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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) maps data & processes digitally across the entire product lifecycle. Find out more about valantic’s PLM software!

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) maps data and processes digitally across the entire product lifecycle, creating maximum value add for all teams. PLM eliminates inefficiencies, bottlenecks and wasted time, and brings order to chaos. PLM generates unbeatable benefits: It guarantees efficient management of all information, from the product idea to recycling – automatically, cost-effectively and securely. As a full-range supplier for industrial digitalization, valantic helps companies achieve these goals.

Together with their customers, our consultants and experts use cost-effective, resource-saving practices to overcome technological bottlenecks in product lifecycle management. valantic’s customers rock the house with their product and configuration variants and make users’ work a joy. Because there’s one thing users can definitely do without: Headaches and frayed nerves in the daily use of their PLM software.

All of the product-related work processes are organized for optimizing the interaction between the product teams and enabling them to manufacture successful products for the market. Product Lifecycle Management accompanies products and product teams across the entire life, from the cradle to the grave, from the initial idea and the conception phase, through engineering, subsequent production, to marketing, sales, maintenance & support, and sustainable disposal/recycling. PLM offers companies enhanced visibility and control over all processes needed in each phase of the PLM lifecycle, and gives them transparent insights into costs, resources and revenues.

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PLM brings order to chaos: The typical phases of a product lifecycle (source: valantic).

PLM is a management discipline that coordinates all processes, teams, components and systems end-to-end, on a product-specific basis, so as to maximize the benefits engendered for manufacturing companies. PLM is a very important end-to-end layer of the IT solution landscape, but not the only one. Touchpoints and interfaces exist above all with manufacturing-related Management Execution Systems (MES) and transaction-related Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As a full-range supplier for every aspect of industrial digitalization, valantic integrates PLM perfectly into businesses’ management and IT concepts, ensuring that it can fully develop its optimization potential.

valantic offers perfectly harmonized, holistic solutions from a single source. Our consultants and experts have decades of experience in Production Planning, Supply Chain Management, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Customer Relationship Management, Sales Logistics, and SAP and Digital Services. Companies benefit greatly from this because PLM is a concept that must be implemented on a customer- and company-specific basis for it to yield its maximum benefit. valantic’s four-stage concept leads reliably and sustainably to the desired PLM success.


Strategic PLM Consulting

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PLM Exploration

A thorough exploratory assessment is crucial. valantic’ PLM solution architects use a combination of exploratory workshops, interviews and document reviews to fully understand the customer’s PLM status quo, where its PLM should be heading, and how to get there.

During this due diligence process, our PLM experts:

  • provide the customer with relevant insights into the PLM sector
  • highlight the challenges and complexity
  • warn of potential pitfalls and risks
  • help customers understand the expectations and needs of their organization
  • gather and report on all requirements, risks and impacts.

The results of the exploratory phase form the basis for a feasibility assessment of all relevant strategic issues.

Business Case and Roadmap

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PLM Planning

The thorough exploratory phase is followed by a risk and feasibility analysis, and definition of the business cases.

valantic works closely with its customers to define the project scope, apportionment of work, and the organization and schedule. The project’s strategic direction and the right approach are critical to success. Next, the company’s PLM manager takes charge of the PLM solution roadmap and business case. At this stage, it is important to secure buy-in from all key PLM stakeholders at the company.

Building the PLM Solution Cluster

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PLM build and testing

In this phase, our solution consultants deepen the strategic solution clusters defined in the exploratory and planning phases. They hold in-depth discussions with managers and end users to understand all the fine details and start developing concrete use cases.

Meanwhile, solution architects derive the data models, test datasets and test plans that map the high-level architectural landscape of the PLM system.

As soon as the solutions have reached a “proof of concept” stage, valantic begins acceptance testing at the customer’s and end-user’s end.

Deployment of Product Lifecycle Management

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PLM Deployment and Operation

Rolling out, operating and optimizing PLM solutions must always be results-oriented. These solutions form a sound platform for systematically designing processes aligned with customers’ needs and for enhancing their efficiency. Studies confirm a close correlation between a manufacturer’s PLM maturity level and the company’s economic success. As a full-range supplier for industrial digitalization, valantic guarantees that a PLM solution will generate maximum value add for your company.

Overview of PLM Software, Engineering and Governance Solutions

valantic offers all relevant products and services needed for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Each of the tiles is an individual entry point for companies.

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The experts at valantic Smart Industries & Industry 4.0 have decades of experience in technically complex corporate and product worlds, including particularly safety-critical products such as those used in aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering, energy technology and medical technology. But our PLM experts have also been very successful in implementing numerous PLM projects in B2C sectors such as the leisure industry, white goods and the electronics sector.

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