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Media & Entertainment

Strategic consulting for the media and entertainment industry

With the transition from analogue to digital content, the media & entertainment industry has been in a phase of digital upheaval for years. The consumer’s demand for cross-media content that is available at any time and any place poses new challenges for the media & entertainment industry. This development is leading to fundamental shifts in the entire market environment. Revenues from traditional business models are on the decline, digital media is experiencing a strong upward trend and competition from on-demand and streaming service providers is increasing.

Our expertise in the area of media & entertainment helps companies to assert themselves and break new ground in the digital future of the globally networked media business.

We at valantic put your existing business models to the test and support you in designing and controlling the digitalization process. With our know-how, we develop tailor-made solutions so that you can effectively use the opportunities of digitalization.

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Alexandra Maidl

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