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We bring light to the data jungle!

We are at the beginning of a new era: Data and information are multiplying exponentially and influencing entrepreneurial decision-making more all the time.

Business analytics helps us analyze and use huge amounts of existing data. This data is the key to becoming a winner in the digital transformation and optimizing company processes along the entire value chain. But which business analytics solutions are the right ones? Will the use of self-learning technologies and artificial intelligence pay off for you? Which sources of information, which software products can be incorporated and how?

One thing’s for sure: The consistent use of business analytics reduces costs, increases companies’ efficiency and control, improves knowledge management, and, in addition to the development of new business models, offers companies new strategic options.


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White paper Business Analytics

Business Analytics White paper

In this business analytics white paper, you will find useful background information about all important BA topics, as well as helpful use cases and best practices. Get your white paper…

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Together into the future: we shape the path to innovation with our customers

For more than two decades, valantic has been assisting companies in the wholesale, retail, pharma, and manufacturing sectors, plus banks and financial service providers, and many more. IT and business analytics specialists are based in multiple locations in German-speaking Europe to ensure smooth, personal service.

In close cooperation with our Gold Partners IBM, SAP, and Microsoft, as well as our strategic partners Informatica, MicroStrategy, Anaplan, Cognigy, Tableau and WhereScape valantic has already implemented many successful customers projects and campaigns.

Achim Koch | Toyota Deutschland GmbH | Success Story Conversational AI

Achim Koch
Manager Produkt Qualität CX at Toyota Deutschland

”We want customer-friendly mobility for all and do not regard ourselves exclusively as an automobile manufacturer. The conversational AI solution Toyota eCare is the beginning of a new quality in customer service that we have introduced in cooperation with valantic.“

Holger Scheel - Evotec

Holger Scheel
Senior Vice President Controlling at Evotec AG

”The new IBM Cognos Technologies really helped the planning process at Evotec: The Processes run faster and more securely with the added bonus that the controllers and planners use the same central data. Top down and bottom up planning is now possible. Furthermore, we now have new possibilities to evaluate and analyze data.“

Michael Nudelmann - Director Controlling Swarovski - Success Story connected planning

Michael Nudelmann
Director Controlling and Head of Financial Planning & Analytics at Swarovski

”valantic's experts won us over with their excellent tool and process knowledge and outstanding project management. valantic successfully completed the implementation and we now have an agile connected financial planning solution that enables us to make better decisions in a timely running planning process.“

Picture of Oliver Kraus, Gira

Oliver Kraus
Head of IT Service Management at Gira

”We are very happy to have taken this big step in the course of digitalization so successfully. [...] In summary, we can say that in valantic, we have found exactly the partner we were seeking for the S/4HANA project and for the future.“


Our current success stories

Swarovski Logo white
Success Story Swarovski - Connected Planning

Connected financial planning solution at Swarovski

Learn more
Connected financial planning solution at Swarovski
Gira Logo white
Shot of a young woman using a tablet at work

Gira migrates to SAP S/4HANA and optimizes daily reporting

Learn more
Gira migrates to SAP S/4HANA and optimizes daily reporting
Toyota Success Story - Conversational AI (Logo)
Conversational AI | Success Story Toyota | eCare Bot

Conversational AI at Toyota

Learn more
Conversational AI at Toyota

Business analytics: Recognize optimization potential – increase value creation!

Expert services, consulting and support

Digitalization of a company’s processes requires interdisciplinary expertise. For a central goal of the digital transformation is the consolidation of information, people, and processes for the digital expansion, reorientation, and optimization of business models.

This is precisely what our experts can do; they provide specialized departments and management with the specific expertise that makes the implementation and operation of digitalization solutions successful.

