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IT Security

Cyber attacks, data leaks, blocked infrastructures: The topic of IT security confronts companies and public administrations with constantly increasing challenges and threats. valantic has been advising companies competently and comprehensively for many years. In addition, we implement the solutions we propose holistically and help companies and organisations to master the situation in the event of a crisis.

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Recovery of Marc O'Polo after a Cyber Attack

Marc O’Polo stands for high-quality, contemporary premium modern casual clothing. In our video success story, the client reports on the consequences of the cyberattack and how, together with valantic, they have systematically recovered all compromised systems and minimised the corresponding security risks in the long term and how they are setting up their IT landscape for the future.

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Information Security Management

Cyber attacks usually cause immense costs that are avoidable. An end-to-end security concept, which includes a disaster recovery plan for emergencies and business continuity management (BCM), prevents major damage.

Comprehensive information security can only be achieved through joint action by IT, business and C-level. In addition to technical vulnerabilities, cyber criminals exploit employees’ unawareness of potential security risks and appropriate behaviour to attack companies. The establishment of comprehensive guidelines for the operational implementation of security requirements and their permanent auditing is the basic prerequisite for an appropriate level of security.

valantic supports you in building up your IT security seamlessly and auditing existing measures conscientiously and continuously in accordance with the latest requirements.

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Crisis Management & Readiness Check

Acting quickly and confidently helps to mitigate the damage of a cyberattack and restore business operations to pre-crisis levels. This includes immediate measures, stakeholder-oriented communication, compliance with legal requirements and the recovery of business processes prioritised by their critical significance for the company.

The increase in successful attacks – mostly ransomware attacks – that partially or completely paralyse companies has changed the focus on IT. All of a sudden, it becomes clear that nothing works without IT and that business processes need to be put back into operation as quickly as possible. In order to organise this restart effectively, many years of experience are required not only in the operation of IT infrastructures, but also in the entrepreneurial assessment of how to proceed in such crises.

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Cybersecurity-Assessment & Vulnerability Analysis

Data theft, espionage or encrypted computers – around a third of all German companies have been affected by cyber attacks in recent years. IT security gaps and phishing emails are frequent gateways. Close the gaps before it’s too late.

Many companies do not have a structured overview of the risk and liability situation. Regular assessments support risk minimisation and the continuous improvement of defences against cyber attacks. A focussed security assessment helps to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for action. Supported by regular vulnerability analyses, your IT is better prepared for cyber attacks in the long term.

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Darknet Monitoring Service

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Damage caused by blackmail and system failures has increased by 358% since 2019. Compromised access data is often sold via the darknet weeks and months before the actual attack is carried out. Darknet monitoring helps to use this time to prevent major damage.

Cyber attacks jeopardise the existence of companies. Compromised access data is usually offered for sale on the darknet before it is used by the buyer. In many cases, knowledge of the existence of one’s own data on the darknet allows a timely response to prevent the worst from happening. However, the architecture of the darknet does not allow any automated searches, which is why only the combination of state-of-the-art technology and experienced experts enables efficient, comprehensive and permanent monitoring.

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Business Continuity Management & Emergency Response Excercises

Reduced risks for your business processes, emergency concepts and realistic emergency training help companies and employees to successfully master crisis situations and minimise damage. An efficient business continuity management (BCM) system is essential for maintaining operations in the best possible way in the event of a crisis.

The findings from BCM form the basis for an efficient approach in crisis situations. Focussing on the recovery of your business capabilities, and not individual IT systems, is essential for the appropriate operation of your IT. The design of business continuity plans and regular training on how to proceed in a crisis enable an efficient and effective response in an emergency. This enables you to recognise and reduce the risk of existential threats to your company at an early stage.

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