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Powerful solutions with the Low-Code Platform OutSystems

Speed to delivering new software solutions is becoming a cornerstone of digital transformation success. For most organizations, new cutting-edge software to engage customers, suppliers, partners, and your entire business ecosystem is paramount to streamlining processes and growing business. Building these applications fast and with the quality needed for success requires a modern approach to application development. This is where today’s high-performance Low-Code solutions come into play.

Low-Code technology lets developers build high-performance applications at the speed of business and dramatically reduces costs. At valantic we provide expert services to help customers design and develop web and mobile applications based on OutSystems Low-Code development platform as part of their digital transformation initiatives.

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Low-Code Experts

Do iT Lean – a valantic company is the competence center within the valantic group that houses the experts in delivering high-quality web and mobile applications using Low-Code technology.

We accomplish this by relying on the leading Low-Code platform, OutSystems. OutSystems is recognized as a leader in Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code application platforms.

Mockup Factsheet What is Low-Code?
Factsheet: What is Low-Code?

Low code enables you to deliver business applications, software, and core systems with minimal hand coding, setup, and training.

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Mockup white paper "The Do iT Lean Agile Methodology"
White paper: "The Do iT Lean Agile Methodology"

This white paper describes our Agile Methodology The concepts, the tools, and the activities conducted for successfully delivering global business apps.

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Our Agile approach includes the following:

Keep it Small

Agile delivery demands that your development team is small and agile. Our typical team consists of 3 to 4 developers. More resources than this are usually not needed.

Keep it Focused

Working in short 2-week sprints assures our team is focused on delivering the next iteration of your solution. We always end with a demo of working software allowing your business to provide feedback and assure we deliver a lean, fit-to-purpose solution.

Sprint Timebox | Low-Code

DoiTLean’s/valantic’s agile methodology assures a lean, fit-for-purpose solution excellently serving the customers business objectives.

Deliver on Time

We apply a time-box approach to every project. The goal is to be agile, and adjust to business feedback while holding the time box sacred. This means we may not deliver what was planned at the beginning, but the outcome will be exactly what the business needs.

Expand when Needed

We know that all projects are not equal. For those complex, larger delivery cycles we have the Solution Architects and QA Engineers you need to deliver complex solutions that span multiple deliveries.

Customers Around the World

Selected Success Stories

Let us show you the art of the possible by highlighting some of Do iT Lean, a valantic company’s customers Low-Code innovation stories.

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Dr. Christoph Mund, Business Development Executive DACH Do iT Lean – a valantic company

Dr. Christoph Mund

Business Development Executive DACH
Do iT Lean – a valantic company