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Bild einer Maschine, valantic Case Study Stürm SFS

Development of a Webshop with SAP for stürmsfs

stürmsfs’s products include steel, metal, and alternative materials. These are products that cannot be marketed as easily in a Webshop. The existing Webshop had to be reworked, and thanks to stürmsfs’s power of innovation, the result was a future-oriented shop solution. The result: a Webshop reduced to the essential that guides the customer step-by-step through the entire order process.

Goal-oriented, intuitve Navigation

The customer always feels secure and is lead step-by-step to the product he is seeking

A style/design guide was formulated that determines the appearance and structure of the shop. The design corresponds to stürmsfs’s corporate identity and distinguishes it completely from the competition. The result: modern layout and a slim structure. The usability is goal-oriented and intuitive. One of the main challenges was – in addition to the design – the complex logistical background of the Webshop. This complexity could not be simplified – but the Webshop succeeds in making the order process easy to understand and structured. The customer is led through the order phases and to his individual product:

An Investment that pays off

Sales Development Webshop stürmsfs after the Relaunch –    Factor 7 in 3.5 Years

Grafic development of the stürmfs webshop after relaunch, valantic reference

Used technologies

  • SAP Web Channel
  • SAP IPC (Configuration)