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(Generative) AI

(Generative) AI as well as Classic AI is transforming the business world in real time. It uses data and behavioral patterns to create content in record time. The technology behind it is not magic, but the result of our and your input as experts. (Generative) AI can take over repetitive tasks to save time and resources and increase efficiency. Classic AI also offers enormous business potential through classifications, predictions and recommendations. In a fast-moving, constantly evolving digital landscape, innovative solutions are needed to stay one step ahead of the competition. That’s why we support companies with the transformative potential of (Generative) AI.

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How is (Generative) AI used in Business?

AI helps to stay ahead of the curve

(Generative) AI can support companies in their daily business processes. Based on large language models, text-to-image or text-to-video AI generators, (generative) AI increases the efficiency of repetitive tasks while reducing operational effort through automation and process streamlining.

This offers numerous advantages and opportunities:

  • Ease information processing and understanding
  • Streamline content creation
  • Simplify Access to information and knowledge
  • Get support in decision making and problem solving
  • Streamline tests and simulations with realistic-looking data
  • Get coding assistance
  • Handle decisions automatically

We support companies in all steps of (Gen)AI use, from initial strategic considerations to training both tools and employees to the use in live business cases or programming of individual solutions.

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Just imagine the endless possibilities valantic can offer you, tailored to your wishes (valantic office in 100 years).

(Generative) AI – Strategy

The effective use of (Generative) AI must be strategically integrated into your business processes. We work with you to develop a suitable strategy based on your corporate goals and visions. We establish a clear vision including clear goals and results, prioritise all necessary steps, formulate a clear implementation plan and provide support in the selection of suitable tools and technologies.
In addition, we develop a plan for employee training, take care of data transformation and develop use cases to optimise your daily business. Together, we anchor GenAI in your company and optimise your workflow.

(Generative) AI Solution Deployment Services

At valantic, we make data & AI work. We help you to enable, envision, explore, evaluate and deliver (Gen) AI. Our (Gen) AI solutions and deployments into your business are conducted based on a “hands-on” principle. We like to act rather than to talk.

Our dedicated AI Task Force team combines business drive and tech savviness with help from our (Gen) AI Lab and vally to enhance your success.

  • We empower your teams with AI capability building
  • We help you to craft your (Gen) AI vision in our masterclass
  • We identify your (Gen) AI hero use cases
  • We prototype & validate your (Gen)AI use case
  • We develop fully functional (Gen)AI solutions, tailored to your needs
  • We develop customisable (Gen) AI chatbots like vally

With our expertise in Data Science & Engineering, UI/UX Design and Project Management you can achieve quick AI success.

We ensure your successful transformation towards a data driven organisation. We make your data & AI work.

(Generative) AI - Transformation

(Generative) AI has the potential to radically change established processes and decision-making. We know that this can also have a daunting effect on companies. That’s why we support our clients in the introduction of (Generative) AI, help them embed it in their organisation and allay any fears.

We ensure that your employees can not only use AI as a matter of course, but also significantly increase the efficiency of your processes. In doing so, we respect compliance requirements and data protection regulations. With us, you will start safely and well prepared in the exciting world of (Generative) AI.

Whitepaper: Using business benefits of artificial intelligence to the optimum

Is your company ready for general AI solutions and success?

Any company can benefit from AI, across all industries and business areas. You can too!

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valantic (Gen)AI Success Stories

Our (Gen)AI Lab References & Use Cases

Get a glimpse of our solutions

Our (Generative) AI Services are at the cutting edge of business transformation, offering a suite of solutions that leverage the power of (Generative) AI to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Here’s how we’ve applied our expertise to deliver tangible benefits for our clients:

  1. 1

    AI-Based Master Data Management (MDM)

    We are using (Gen)AI in the management of master data to enhance how companies manage their essential business information, employing artificial intelligence to clean, validate, and organize both structured and unstructured data into a uniform format that meets SAP standards. This system not only automates the detection and correction of typical data problems, such as duplicates and inconsistencies, to maintain a ‘Golden Record’ but also improves data quality by appending metadata, which aids in more informed decision-making and increases operational effectiveness.

  2. 2

    Smart Appliance Advisor

    The Smart Appliance Advisor is an AI-driven platform that acts as a virtual consultant, helping customers choose household appliances by understanding their needs and preferences. It combines convenience with personalization, offering expert advice and tailored recommendations to ensure a satisfying and efficient shopping experience.

  3. 3

    Product Description Generator

    The Product Description Generator is a dynamic tool that simplifies the creation of tailored product narratives for marketers and product teams, converting complex information into clear, targeted descriptions. It automates the writing process, allowing customization for different audiences and uses, ensuring consistent and effective communication across multiple channels.

We make Data and AI work

Supporting your Business with (Generative) AI

Is it another hype or more?

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At valantic, we focus on using (Generative) AI to maximize your success. We firmly belief that (Gen)AI is not just another hype but will profoundly change the way we work. While 94% of organizations were using AI in some way, only 14% were aiming to achieve “enterprise-wide” AI by 2025.

We want to change that!

By offering our services we act as a strategic partner in your company’s AI journey. We bridge the gap between AI technology and business goals, helping clients maximize the benefits of (Generative) AI in a structured and effective manner. Additionally, we always stay updated with the latest AI developments and ethical considerations, ensuring responsible and compliant AI practices within your organization.

(Gen)AI in numbers

>554 bn. $

Revenue for AI worldwide


Number of German companies working with AI.


Around three quarters of Germans see AI as an opportunity.

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