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PUMA’s secret to achieving e-commerce excellence

How do you achieve next-level e-commerce excellence? harnessed the power of valantic CX Monitoring through Splunk Cloud, ushering in a new era of real-time event tracking, swift issue resolution, and seamless online sales. The strategic collaboration with valantic allowed PUMA – one of the leading global sports brands – to solidify its position as a frontrunner in online retail.


The results at a glance

  • significant revenue growth by optimizing the e-commerce experience
  • enhanced internal efficiency and productivity
  • improved customer experience and satisfaction


PUMA, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, is one of the world’s leading sports brands. Looking back on a rich history of designing product innovations for athletes across various sports, PUMA has become synonymous with performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products. With a global presence in over 120 countries and a team of more than 13,000 employees, PUMA continues to push the boundaries of excellence in sports and contemporary culture.

At present, the company manages a robust online presence with over 40 sites, utilizing the combined capabilities of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and the Magento Adobe platform.

The challenge

PUMA faced a major hurdle: Their basic monitoring capabilities could only detect whether their e-commerce sites were operational or not. However, critical issues like unresponsive inventory systems or declined credit cards resulting in failed orders slipped through the cracks, leading to missed sales opportunities. That’s when Michael Gaskin, the Senior DevOps Manager for global e-commerce at PUMA, drew on his Splunk experience and set out to find a game-changing solution.

Michael Gaskin
Senior Dev Ops Manager PUMA Global

”If only we could get our order information from Salesforce Commerce Cloud – which was running on our web server – into Splunk, we could set up automatic alerts about conditions that impacted customer orders and revenue!“


The solution

Enter CX Monitoring! valantic’s cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrated with Splunk Cloud. It unleashed the hidden power of PUMA’s data from the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, channeling it into Splunk’s realm of insightful dashboards and proactive alerts. Suddenly, PUMA teams gained access to crucial metrics, enabling them to discern minor glitches from major revenue disruptions.

CX Monitoring turbocharged PUMA’s efficiency and profitability. With sales skyrocketing and e-commerce sites thriving, PUMA needed lightning-fast issue detection and resolution, because any delays quickly led to order failures piling up. And that’s exactly what valantic delivered!

Images of Puma clothing on people

Imagine this …

An inventory system hiccup almost cost PUMA a whopping $108,000 in lost sales. However, with CX Monitoring , they were able to swiftly identify and resolve the issue, ensuring uninterrupted transactions and delighted customers.

Client benefits of the CX Monitoring solution

PUMA previously struggled to identify customer order issues across its 45 e-commerce sites, resulting in substantial revenue losses. Moreover, each failed purchase tarnished the brand’s hard-earned reputation and customer loyalty.

However, PUMA found the ultimate solution through valantic. By leveraging Splunk Cloud and valantic CX Monitoring, the company drastically reduced the average time to detect issues and gained invaluable insights for swift rectification, ensuring uninterrupted online purchases and safeguarding brand trust.

The advantages extend across all PUMA teams, benefiting from the seamless integration of Splunk and CX Monitoring. Because of the user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards, business users in PUMA’s 20 regional e-commerce teams can instantly identify any site issues without the need to involve IT. The more eyes are on site performance, the quicker problems can be addressed and resolved.

Michael Gaskin
Senior Dev Ops Manager PUMA Global

”We’ve decreased our average time to detect issues to 15 minutes with CX Monitoring and Splunk, compared to hours previously. And because we also know exactly where the issue lies, we can escalate and fix it quickly and effectively.“


And now?

valantic’s experts remain actively involved in PUMA’s monitoring efforts, continually refining their ability to promptly address customer issues, introducing new key performance indicators (KPIs), and delivering excellence in customer experience.

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Nik Santrac

Nik Santrac