Improved customer experience thanks to proactive monitoring

24/7 Adobe Commerce support for Rossignol

With a legacy of technical innovation and exceptional products in the Alpine skiing sector, Rossignol embodies the epitome of winter sports pleasure. And yet, their online customer experience seemed to fall short of these high standards. In search of a solution, Rossignol turned to valantic as a trusted partner. Together, they set out to deliver an unparalleled customer experience via 24/7 Adobe Commerce support.

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The results at a glance

  • implementation of Rossignol’s digital vision
  • improved customer experience & engagement
  • continuous 24/7 support provided by valantic
  • proactive monitoring for accessibility and reliability of Rossignol’s online presence
  • support from experienced Adobe Commerce engineers
  • impressive average response time of 7.2 minutes
  • mitigation of critical issues within an average of 1.7 hours

About Skis Rossignol SAS

Since its inception in 1907 in the French Alps, Rossignol has become one of the most iconic brands in winter sports, known for its remarkably high standards regarding quality and performance. From legendary champions to sports pioneers, Rossignol’s legacy in skiing runs deep.

Presently, the brand operates 15+ websites powered by the Magento-based Adobe Commerce Cloud platform, enabling them to connect with passionate winter sports enthusiasts from around the globe.


The challenge

Recognizing the significance of its rich heritage, Rossignol came to realize that its online customer experience required a significant boost. The outdated version of Adobe Commerce they relied on posed limitations that hindered their ability to provide 24/7 website availability, thereby impeding their goal of seamless interaction and support.

Determined to tackle this challenge head-on, Rossignol sought the expertise of valantic as a trusted partner with a deep understanding of their needs. Together, they set out to revolutionize Rossignol’s digital presence.
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The solution

A 24/7 support team, a dedicated monitoring team, and a skilled Adobe Commerce development team: By leveraging a multi-team strategy, valantic ensured that all aspects of the project were covered.

This holistic approach made it possible to proactively tackle performance issues and swiftly mitigate critical problems. In addition, a Service Level Agreement was implemented to measure and track performance improvements, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the whole process.
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SLA Guaranteed Times are consistently being met with an average response time of just 7.2 minutes and as little as 1.7 hours for mitigating Rossignol critical issues.
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people with Rossignol clothing

Client benefits of the 24/7 support

By establishing a dedicated team for 24/7 proactive monitoring as well as a team of on-call Adobe Commerce engineers, comprehensive support can be ensured across all levels. Furthermore, the daily development team worked tirelessly on making Rossignol’s digital vision come to life.

In short: valantic’s relentless dedication to providing outstanding support helped propel the brand’s online presence forward and enhanced the overall customer experience.

Lee Corkran
Director of eCommerce Group Rossignol North America

”We are very excited to have partnered with valantic, so we can deliver an online user experience that matches the experience our customers have come to expect from the Rossignol brand. We now have the flexibility and support to launch new, localized offerings and experiences in a timely manner so we can respond to what guests want and expect from us.“


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