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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Upgrade mit Motio

Upgrades are a good thing. Every new version offers concrete added value. But when a major upgrade is imminent, it needs to be implemented quickly and to a high standard. An upgrade can be complex and costs one thing above all: time and therefore money! Use Motio’s innovative technology to make your migration or upgrade seamless and resource-efficient.

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How companies automate the next upgrade

Downtimes due to a migration and incorrect reports can be company-critical. In this case, the goal is not the journey. The goal is to complete the upgrade as quickly as possible, transparently, in accordance with company guidelines, and as well as possible. For migrations and regular updates, valantic recommends automated support from Motio’s software solutions.

An upgrade with Motio solutions is done in four easy steps:

  • Clean-up and cleansing of the IBM Cognos Analytics content stores
  • Automated testing and validation of reports
  • Versioning of report changes
  • One-click deployment of all changes
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Upgrade IBM Cognos Analytics Quickly and Easily!

Read our white paper to find out how companies can save up to 70% time – and money – on their IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson upgrade.

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Key Facts

More than 1,000 customers around the world use Motio solutions for smooth upgrades. The software publisher IBM – valantic’s strategic partner – has also been a customer of Motio since 2011 and has offered Motio’s solutions in its own portfolio since the beginning of 2021 based on its outstanding experiences.

The furthest-reaching automation of an IBM Cognos Analytics upgrade results in time savings of up to 70%. This is understandable if you can have Motio clean out your content store before the upgrade, eliminating half the unused or incorrect reports, and then test the reports automatically.

The result is a completely cleaned-up content store, which guarantees the performance and validity of IBM Cognos Analytics and slims down future upgrades massively.

Companies can do this thanks to valantic’s years of experience with the combined use of Motio solutions.


Enthusiastic customers use Motio’s solutions


Time savings when using Motio solutions


Cleaned-up, cleansed, and validated reports

Checklist: is Motio right for my company?

Before we provide practical insight into the functioning and added value of Motio solutions, first, you must ask yourself the following question: Is Motio right for me and my requirements?

Checklist | Automated IBM Cognos Analytics Upgrade with Motio

To answer this question, take a look at our checklist:

  • I have more than 100 reports in the Cognos content store.
  • I don’t know how many unused reports there are in my content store.
  • I have many complex reports.
  • My last migration took longer than a week.
  • I have had bad experiences with Cognos migrations.
  • I was frequently not able to complete my previous migration project plans.
  • I have little overview of changes and frequently cannot detect the source of errors.
  • Migrations are not projects for our company; instead, they have to be done “on the side.”

If you answered more than three of these questions with “yes,” then you’ve found the right partner in valantic’s consulting experts and you should take a closer look at the possibilities offered by the Motio solutions.

Learn in our concrete use cases how Motio can help you with your next IBM Cognos Analytics upgrade and effectively automate your processes.

Motio in practice

Here’s how companies are automating the next upgrade of IBM Cognos Analytics

valantic uses Motio’s solutions for all migrations to new new IBM Cognos Analytics versions. In the process, we have developed a best-practice approach taking into account the following Motio solutions, which we will describe in detail below.

Process description of a migration project with Motio solutions

Process description of a migration project with Motio solutions

View of a library | Automated IBM Cognos Analytics Upgrade with Motio

What are the four steps of a successful and efficient migration?

First, it’s important to clean up thoroughly and remove unneeded and incorrect reports before the upgrade in order to concentrate on the relevant content. Motio helps the people in charge significantly reduce the scope of the initial migration.

The testing and validation of the reports to be migrated is the second fixed component of each migration. Done manually, these processes require a lot of time and can produce dubious results. By automating testing and validation, Motio eliminates stressful, error-prone, and expensive processes and prevents a possible production shutdown.

If in the course of reducing the initial migration scope reports are excluded by mistake, it is possible to make them available again through versioning. And if enhancements to the current productive system are made during the IBM Cognos Analytics upgrade, the changes can be captured and integrated into the migration cycle later thanks to versioning.

Deployment is used to significantly reduce the time required for transferring Cognos reports between two environments.

Picture of a workshop situation with two people discussing and a laptop on the table | IBM Cognos Analytics Administration

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Administration

Motio also offers a solution for the administration of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson. The lean client application MotioPI Pro offers useful functions for the administration of IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson. With the help of MotioPI Pro, the administrator can, for example, search for reports that belong to a defined package or clearly manage an administration of users for sending e-mails. MotioPI Pro can control, change or delete objects, such as reports, in bulk within the IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Content Store. These changes are logged and can also be undone if required. The feature of mass modification cannot be adopted natively via IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson and thus saves the administrator considerable time.

Use Case: Administration of IBM Cognos Analytics

Use Case: Exchange of the data source (relational database) behind IBM Cognos Analytics

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valantic Academy

Excellence in know-how transfer

Our training and education courses optimally prepare you and your employees for the use of Motio, so that you and your team can fully exploit the potential of the Business Intelligence solution in the future.

On our valantic Academy page, we also offer further training courses on IBM Cognos-Analytics with Watson solutions.

valantic Academy

Trainings & Workshops (DE)

Three pictures arranged in a circle show three people in front of an open laptop; a hand holding a pen; and the words “planning & reporting”. They represents the valantic Training Center offerings for planning & reporting seminars.ning & Reporting seminares.

valantic Academy

Motio CI (DE)

In this workshop, participants learn how to use the Inventory and Reduction functions as well as Testing. Ideal for migrations and upgrades!

Motio CI (DE)
Three pictures arranged in a circle show three people in front of an open laptop; a hand holding a pen; and the words “planning & reporting”. They represents the valantic Training Center offerings for planning & reporting seminars.ning & Reporting seminares.

valantic Academy

Motio PI Pro (DE)

Motio PI Pro complements IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson with many practical administration functions. In this workshop, the participants work out sensible procedure models and working methods using practical examples.

Motio PI Pro (DE)

Our partners: Motio and IBM

logo Motio, valantic partner

Since 2003, Motio has been supporting IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson customers with software solutions to adapt, expand and streamline their BI applications. The software manufacturer from Texas offers a comprehensive product range that complements and optimises IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson.

For IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson migration projects, Motio’s solutions increase efficiency and transparency and automate numerous steps to make upgrades less labour-intensive. Motio gives Cognos administrators tools and automation capabilities that make working with Cognos more efficient.

IBM Gold Partner Logo

Thanks to its long-standing gold partnership with IBM, valantic is the licensing professional that provides companies with comprehensive support and advice: from product selection and the choice of licensing model to implementation, support and training in the ISO-certified valantic Academy. The experts at valantic support you with their expertise in precisely these areas.

You can find more information about IBM’s products and services here.

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