Graphic pie chart of the valantic portfolio

Innovation in every phase: our specialists provide comprehensive support for data transformation and corporate management

  • Strategy and organization of digitalization projects
  • Design of business analytics and data science projects
  • Consulting on the analysis of data, processes, and applications
  • Support for the selection of technology, solutions, and suppliers
  • Implementation of pilot projects and PoCs
  • Development and implementation of data transformation and business analytics solutions (data lake, DWH, data governance, predictive analytics, connected planning, etc.)
  • Construction of cloud, hybrid cloud, and private cloud systems
  • 24/7 support solutions to assist IT, specialized departments, and end users
  • Extensive training concepts for experts, power users, users, and administrators

Displaying business analytics results with smart reports and dashboards

Efficiency meets aesthetics

Every day, companies generate and save a lot of varied data. This data is primarily company-internal data – e.g. from customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, from an online shop or accounting software. However, it can also be enriched with third-party data, such as weather data, social media posts, statistics.

But how can this data and information be made useful concretely and profitably for the company or the specific department?

The image shows a monitor with a Business Analytics dashboard.

This is only possible with a state-of-the-art, intelligent business analytics environment.
All this with the goal of being able to derive relevant entrepreneurial questions and thus make the business more successful and resilient. For example:

  • How many products did I sell last month?
  • How have my quarterly results developed as compared to last year?
  • Did the weather influence my sales results?
  • How can I keep my customers from changing to a competitor?

Smart reports and dashboards offer the opportunity to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to make better decisions.

Best Practices

Decades of experience in consulting and implementation from hundreds of successful customer projects

Our consulting approach aims to work with you to plan, set up and successfully use an optimal reporting and dashboard environment in the long term. Rely on our proven best practices to create an efficient and valuable reporting landscape for your company.

Reporting and dashboarding

Self-service or IT-assisted business analytics

Direct, native access to data sources or use of a data warehouse

Cloud-based or on-premise

We help companies plan, set up, and successfully use an optimal reporting and dashboard environment for the long term.

Proactive control with valantic planning solutions

Effective planning, sustainable success

To meet today’s volatile market requirements, companies have to be more agile than ever. Proactive, networked decision-making support is crucial for long-term success. valantic planning solutions optimize companies’ resilience thanks to flexible planning, continuous forecasting, and simulations, as well as top-class performance management.

The goal of valantic’s planning solutions is to break down silos and create networked, department-spanning company planning in all core areas (strategy, operations, finance, IT, HR & supply chain). Advanced business analytics and planning solutions enable user-friendly analysis and efficient operationalization of strategic decisions.

This image shows a dashboard of valantic Business Analytics from various graphics for sales and operations from connected planning.

Excellent expertise, comprehensive support: On the way to networked corporate planning with valantic

Our consultants bring process understanding and outstanding expertise with the most innovative, market-leading planning solutions from Anaplan, IBM, and SAP. valantic designs the digital transformation to create collaborative, company-wide planning.

The key role of an efficient data warehouse

From data treasure to data strategy

Many companies are currently driving their digitalization forward at full speed. They are digitalizing processes and documents, networking ever more machines and end user devices, and generating more data as a consequence. But even without counting current digitalization and networking initiatives, companies already have an enormous stock of data in their ERP, CRM, and other IT systems. Added to this is the nearly inexhaustible data potential of external sources, such as a data lake. A DWH is required in order to make this data usable; to process, analyze, and evaluate it; and transform it into a consistent data stock.

The data warehouse serves as a central database system, a single point of truth that is used at the company for analysis. The system extracts, collects, historicizes, and backs up data from a wide variety of different data sources. Downstream systems are fed with data that is critical for making decisions. Among other things, it is used for metadata modeling and business analytics applications.

A diagram of a data warehouse single point of truth from valantic Business Analytics consisting of data sources, ETL, DWH, cubes and metadata, as well as the individual applications.

Single point of truth: Simplification, unification, visualization, prediction

The data warehouse can be used in many ways at the company. As an instrument that can be used company-wide, it should help various departments and decision-makers flexibly and individually. The data warehouse provides the data required for users to analyze company processes and key figures. Further information for SAP Datasphere (Data Warehouse Cloud)

Among other things, the data warehouse can be used to perform the following tasks:

  1. 1

    Planning and simulation

  2. 2

    Cost and resource determination

  3. 3

    Analysis of business and production processes

  4. 4

    Provision of reports and statistics

  5. 5

    Use of a data lake

  6. 6

    Determination of company KPIs

  7. 7

    Provision of data for deeper analyses and data mining, as well as structuring and harmonization of data stocks for a global company view

The indispensable role of data science in corporate strategy

The future is data-driven

Business analytics is complemented by data science, which offers companies/organizations the opportunity – using scientifically based processes – to find patterns and draw valuable insights from their data (even if it is unstructured).

