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valantic Case Study: Builder’s Merchant STARK Successfully Manages Carve-out in Record Time

Builder’s Merchant STARK Successfully Manages Carve-out in Record Time

STARK Deutschland GmbH is a well-known builder’s merchant with eleven successful specialist retailers and brands, including generalists such as Raab Karcher and specialists such as the tile retailer Keramundo and the civil engineering supply company Muffenrohr. More than 6,000 employees at over 260 branches generate annual revenues of around EUR 2.5 billion. Since March 2021, STARK Deutschland GmbH, which formerly belonged to the French Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, has been part of the international STARK Group, which is headquartered in Copenhagen and operates in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Greenland.

  • Preparation of a carve-out concept including the target environment (future mode of operations) and a delivery sourcing concept
  • Preparation and conducting of the service provider selection process plus multi-stakeholder management
  • Assumption of responsibility for managing the entire transition project (project management, program management) under intense time pressure – from preparation and detailed concept development to the backend migrations, client migration and adaptation of service processes
  • Relocation of the entire IT including SAP ERP from the data centers in Paris and Montpellier to the new service provider’s data center in Frankfurt/Main
  • Migration / renewal of the IT infrastructure such as servers, storage and backup, baseline IT services and business applications
  • Physical rollout of 5,000 client computers at 250 locations in Germany
  • Establishment of new IT processes and improvement of the IT security

Phase 1: INTARGIA’s consultants prepared a carve-out concept including a target architecture (future mode of operations) and a delivery sourcing concept. In May, a decision was finally made on the target architecture following intensive consultations. This was followed by the start of the provider selection process. By the end of September 2019, all the future providers had been decided on.

Phase 2: The next step was to migrate the systems. The French Saint-Gobain placed rigorous demands on security and compliance, meaning that it was not always possible to use standard tools for the migration. As a result, INTARGIA and the new service provider were faced with the challenge of developing secure and creative methods for e.g. separating out and transferring applications and data.

Phase 3: The third phase focused on cybersecurity. The newly deployed Endpoint Detection and Response and Endpoint Protection Platforms, together with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), provide excellent protection against malware. All these security systems were collectively integrated into the Cyber Defense Center of the parent company, STARK Group. A separately established task force also took care of the increased number of user support tickets initially associated with a 5,000-client rollout.

valantic Case Study: Builder’s Merchant STARK Successfully Manages Carve-out in Record Time
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