Image of Roland Martinez, Managing Director valantic Telco Solutions & Services, mobile phone, woman on a busy road
“TKG Compliance – Much More Than Just a Legal Issue”

The German Telecommunications Act places high legal demands on providers of telecommunications and Internet services when it comes to cooperating with investigative authorities and implementing the prescribed TKG compliance. We spoke to Roland Martinez, Managing Director at valantic, about his motivation for tackling what, at first glance, might appear to be a rather stodgy topic, and why TKG compliance is much more than just a legal issue.

Image of Antonia Demleitner, Junior Consultant SAP TM at valantic Supply Chain Excellence in Munich
Why it’s possible to jump into SAP consulting as a mathematician

Antonia Demleitner tells us why, as a mathematician, she took the leap into SAP consulting at valantic and she gives us an overview of her tasks as an SAP TM consultant on projects.

Image of Maximilian John an the valantic CEC Germany office in Mannheim
An SAP Commerce Project in the Chemical Industry as Personal Success Story

Dr. Maximilian John gives us insights into the challenges of an SAP Commerce project and describes what he does in his role as Technical Lead.

Image of Heike Springmann, Head of valantic Academy
valantic Academy: Training offers for employees

Heike Springmann provides insights into the rapidly expanding valantic Academy, its structure, what trainings it offers, and why its user and requirements-oriented approach is essential.

Picture of Fabian Saccilotto, valantic CEC Switzerland, next to it a smartphone and stacked packages
SAP Spartacus: Progressive Web Applications

What is SAP Spartacus, and what does moving to the progressive web app mean? Fabian Saccilotto of valantic CEC Switzerland knows best about PWAs!