But the added value hidden in this data does not emerge by itself. Data science requires an expansion of business analytics with regard to:

  • Training of the participants (data scientists)
  • Data provision (data warehouse, data lake, Hadoop cluster, etc.)
  • Tools and IT infrastructure for analysis and data processing (Python, cloud, and co.)
  • Project organization (in the data science competence center DSCC)

To the Data Science services page

Business People at a Conference Event

Targeted success through valantics data science process model: Use cases clearly defined and integrated

valantic’s data science model guarantees a goal-oriented (what should be achieved in the department/in the company’s domain with data science?), traceable process defined in a project order. This helps identify suitable use cases at the company, make them usable, and integrate them into the business analytics system.

In addition, valantic offers training to become a data science expert in which participants acquire a kind of “driver’s license” for the necessary theoretical and practical equipment.

Learn more about Data Science from valantic now

View the white paper: 5 steps to a successful data science project

Whitepaper: 5 steps to a successful data science project

The development of data science use cases poses major challenges for many companies. This is also due to the fact that experience, if any, is often only rudimentary. These five…

Download Whitepaper Download Whitepaper

AI consulting from valantic

Pioneering AI strategies: Realizing time, cost and efficiency gains

Our AI consulting is not just a theoretical vision, but already a reality that generates concrete added business value in sales, marketing, HR and production. AI projects from valantic have clear goals in mind: time, cost and efficiency gains, a noticeable improvement in the customer experience and the establishment of innovative, AI-based business models.

A groundbreaking study by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) shows that companies can increase their profitability by up to 25 percent through the targeted use of AI. These benefits are no longer a dream of the future, but can also transform your company in the long term.

Smart decisions: Five advantages of artificial intelligence in data analysis

  1. 1

    Increased efficiency

    AI optimizes business processes and enables significant time and cost savings.

  2. 2

    Improved customer experience

    Personalized interactions and tailored offers sustainably improve customer satisfaction.

  3. 3

    Innovation potential

    AI opens up new opportunities for the development and introduction of innovative products and services.

  4. 4

    Proactive decision-making

    By analyzing large amounts of data, AI enables precise forecasts and thus supports data-based decision-making.

  5. 5

    Establishment of new business models

    AI opens the door to new, disruptive business models that strengthen competitiveness.

Whitepaper: Using business benefits of artificial intelligence to the optimum

Whitepaper Artificial Intelligence

valantic has identified 26 AI application scenarios from sales, marketing, production and HR that are already generating concrete added value today.

Download Whitepaper Download Whitepaper

Talk to me! Conversational AI as the key to controlling cross-application processes

Man and machine in dialog

The integration of Conversational AI makes it possible to control cross-application processes via natural dialog, whether spoken or written. Conversational AI acts as an intelligent interface between humans and machines, revolutionizing the way we communicate and creating seamless interaction in our increasingly networked world.

AI Cyborg Robot Whispering Secret Or Interesting Gossip To Man | Conversational AI

Conversation instead of complexity

Discover the future of interaction through Conversational AI, where devices are not only connected but also able to communicate with users in a natural way. Immerse yourself in a world where conversations take place not only between people, but also between machines – and be inspired by the infinite variety of possible applications. Welcome to the future of communication with Conversational AI!

Learn more about Conversational AI

Using data successfully as a decision-making basis with SAP Analytics

In the course of visualization, more and more data is accumulating in ever more complex forms and increasing quantities. With the SAP analytics tools, large quantities of data can be structured and evaluated in order to gain valuable insights.

In particular, valantic can help with the construction of a sound database to enable decision-makers to perform analyses and make data-based decisions. The entire data life cycle, from generation to data integration and modeling, on through to data analysis, is incorporated. Important also, however, are data storage and archiving, deletion, and data backup.

