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We firmly believe that people have a natural propensity to perform and are intrinsically motivated. Accordingly, it’s work satisfaction that’s the driving force, not hierarchies or control.

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At valantic, we ask ourselves precisely this question about motivation. Why do we do the things we do? Why do you do them? If we can answer these questions satisfactorily for ourselves, then independence, a sense of responsibility, flexibility and trust emerge.

Our most important value benchmarks

Maybe you’ve already read about our five defining values that make valantic what it is? Our attitude and values are reflected clearly in our agile working practices and agile approach to staff furtherance. It’s what we call “People Development”.

Become acquainted with our agile working practices

It’s important to us that agility does not simply remain a catchword, but that our conviction and values are reflected in our every-day working lives. You can find out exactly how this manifests itself below:

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Independent working

valantic thrives on its staff showing initiative and having a sense of responsibility for the success of the team and their customers. Wherever they see the need to take action, they do so resolutely and solve the problem. Rather than waiting passively for tasks to arise, they make impending challenges their personal concern. This makes the impact of their own actions tangible. This cannot rule out the possibility of errors once in a while – something for which our staff also assume responsibility; but far worse than errors that can be corrected is doing nothing at all: Those who do nothing don’t make mistakes, but neither do they contribute to progress and change.

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Fast, proactive action

Rapid change is inherent to our business with digital solutions. valantic personnel have embraced this and demonstrate their “mover and shaker” mentality in every situation. They think and act flexibly and regard change as a matter of course. To make headway and act quickly, they have the necessary courage to take deliberated risks. We have flat hierarchies and each individual can make autonomous decisions. Characteristic of our staff is that they use this empowerment, tackling unexpectedly arising problems with dedication, discipline and perseverance rather than capitulating at the first sign of trouble.

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Giving and cultivating trust

Our staff work for us because we’re confident their manner and unique strengths are valuable for the valantic team and our success. The currency concerned is called “trust”. In return, our employees thank us with dependability, commitment and high performance. Returning trust also means making the best decisions in the company’s interests. Our employees don’t work towards partial goals, but towards full-fledged results, ultimately ensuring that our customers’ expectations are fulfilled or even surpassed.

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Enjoying freedom, exploiting leeway

valantic offers you extraordinary decision-making freedom and room for maneuver, our employees deciding for themselves how, where and when they work. The maxim is: You decide, as long as you have a specific objective in mind and are undertaking something to the team’s, project’s and customer’s benefit. We also afford this leeway to one another in our coworking with colleagues. Another positive point at valantic which we all cherish is a low level of formalism. Exploiting creative freedom and trying out something new once in a while – all this is well received at our company. So be audacious and bring your own ideas to life!

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Knowledge sharing

Knowledge is there to be shared. That’s why we talk to each other a lot – openly, honestly, directly and appreciatively. Consider which colleagues can provide you with information and those to whom you can provide it yourself, so as to better achieve the common goal. Only those who have information can act on this basis. Communication works most easily and directly if you’re regularly at the office. But some of our teams are also highly successful in virtual coworking, having perfected the art of virtual communication. So, regardless of the hows, wheres and whens, the main thing is: That you communicate.

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Constructive communication

The basis for our internal, team-oriented coworking is the constructive way in which we interact with one another. This works best if we talk openly and unambiguously. At valantic, you’re free to express criticism or praise – it’s something we truly value. This direct communication is additionally encouraged by our flat hierarchies: When you want to speak to someone, you’ll generally also be able to reach that person. We’re open to feedback and happy to assist, should you flounder once in a while. And even if you have nothing to praise or to criticize, it always makes sense to stay in close contact with your colleagues. For us, feedback and exchange are an perpetual cycle of give and take.

Learn more about our agile People Development

Our agile work practices determine that staff furtherance – or “People Development”, as we call it – is based on two pillars at valantic: Firstly, we understand People Development as a personal task and, secondly, that this task is supported by learning opportunities.

Personal task

At valantic, our staff steer their development opportunities themselves. Their development paths are not formulated by others; rather our employees are self-motivated, proactively seeking out suitable solutions themselves. In doing so, no one is “left out on a limb”: Our supervisors are empowered to support their colleagues in making suitable decisions, selecting training measures and seeking challenging roles. Bespoke development paths are drawn up jointly in dialog, and the appropriate modules for these chosen. In doing so, you are coached, supported, accompanied and encouraged. In the end, though, your personal development comes from within!

Technical development

The growing complexity and rapidity of change in processes and technologies makes flexible technical development formats ever more important. That’s why valantic doesn’t have a single, rigid development path, but rather works with agility, according to needs. Technical development has many facets at valantic, ranging from simple, ad-hoc knowledge transfer within a team to structured information sessions, tutorial programs and cross-disciplinary training courses offered by our valantic Academy.

People Skills

People Skills are the interpersonal skills that our consultants must possess if our clients are to have an outstanding customer experience with valantic. Such qualities are indispensable for establishing a basis of trust with our customers, providing for transparency, guaranteeing smooth processes within the projects, developing solutions efficiently and effectively with the customers and giving the customers a sense of security that, with valantic, they have the right partner at their side. People Skills include presentation, communication, moderation and time- & self-management. We have a special curriculum for these topics which is continually being updated and adapted to the organization’s needs.

Our learning portfolio for you

Our portfolio of learning opportunities is as agile as the organization itself: Some of the offerings have a fixed framework as they are needed regularly, on a recurring basis, others are offered just once or for a short period of time only. The valantic Academy has the task of offering training programs to address the prevailing needs and to adapt these whenever necessary.

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Further information

You’d like to learn more about how staff development at valantic works? Then continue reading below:

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