RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises
RISE with SAP Paves the Way to the Cloud for Industrial Enterprises

RISE with SAP lets industrial enterprises progress with their digitization programs without the need for upfront investments. Combined with the support of SAP partners such as valantic, the Business Transformation as a Service portfolio becomes a highly attractive option for SMEs.

Image of Michael Hecken, Senior Consultant at valantic ERP Consulting; Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA
Embedded Analytics in SAP S/4HANA

SAP uses embedded analytics to deliver standard reporting in the S/4HANA environment, but working with embedded analytics presents companies with new challenges. This blog explains why the information systems of the ERP Central Component (ECC) can no longer be compared with the apps in Fiori, and which conditions must be fulfilled to use them effectively.

Picture of Fabian Littau, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Help, my sales team doesn’t use CRM!

Just because you have a CRM system doesn't mean that it will be used and increase sales. How do you make sure that everyone uses the CRM system?

Image of a man with a tablet in his hand, next to a group of people in a conference and a laptop screen with the dashboard open, SAP Group Reporting
SAP Group Reporting: A New Era for Consolidated Financial Reporting

SAP Group Reporting stands for a new era of consolidation: Whereas consolidated financial statements used to be prepared in processes running on dedicated systems, this can now be done directly, in real time, in the operational ERP with immediate access to all necessary voucher data.

Bild von Personen im Gespräch, daneben ein Laptop und ein Tablet, Customer Experience (CX)
The path to a holistic customer experience (CX)

If you want to be successful as a company, you have to offer your customers a holistic customer experience. More than ever, an all-encompassing CX is a driving factor behind every purchase decision. How do you achieve that? Find out now!