The analytics solutions are only the tool, however. In order to be able to make sound decisions based on data, the data management and analytics solutions have to be attuned very precisely to the user’s circumstances and existing database. Only this way can data evaluation become a significant success factor.

We can help with our expertise in all areas of SAP analytics and data warehouse solutions, including the product SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BPC, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP BW on HANA, SAP Data Services, and SAO Lumira. We also use the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence, and native data warehouses with SAP HANA.

Learn more about SAP analytics solutions

Cover of a magazine:

The 10 success factors for analytics projects

We would like to share our experience and expertise with you. Download our guide “10 success factors for analytics projects”!

Download success factors Download success factors

Success stories about our pioneering solutions

From challenges to successes

The following success stories offer insights into the challenges, successes and transformations that our customers have undergone. Find out how we have achieved top performance together, overcome obstacles and implemented innovative solutions to ensure sustainable added value for our customers.

Success Story Avolta | integrierte Finanzplanung mit Anaplan
Global Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Anaplan

Global budgeting & forecasting for thousands of stores at Avolta

Global budgeting & forecasting for thousands of stores at Avolta
Man at a home improvement store paying at the cashier
  • valantic

Next-Level Marketing Optimization with KPIs

Next-Level Marketing Optimization with KPIs
Logo of Amann Girrbach, featuring three curved lines above the company name in uppercase white text on a transparent background.
valantic Success Story Sales Planning | Amann Girrbach and Anaplan
  • Anaplan

Amann Girrbach increases efficiency and performance of sales planning

Amann Girrbach increases efficiency and performance of sales planning
Gira Logo white
Shot of a young woman using a tablet at work
  • SAP
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Gira migrates to SAP S/4HANA and optimizes daily reporting

Gira migrates to SAP S/4HANA and optimizes daily reporting
Photo of a young woman using a digital tablet while taking stock in the storeroom of a pharmacy
  • valantic

Data-Driven Price Optimization for an Online Pharmacy

Data-Driven Price Optimization for an Online Pharmacy
Businesspeople sitting in conference room. Team of successful business partners in meeting hall.
  • valantic

Effective Innovation Management as a Growth Driver

Effective Innovation Management as a Growth Driver
This image shows the logo of our certified valantic Academy according to ISO 9001:2015
Photo of a training room of the valantic Academy above the roofs of Hamburg.

valantic Training Center - develop the future together

Welcome to the valantic Training Center!

Each year, our trainers welcome about 200 participants to our academy in Hamburg or on-site at customers. In addition to a multitude of trainings, workshops, and coaching about IBM, Microsoft, Informatica, MicroStrategy, SAP, and Anaplan topics, the valantic Academy helps people establish knowledge about a technology and move toward certification, with individualized or standardized training. Our motto is “don’t just migrate your systems, migrate your users too!” – the valantic Training Center strives to be the perfect complement to your current project, a freshening-up about new highlights and functions of various technologies or an intensification of existing knowledge.

valantic Training Center

Business persons talking in the office

Partner world

Welcome to valantic’s partner world! valantic Business Analytics is proud of its longstanding partnerships with renowned technology providers from different sectors. In the process, valantic can look back across a multitude of customer projects and joint growth to face new technological and customer-specific challenges and complexities. valantic Business Analytics’ first partnership arose about 25 years ago thanks to a Cognos implementation and training. Today, Cognos belongs to IBM. In the meantime, the gold partnership with IBM includes not just IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson, but also additional technologies such as IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Infosphere DataStage, IBM Cloud Pak For Data, Robotic Process Automation with IBM WDG, IBM SPSS Modeler, and IBM SPSS Statistics. After that came a partnership with the Texas technology provider Motio; this partnership will be indispensable with the next IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson version update.

In addition to IBM, valantic Business Analytics also has a strong gold partnership with other globally successful providers such as SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). A partner world without these heavy hitters on the market is inconceivable. In addition, our independent approach enables valantic Business Analytics to design customers’ IT infrastructures flexibly and create a provider-independent IT environment as a best-practice approach. The valantic group also distinguishes itself with 360° consulting, implementation, and support services for SAP services.

