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wayRTS - production planning and scheduling

Transparency in the supply chain

The high-performance realtime APS (advanced planning & scheduling) software wayRTS (Real Time Simulation) assists companies with production planning and control of all value-creation levels. With wayRTS, planning becomes transparent, which allows users to make simple interventions with automatic planning support.

The modeling of production processes and seamless integration and synchronization of other value-creating processes such as in the pre-production phase (design, planning, work preparation) are possible thanks to the flexible, main memory-based data structure of wayRTS. And all this in real time.

The same data structure is used for rough and fine planning, which means that breaks between different planning levels are a thing of the past. This is how wayRTS creates the ideal prerequisite for exploiting business potential in the supply chain: great adherence to schedules and productivity with market-appropriate throughput times and optimal inventories.

Picture of the valantic product flyer production planning with the aps software wayRTS
wayRTS product flyer: Transparency in the supply chain

High adherence to delivery dates and productivity with optimized throughput times and inventories:
fast, on schedule and profitable with the wayRTS APS software.


Integrated production and project planning at plant manufacturer Grenzebach Group

Mechanical and plant engineering today has a complexity that makes it necessary to plan with software support. In the reference video, Moritz Ückert, Vice President Supply Chain at Grenzebach Group, and Christian Zilch, Planning Specialist at Grenzebach, describe very impressively how they set up their organization as well as production and project planning in order to satisfy their customers with optimal use of resources. Under these conditions, the introduction of software such as valantic waySuite was absolutely necessary for Grenzebach.

Further information on the SCM project at Grenzebach Group

Your Benefits for the Processes

Increase of on-time-delivery

Reduction of work for planning and control

Increased productivity

Shorter throughput times

Optimization of inventories

wayRTS Simplifies Planning & Control

While the degree of automation lies in your hands.

Maximum transparency in the supply chain cockpit

With the supply chain cockpit, the planner can ascertain the planning situation at a glance and – across several aggregation levels – analyze it down to the smallest detail. Individually-parameterizable alert functions direct your view to the essential. In addition to logistical variables, value and cost points of view are also evaluated in the planning.

Transparency in planning and control

Starting from need-based provision of services, wayRTS offers complete transparency with a view to the entire order network thanks to state-of-the-art visualization and filter possibilities. Of course the reference to the customer order is retained at all times.
Thanks to the excellent graphic preparation and context-sensitive scaling, the planner can always keep an eye on essential information. This includes flexible and individually-configurable views and dynamic filter functions (for example, with respect to the critical path).

Visual and interactive planning

The visualization functions provide the basis for interactive planning, with which capacities, orders, and throughput times can be adjusted with drag and drop. With the real-time capability of wayRTS, the effect of the interventions is visible immediately across all production levels and easy to trace.

Any degree of automation

Scenario technology

Quality standard of the APS software wayRTS

Automation and optimization of regular tasks

There is always optimization potential in production planning, and in conjunction with this also in demand or procurement planning and in S&OP. waySuite enables you to recognize and exploit this potential. You can use waySuite to reduce throughput times, inventories, and set-up times, and also to reduce the effort required for planning. AI handles the routine tasks.
You should not have to deal with processing missing parts or backorders: waySuite automatically resolves conflicts with its intelligent algorithms. By automating regular planning tasks, you can focus on clarifying specific planning situations.

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