Bild von Corinna Sahan, Junior Consultant SAP QM bei valantic Enterprise Resource Planning, im Hintergrund das Bürogebäude von valantic in Langenfeld sowie ein Tablet mit der valantic Homepage und ein Konferenzraum
Junior Consultant SAP QM – Career Start Trainee

After completing her traineeship in summer 2019, Corinna Sahan started as Junior SAP Consultant QM at valantic. She tells us about her experiences as a trainee and her tasks as Junior SAP Consultant. Learn more

Bild von Erik Töpfer, Auszubildender IT Systemintegration bei valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce, im Hintergrund die Stadt Mannheim sowie Bilder der Büroräume in Mannheim
From Trainee to IT System Administrator

Erik, 22, is now an IT system administrator. He tells us what a trainee as information specialist for system integration does and why he likes working at valantic. Learn more

Image of Joachim Hackmann, Principal Consultant at teknowlogy|PAC, digital innovations, a data center in the background
Customer Experience in Mechanical Engineering: Faster Communication Give Companies a Competitive Advantage

Ever more mechanical engineering companies are focusing on first-class customer service. Automation and suitable platforms and software solutions should help to speed up the relevant processes in order to increase customer satisfaction. Learn more

Bild von Marian Kral, Consultant bei valantic Supply Chain Excellence, daneben ein Bild von einem Change-Management-Modell
Methods, success factors & risks in change management

Marian Kral works in the Supply Chain Excellence division at valantic and devoted himself to the topic of change management even during his studies. Now he can put his knowledge to practical use in his project work. In an interview, he provides insight into the topic of change management. Learn more

Image of Juri Hofmann, trainee information specialist for application development at valantic Customer Engagement and Commerce in Mannheim
Professional Start in IT – My Training as an Information Specialist for Application Development at valantic

Juri Hofmann is 18 years old and in his 1st year of training. He tells us what an information specialist for application development at valantic does and why he likes working at valantic. Learn more