Netcom Kassel implements TK compliance platform

Like many telecommunications companies, Netcom Kassel is also growing with the advancing expansion of fibre optics. With the acquisition of new customers, the implementation of the legal requirements of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) became more and more important. For a telecommunications company, disregard not only results in substantial fines, but can also damage the reputation.

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However, the implementation of the complex and technically challenging legal requirements are ambitious and demand additional capital. Against this background, Netcom Kassel decided to implement the TK compliance platform.

The project briefly

Project Goal

The TKG specifications were implemented quickly and securely in compliance with the law with the help of a software-as-a-service solution – with optimal value for money for small and medium-sized companies.

Ready after 6 weeks

The implementation was quick and easy. Just six weeks after the order was placed, Netcom Kassel was able to process its authority requests via the TK compliance platform.

Carefree - also in the future

The requesting process via the TK compliance platform is always TKÜV-compliant – without any effort on the part of Netcom Kassel.

Certified security and audited operation

The software-as-a-service solution runs in a certified data centre located in Leipzig (BNetzA, audited by BfDI).

All-inclusive software-as-a-service solution

There are no additional costs – everything is included in the monthly subscription rate: operation, maintenance, modernization, and adjustments to future regulatory changes.

Renowned telecommunications expertise in the background

The operation and development of the TK compliance platform is the responsibility of valantic Telco Solutions & Services, a well-known and long-standing provider of TK compliance solutions.

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About Netcom Kassel

Since founded in 1997, Netcom Kassel has developed into one of the most important telecommunications companies in Hessen. The main business areas are the sale, expansion and modernization of Internet and telephony offers for both private and business customers. Netcom Kassel is a joint company of the regional energy provider EAM GmbH & Co. KG and KVV-GmbH with their two largest subsidiaries Städtische Werke AG and KVG AG. In cooperation with local know-how carriers such as the University of Kassel, municipal companies and representatives of the local IT industry, Netcom Kassel will continue to promote innovation in the region in the future.

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The challenge: Why a TK compliance platform was necessary

As the number of customers increased, so did the number of authority requests at Netcom Kassel. The manual processing took up more and more time, as did following all regulatory requirements, such as the use of secure transmission methods (e-mail ESB, ETSI-ESB). According to the technical guideline (TR-TKÜV 7.1, Part B) of October 17, 2018, insecure transmission methods such as fax are generally not permitted. Building up its own human resources for the development, operation, and modernization of a supporting software solution, on the other hand, is not economical for Netcom Kassel as a medium-sized company and takes a lot of time. The general range of managed services in this environment is based on higher traffic and is therefore hardly profitable.
What was needed was a fast, uncomplicated solution that would meet especially the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Netcom Kassel was looking for a software-as-a-service solution with small monthly fees for low query volumes.

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The solution: The TK compliance platform of the purchasing group

The TK compliance platform of the purchasing community was the ideal solution for the needs of Netcom Kassel. The offer has always been aimed at small and medium-sized telecommunications companies. By merging to form a purchasing community, BREKO can offer its members competitive prices even with lower purchase quantities – or, as in this case, query volumes. The services and solutions are provided by well-known companies that also serve the big players in the telecommunications industry.
In this case, the TK compliance platform is developed by valantic Telco Solutions & Services, a long-standing provider and digitalization expert in the telecommunications industry.

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The basis for the TK compliance platform is the valantic Authority Information System (cAIS), which receives requests from authorities via various channels, such as fax, e-mail and the new, fully-fledged ETSI-ESB interface. This central TK compliance platform with its uniform workflow system enables the efficient processing of requests from authorities. It combines the processing of inventory (§113 TKG) and traffic data requests (§96 TKG) as well as the acceptance of resolutions on telecommunications monitoring (§110 TKG) and optionally the traffic data requests according to §113b TKG including the dual control principle in connection with a storage solution.

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Flexible integration into existing heterogeneous IT environments also increases interoperability. The platform is multi-tenant and multilingual. Its modular structure enables needs-based use of the application and offers useful additional functions such as billing reporting (according to JVEG) and an auditing module (according to TKÜV).

After only 6 weeks of project duration, Netcom Kassel was able to receive and process all requests from authorities via the TK compliance platform.

Advantages for telecommunications companies when using the TK compliance platform

  1. 1

    In data processing

    • Consistent digital processing of the data (E2E)
    • Fully-fledged new electronic interface (ETSI-ESB)
    • Process optimization and the increase in the degree of automation in the procurement, compilation, and transmission of the data with the option to intervene manually at any time
    • Flexible integration in heterogeneous IT environments to increase interoperability
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    When designing the process:

    • Avoidance of media breaks, especially in lawful interception, to minimize sources of error
    • Improvement and simplification of the JVEG accounting process through standardized central reporting
    • User-friendly, intuitive, and modern web user interface

Technologies used

Netcom Kassel implements valantic cAIS: TK-Compliance-Plattform

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