Aside from the big monolithic market leaders IBM, SAP, Microsoft and AWS, valantic Business Analytics specializes in the areas ETL processes with Informatica, one of the strongest global ETL players; with data piloting in the seminar management sector; Microsoft Azure Data Lake for reporting from unstructured data sources; in the reporting sector with various market-leading providers such as IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson, SAP Analytics solution, SAP S/4 HANA, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy and WhereScape

Business analytics expert knowledge

Learn more about our business analytics topics in our blog, our webinars, and white papers.

SAP S/4HANA hilft Ihnen bei der Digitalisierung

Digitalization Services June 4, 2024

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud or Private Cloud?

Cloud computing is part of everyday life, and for enterprise resource planning, there’s no way around the cloud. With the two cloud versions of its S/4HANA Business Suite, SAP offers future-oriented ERP as a service to suit many requirements.

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud or Private Cloud?
Female developer coding and programming. Coding on two with screens with code language and application.

Digitalization Services May 24, 2024

Bridge the Data Gap: Enhance Your Product Catalog with AI-Driven Data Solutions

Complete data is essential for a successful online store. With the support of AI, product data can be optimally enriched.

Bridge the Data Gap: Enhance Your Product Catalog with AI-Driven Data Solutions
A woman wearing a black sweater and jeans holds a pair of jeans while browsing a stack of folded jeans in a clothing store.

Digitalization Services May 14, 2024

From idea to strategy: the conception of a loyalty program

Loyalty programs for success in fashion retail: Find out about strategic approaches to creating a progressive loyalty program in fashion retail in the second part of the blog series.

From idea to strategy: the conception of a loyalty program
Electric Car Power Supply charging on charge station electro mobility environment friendly copy space

Digitalization Services April 25, 2024

EV Charging: Reducing Wait Times for Electric Vehicles

The use of electric vehicles in Germany is gaining momentum. A growing number of charging stations make charging electric cars increasingly accessible and convenient. With the help of intelligent app technology and precise predictions, drivers can travel worry-free without worrying about the range.

EV Charging: Reducing Wait Times for Electric Vehicles
Photo of a woman explaining her strategy on a whiteboard.

Digitalization Services February 21, 2024

With (Gen)AI Discovery to a Tailored AI Roadmap

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town and currently one of the most crucial key technologies. With (Gen)AI Discovery, you receive a tailored AI roadmap that future-proofs your company. You benefit from our expertise and a structured approach that ensures your investments in AI bring the greatest possible benefit.

With (Gen)AI Discovery to a Tailored AI Roadmap
Shot of a young businesswoman delivering a presentation during a late night meeting at work

Digitalization Services February 8, 2024

Mastering the AI landscape: AI-Driven Marketing Organizations

In this blog, we talk about how AI is reshaping the future of marketing organisations by improving operational efficiency and personalised customer experiences.

Mastering the AI landscape: AI-Driven Marketing Organizations

5 reasons to entrust your business analytics project to valantic

  1. 1


    We are satisfied when our customers are enthusiastic. We watch carefully, listen attentively, and record the customer’s requirements with curiosity, deep understanding, and enthusiasm for what we’re doing.

  2. 2

    Personal contact

    A central contact at valantic is always available to the customer, ensuring quick communication. This is regardless of the composition of our agile teams.

  3. 3

    Stability and size paired with flexibility and speed

    We unite the advantages of a large consulting company – including a broad portfolio of services and financial security – with the flexibility, management attention, and individual approach that are usually the hallmark of small consulting companies.

  4. 4

    Expert knowledge

    valantic consists of IT specialists, entrepreneurs, and managers with a broad spectrum of experiences. In our cooperation, respect, responsibility, and mutual trust are especially important to us.

  5. 5


    Our opinion is that with a corporate culture that is characterized by fairness with regard to customers, colleagues, capital investors, and the environment, we will reach our goal faster in the long term.

Image of Anastasios Christodoulou, Managing Director at valantic Business Analytics

Anastasios Christodoulou

Managing Director
valantic Business Analytics