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Transport & Logistics

Strategic consulting for transport and logistics

Volatile sales and buying markets, complex, fast-paced and globally networked flows of materials and goods – the challenges in the area of transport & logistics in a globalized and digitalized economy are growing. There is virtually no way a company can transform its processes without also impacting transport & logistics. Wherever the German Industrie 4.0 high-tech strategy is implemented, the next step is to define a suitable Logistics 4.0. In short: strategic decisions are called for. The experts at valantic supply you with a decision-making basis and develop long-term strategies for modern and powerful logistics processes and their smart IT support.

Raising efficiency and savings potential

In many manufacturing companies, warehouse and transport logistics grow in step with daily requirements, fusions and restructuring – but without an overarching plan. The optimization of logistics networks and supply chains harbors immense savings potential and reserves for a more flexible and powerful organization. From process analysis to the simulation of global network scenarios, the logistics experts from valantic apply a full range of tools to scrutinize on your logistics. They identify potentials and show you where process optimization and digital transformation will turn your logistics into an effective component helping to ensure your competitiveness well into the future. And valantic offers you IT solutions that reliably support smart logistics processes.

Whatever your logistic challenges may be, we have the experience to reliably discover potentials in your logistics processes and flow of goods. Whether you need assistance with safeguarding launches in international spare parts warehouses, with the analysis and optimization of warehouse structures and operating strategies, or with efficient logistical material flows and supply processes to lower your freight costs – we are there to help.

Picture of the Siemens company building, valantic Case Study Siemens AG
Strategic network planning at SIEMENS AG

With the “SIRIUSProducts” Siemens AG Digital Factory Control Products offer central components for industrial switching technology. After projects for internal material flow and inventory optimization, the focus was on the…

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Transport & Logistics
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