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Every person is different! And at valantic, with all their differences, very welcome! Because we live and love diversity and inclusion. No matter if you’re old or young, if you identify as man, woman or transgender. Whether you live with a disability or without. And regardless of your sexual orientation, religion or worldview: Our attitude towards different people, opinions and cultures is open. In doing so, we attach great importance to understanding, respecting and appreciating differences. Because each of us is part of a diversity that is not an obstacle, but – quite the opposite – an enrichment of our living and working environment.

Business diversity - an inclusive team composition in dialogue.
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Our DigitalSHeroes

Discover the journey of our Digital SHeroes at valantic: Inspiring women share their stories and perspectives – on challenging IT projects and beyond.

Meet our DigitalSHeroes Meet our DigitalSHeroes

Be as you are. Natural, genuine, simply you.

And feel very welcome at valantic!

We love diversity. That’s why valantic is committed to minority rights and supports the Charta der Vielfalt / Charter of Diversity

Image source: Charta der Vielfalt

Collage von valantic Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern; Diversität & Inklusion bei valantic

Diversity & Inclusion at valantic in Figures

Collage verschiedener Länderflaggen: Mehr als 55 Nationalitäten arbeiten bei valantic; Diversität & Inklusion bei valantic

We’re a member of Charta der Vielfalt / Charter of Diversity

valantic supports the work of women and is an advocate for minority rights

Logo der Charta der Vielfalt

As a member of Charta der Vielfalt, we attach great importance to diversity and we have been supporting the Charter’s contents at valantic for many years with all our efforts.

Like to the Charter’s initiators, we are also convinced that:

“The diversity of society, influenced by globalization and by demographic and societal changes, shapes the world of work in Germany. We can only be successful economically and as a society if we acknowledge, promote and leverage the existing diversity. That pertains to the diversity of our workforce and to the diverse needs of our business partners and of citizens. Employees’ diversity with their different competencies and talents open up opportunities for innovative and creative solutions.

The implementation of the ‘Charter of Diversity’ in our organization aims to create an appreciative work environment – irrespective of age, ethnic background and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and worldview, sexual orientation and social background. Appreciating and promoting diverse potential produces economic benefits for our organization.

We create a climate of mutual respect and trust. This has positive effects on our reputation in Germany and in other countries in the world.”

(Source: Wording of Charta der Vielfalt, September 2021)

We are partners of Global Digital Women (GDW)

Logo der Initiative Global Digital Women (GDW)

As a member of Charta der Vielfalt and a partner of Global Digital Women (GDW), valantic particularly also supports the interests of women in the digital economy. Under the motto “One step ahead”, GDW supports “a diverse business world that is ahead of the times. Inclusive companies that have broken down old structures and opened innovative career paths. Sustainable brands that live equality and gender diversity” – that’s the vision of GDW and valantic.

In doing so, we actively support GDW’s mission to make the world more diverse, accelerate gender equality, increase the percentage of women in leadership and digital professions, and advocate for equitable participation of all in business and society.”

(Source: Global Digital Women – Vision & Mission, September 2021)

“valantic Women Power”

Our internal women’s network

valantic also sees it as a social commitment to strive for diversity and equality within its internal organization. One aspect that characterizes the IT and consulting sector is the low quota of women. To counter this trend, valantic has created an internal women’s network, “valantic Women Power”, which is a platform for valantic’s female employees.

Within this network, female employees at valantic can exchange ideas about career and future topics from society, science and business and help actively shape them. The resulting ideas are intended to support women in their careers, strengthen their visibility and enrich the work of valantic through diversity.

Collage von valantic Mitarbeiterinnen im valantic Frauennetzwerk valantic Women Power
Dr. Holger von Daniels, Managing Director and Founder at valantic

Holger von Daniels
Founder and CEO of valantic

”From the very beginning, it has been valantic’s goal to be ‘different’ and give free rein to this difference in all dimensions. That’s why the diversity, equality and multiplicity of our colleagues is so close to my heart.”“

Portrait of Birgitt Schmidt-Tophoff, Director Recruiting at valantic

Birgitt Schmidt-Tophoff
Director Shared Services Center Recruitment at valantic

”We want to create a culture where truly everyone feels comfortable and welcome.“


How Diversity & Inclusion are lived at valantic

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