HGC & valantic: a milestone in the digital rental world

HGC’s fully integrated B2B rental platform – built in 4 months

In an era where digitalization takes center stage, HG Commerciale (HGC) – in collaboration with valantic – has set new standards. Their vision was clear: to create an innovative rental platform that caters to HGC’s rental service requirements and customer needs. Together with valantic, they have developed a platform that is not only robust and efficient but also lays the foundation for future expansion.

HGC Rental PC

The most important results at a glance:

  • Development of a future-oriented, fully integrated rental platform in just four months
  • Successful implementation of an out-of-the-box solution that extends an existing integration and ensures future expandability
  • Enabling customers to rent a variety of rental equipment from HGC at short notice and flexibly
  • Ensuring scalability of the platform for potential future business areas
  • Optimization of the rental process with a focus on simplicity and efficiency
  • Platform is used by both HGC employees and customers
  • Attractive and intuitive user interface with helpful instructions and support

About HGC Rental

HGC Rental, an industry trailblazer in the rental sector, is deeply devoted to delivering first-class rental solutions to its customers in flexible short-term rentals. Boasting an impressive array of professional equipment for construction and an unwavering commitment to customer service, HGC Rental has become one of the industry leaders.

Through continuous innovation and responsiveness to shifting market dynamics, HGC Rental has established itself as a trusted partner for all rental needs. Collaborating with technology partners like valantic underscores HGC Rental’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.


The challenge

Developing a digital rental platform was no easy undertaking. Not only did it involve tackling complex technology aspects but also the integration of diverse processes to ensure a seamless customer experience. On top of these challenges, there is also the necessity to meet stringent deadlines.

The project required in-depth analysis, extensive planning and a high degree of coordination. Understanding the different requirements of both customers and employees – alongside the involvement of multiple teams and stakeholders – made this project uniquely challenging. The overarching goal was to create a high-performing solution in alignment with HGC’s core values and vision.

HGC Rental PC

The solution

The solution is a fully integrated platform built on the SAP Commerce Cloud. This platform offers effortless product and package management with the flexibility required to cater to individual customer needs. One notable feature is the possibility for customers to complete the entire rental process online – from product selection to in-store pick-up.

By combining state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly design, a solution has been created that not only meets current demands but is also well-equipped for future challenges and market developments. The seamless integration into existing systems and processes underscores HGC and valantic’s dedication to delivering a sustainable, long-term solution.

Thomas Schwarz Portrait

Thomas Schwarz
Head of Digital Office at HG Commerciale

”The partnership and collaboration with valantic were truly amazing. Given the project’s ambitious timeline, a development team was swiftly set up for us – and they executed the work to our complete satisfaction. The technical expertise, quality of the work and streamlined communication channels made the collaboration between HGC and valantic a resounding success. We are delighted to have chosen valantic as our e-commerce partner for the development of our rental platform.“

HGC Rental PC

valantic: Your trusted partner for digitalization projects

From the initial workshop to the project’s successful launch, our collaboration with HG Commerciale has been an amazing journey for us at valantic. Throughout every phase of this ambitious undertaking, HGC’s vision remained at the center of our efforts. This partnership once again shows how transparent communication, agility and a shared goal can yield outstanding results.

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