Enhancing public sector efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Step into the world of District09, the ICT backbone for the Belgium cities of Ghent and Antwerp, as they redefine public sector efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This customer success story unveils how District09 tackled the challenge of managing citizen cases by deploying a dynamic case management system. The solution not only centralized incoming reports but also streamlined their processing, marking a milestone in public service responsiveness and operational excellence.

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The challenge

Various offices of the city of Ghent requested the implementation of a case management system. The aim of this project was twofold:  

  • Central management of incoming cases (reports) 
  • Smooth and efficient follow-up/processing of these cases  

This application needs to be able to capture specific citizen questions, as well as the communication with experts and external parties.  

The solution

District09 is fully committed to generic solutions that can be reused time and time again. This ensures that solutions can be delivered faster to the business and budgets can be spent efficiently. This caused the project to combine previous solutions (e.g. Mobility) and new functionalities.  

  • Tracking emails with a single click thanks to Dynamics Mail Tracker  
  • A specific dashboard as homepage with clear overview of cases, statuses and incoming mails  
  • Create a knowledgebase with known solutions for reports/problems  
  • Resolve reports faster based on keywords  
  • Send specific templates to citizens and experts with a single click, including pre-defined answers  
  • Use automatic reminders to allow correct and timely follow-up and prevent tasks to be forgotten. 
  • Collaboration between different cabinets with important role for security model  
  • Own notifications only visible within a single cabinet  
  • Editing rights always limited to the owner, but with the option to share cases (read only rights)  
  • Share cases with all recipients of the initial mail and assign editing rights via underlying cases  
  • Possibility to forward to an additional cabinet  
  • Option to stop sharing for each cabinet  


The case management system for the cabinets provides a clear overview of all incoming questions, complaints and reports in one central location. As a result, employees within the same cabinet are better informed about which reports have been received and whether/how these were followed up.  For example, it provides insight on how many reports are submitted, how long it takes for these reports to be resolved, which trends occur, etc.  


About District09

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District09 develops software and implements hardware, networks, and telephony infrastructure for the cities of Ghent and Antwerp.  They also support their colleagues at the city, OCMW, care company, and police, realise ICT projects, and ensure qualitative and stable support of the operational applications and infrastructure. 

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