70 retailers digitally bundled

Gabor. The online shoe experience.

Transitioning from a predominantly stationary retail business to a holistic online shopping giant: Gabor, the shoe manufacturer, has established an innovative e-commerce network for 70 retailers. Migrating the existing infrastructure to the new Pimcore CMS posed the greatest challenge. Curious about how our valantic CX experts tackled it? We’ve got the full story for you!

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360-degree project with all-round support

Room for something new

Screenshot der Gabor-Website - Projekteinblick

The challenge

“70 in one go”: This could be the motto of the new website of German shoe manufacturer Gabor. The company embarked on a transformative journey from predominantly stationary shoe sales to an innovative e-commerce network based on the marketplace model.

By integrating 70 Gabor retailers through a digital interface, they created a comprehensive online shopping experience for customers.

Pimcore was chosen as the platform for the new Gabor online store, enabling the extension and optimization of the existing e-commerce infrastructure with new structures and features. Pimcore, an open-source solution, not only met the complex and unique requirements but also offered long-term financial advantages.

Gabor – project overview
  1. 1

    High-performance online shop

  2. 2

    Stable processes and interfaces

  3. 3

    Steadily growing and appealing customer experience

The objective

With a well-thought-out concept and a robust content management system, Gabor tackled highly complex requirements for their e-commerce platform. The major challenge was the smooth transition from the old to the new e-commerce infrastructure.

Gabor product page supported by Pimcore & valantic


A next-level shopping experience for Gabor customers


Completely new UX design. Various personalization and recommendation logics (Pimcore Customer Experience Framework).
Screenshot: Gabor Mobilansicht


E-commerce infrastructure based on the marketplace principle. 70 participating Gabor retailers connected via an interface.
Screenshot der mobilen Kategorieseite der Gabor-Website

One system

Unified handling of orders from the online store. Complex data model including order management, returns management, integration with the ERP, payment providers, address verification and risk assessment.
Screenshot der mobilen Ansicht des Gabor Shop-Checkout
Screenshot: Gabor Mobilansicht
Bild von der Gabor Geräteübersicht: Die Website ist auf einem Desktop und zwei Smartphones zu sehen. Im Hintergrund sind Schuhe ausgestellt, wie in einem Schaufenster

A glimpse into what lies ahead

Continuous further optimization of the e-commerce section through ongoing A/B tests

Integration of the multilingual corporate website

Expansion to include the AT store client

Ongoing in-depth SEO support

Data-driven improvement of the customer experience

Planned rollout of the e-commerce solution in different foreign languages in various European countries

Bild von zwei Personen, die in Schuhen von Gabor tanzen, es sind nur die Beine bis zu den Knien zu sehen.

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