Elements of the Digital Now

About valantic

valantic creates software and digital process solutions that enable customers to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. We master the central challenges of digitalization with a uniquely flexible, elementary organizational structure and operational excellence.Our aim is to break through established patterns of thought. To this end, we combine technological competence with industry know-how. In this way, we want to achieve the No. 1 position in the market in the areas in which we are active. Thus enabling digital transformation in perfection.

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valantic key values

Five values shape valantic. Our values are our constitution and ensure transparency for our clients, partners and colleagues.


At valantic IT Specialists, managers and excellent entrepreneurs work side-by-side; our partnership is defined by trust, responsibility and mutual respect.


The strong entrepreneur applies as a role model for our actions: A real entrepreneur thinks unconventionally, takes on risks in a responsible manner and has an exceptional drive to make his ideas work.

Operational Excellence

Excellence is when the customer says “wow”. This requires a sharp mind, the openness to listen and to take a close look, and the curiosity and passion, to understand things from the ground up.


Does fairness slow us down? We believe the contrary: We are committed to a culture of fairness, towards our colleagues, our customers, our investors, and our environment.

One Firm

valantic is based on a „One-Firm“ partnership that embraces shared values. We represent the company uniformly towards our stakeholders and use the same core systems and support processes.


Essential elements of the digital now: Our colleagues

Direct communication and fairness characterize our actions. As a team, we develop solutions for our customers from various industries. Our employees work in the areas of strategy, consulting, development and design.

Bild von Birgitt Schmidt-Tophoff, Director Recruitment bei valantic, beim Fahrrad fahren im Wald

Birgitt Schmidt-Tophoff
Director Recruitment

Picture of Nicole Heim, Finance and Human Resources Manager at valantic, in the mountains

Nicole Heim
Finance / Human Resources Manager

Bild von Sarah Scherrer, Assistenz der Geschäftsführung bei valantic

Sarah Scherrer
Management Assistant

Bild von Diana Krüger, Marketing Managerin bei valantic

Diana Krüger
Marketing Specialist / Webdesign

Bild von Philipp Königs, Geschäftsführer der valantic IBS GmbH

Philipp Königs
Managing Director

Barbara Benninger, Head of Marketing & Recruiting bei valantic CEC in St. Gallen, in den verschneiten Bergen

Barbara Benninger

Bild von Michael Lipfert, Recruitment Manager der valantic GmbH

Michael Lipfert
Recruitment Manager

Bild von Eva-Maria Warnt, Managerin Sales Support bei valantic SCE

Eva-Maria Warnt
Manager Sales Support

Bild von Anne Wiegert, Managerin Marketing & Kommunikation Supply Chain Excellence valantic, am Strand

Anne Wiegert
Manager Marketing & Communications

Bild von Dirk Keinholz, Senior IT Expert bei valantic, in der Wüste

Dirk Keinholz
Senior IT Expert

Bild von Michelle Römer, Culture Managerin bei valantic

Michelle Havel
Culture Manager

Bild von Riccardo Russo, Senior Application Consultant bei valantic, beim Ski fahren

Riccardo Russo
Senior Application Consultant

Bild von Robert Rekece, Senior Consultant Business Development bei valantic, in der Natur

Robert Rekece
Senior Consultant Business Development

Bild von Sara Guerrero, Human Relations Managerin bei valantic, auf einer Schaukel

Sara Guerrero
Human Relations Manager

Bild von Alexander Zoulkowski, Head of Project Management bei valantic

Alexander Zoulkowski
Senior Project Manager

Bild von Klaus Speierl, Senior Principal Consultant bei valantic, beim Wandern

Klaus Speierl

Bild von Katharina Sander, Sales Managerin bei valantic, vor einem Motorrad

Katharina Sander
Sales Manager

Ekaterina Snezhko, Business Development Manager at valantic

Ekaterina Snezhko
Business Development Manager

Bild von Artjom Baranow, SAP Berater bei valantic

Artjom Baranow
SAP Consultant

Bild von Marion Karalus, Sales bei valantic

Marion Karalus

Bild von Thomas Hübner, Partner und Aufsichtsrat der valantic ERP Services GmbH

Thomas Hübner

Picture of Cissy Hu, User Experience Specialist at valantic, in front of a stone wall with plants and water in the background

Cissy Hu
UX Consultant

Bild von Christian Zemp, Senior Application Consultant bei valantic, mit Motorrad

Christian Zemp
Senior Application Consultant

Bild von Martin Schmutz, Sales Director bei valantic

Martin Schmutz
Sales Director

Bild von Riccardo Ottomano, Business Analyst bei valantic

Riccardo Ottomano
Business Analyst

Bild von David Bary, Software Developer bei valantic, auf dem Berg

David Bary
Software Developer

Bild von Sasha Ulbrich, Expert Hybris Marketing & HANA bei valantic, in der Wüste

Sascha Ulbrich
Expert Hybris Marketing & HANA

Bild von Roland Martinez, Managing Director bei valantic

Roland Martinez
Managing Director

Bild von Dominik Thormann, IT Berater bei valantic, beim Fahrrad fahren im Wald

Dominik Thormann
IT Consultant

Bild von Christoph Resch, Managing Director bei valantic, beim Klettern

Christoph Resch
Managing Director

Bild von Patrick Ryser, Senior PHP Consultant bei valantic, in den Bergen

Patrick Ryser
Senior PHP Consultant

Bild von Timo Huguet, Associate bei valantic, in einem Restaurant

Timo Huguet
Partner & Co-Head of M&A and Corporate Development, valantic

Bild von Yvonne Hollnagel, Internal Sales bei valantic, mit Motorrad

Yvonne Hollnagel
Internal Sales

Bild von Daniel Kössl, Senior Application Consultant bei valantic

Daniel Kössl
Senior Application Consultant

Image of Julia Hiess, Project Managerin at valantic

Julia Hiess
Project Manager

Bild von Heike Hunsmann, Marketing Managerin bei valantic, verkleidet an Karneval

Heike Hunsmann
Marketing Manager

Business diversity - an inclusive team composition in dialogue.

Diversity & inclusion at valantic

Everyone is welcome at valantic! Because we live and love diversity and inclusion. Our attitude towards different people, opinions and cultures is open.

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Business man working in the train.

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) at valantic

We see ourselves as part of society. This is why we want to treat the Environment, Social issues and Governance in such a way that our planet remains a place…

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Our colleagues Anna Forestan and Antje Niggl in Munich

The valantic management

valantic is partner-managed by experienced entrepreneurs. The partnership is the highest management authority. Together, our partners develop the strategy and bear the entrepreneurial responsibility for the success and future development…

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Business man looking outside the window in an office. Senior business man thinking about work while sitting at his desk in a suit.

The valantic Advisory Board

We want to keep scrutinizing ourselves as a company and having others scrutinize us. For this is how we can keep reinventing ourselves.

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Business persons talking in the office

Our partners

To offer best-in-class services across a large array of solutions, valantic collaborates with strategic Partners carefully selected for their advanced products, solutions and expertise.

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