managing Director
valantic Supply Chain Excellence GmbH