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Telecommunications Industry

valantic Helps Customers End-To-End on The Path to Becoming Digital Telecommunications Providers

24/7 online communications services have become a ubiquitous part of our everyday business and private lives. The telecommunications industry provides a high-performance network infrastructure that serves as a cornerstone for this digitally networked world. Even so, the profitable business models of telecommunications companies are coming under pressure: Private customers expect better and low priced service pledges from their telecommunications providers, while business customers are insisting on cost and productivity advantages.

For several decades now, valantic has been helping its telco customers end-to-end on the path to becoming digital telecommunications providers. From strategy and conception, and go-to-market, through to implementation and operation, valantic has demonstrated its successful end-to-end services in over 300 projects across Europe for telecommunications companies such as 1&1, A1, Swisscom, congstar, Deutsche Glasfaser, goetel, MNet, Netcom Kassel, orange, Telefónica, vodafone and many more.

valantic is one of the top telco consultancies in Germany and the DACH region. Over 300 telecommunications experts and 800-plus customer experience professionals help improve service quality and the economic success of their telco customers every day.


Our Service Portfolio – From Strategy to Digital Enabler

valantic’s experienced consultants and telco experts always take a strategic, holistic, end-to-end view of telecommunications, along the entire value chain. This lets them master even the most demanding of IT transformations, thus forming the basis for successfully bringing new telco service offerings and innovative business models to market.

Cutout of a businessman giving a presentation in a boardroom | From Strategy to Digital Enabler

Strategy – The Master Plan for Market Success

What does a complex, future-proof IT transformation in the telco sector need to be a success story? valantic’s answer lies in a proven methodology that defines a customer-oriented IT strategy incorporating clear goals and quantifiable KPIs. In defining these, valantic’s consultants concentrate on flexibility, agility, reusability, resilience and cost optimization.

Seasoned IT architects apply advanced architectural principles such as decoupling of services and user interfaces (UI), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and microservices, and consider aspects such as data, data protection and IT security from the very start. A forward looking technology stack that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, IoT and automation, is leveraged to generate maximum efficiency and competitive advantage for customers, exactly where these are needed.

valantic recommends innovative organizational structures and operating models, without losing sight of the new mindset needed among managers and employees.


valantic is aware of the social responsibility of its customers and actively assists telco providers with targeted measures for more sustainability and achieving a net zero carbon footprint. valantic finances social climate projects of ClimatePartner and Carbonemission.

Customer Experience – Systematic Customer Orientation Across All Touchpoints

The four success factors that guarantee customer satisfaction are: customer centricity, omnichannel communication, and a bespoke offering. Telecommunications and service providers that systematically focus on customers and their needs, and offer them the most enjoyable and convenient consultation, selection and payment processes will be most successful in the future. Each touchpoint of the shopping journey should be designed for the customer as if it had been developed for them individually.

Smiling Man with tablet in his hand | Customer Experience – Systematic Customer Orientation Across All Touchpoints

Successful Online Portals for Business Customers

Besides classic telco offerings, such as mobile and fixed-line networks, telecommunications providers are driving growth through ICT solutions from the cloud, including reliable security and Internet-of-Things components.

valantic’s consultants conduct a pain-point analysis of all digital customer touchpoints, compare them with the competition, and benchmark the most successful online portals in the targeted market segment. This is followed by defining a product vision for the new portal, including an agile operating model.

Our iterative, user-centric product development demonstrably leads to success: User statistics and KPIs – such as conversion rate, bounce rates and visit time – improve dramatically.

Customer experience leadership – CX services that are bound to impress
Agile Methodology | Accomplishing Digital Transformation with Low-Code

Process Digitalization & Optimization

Competition, falling margins and, not least, personnel bottlenecks are forcing telecommunications service providers to optimize their business processes. In doing so, the decisive success factors needed to achieve this goal are efficiency, quality and transparency.

Process optimization begins with an analysis and the design of the processes – ideally based on a standard such as BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) – a defined business process description language. Decision points in processes are described using DMN (Decision Modeling Notation) and incorporated into the process in the form of business rules and decision tables. Automation is achieved using implemented software based on a BPM engine such as Camunda BPM.

Process Digitalization & Optimization

Optimization, Software and TKG Compliance

valantic’s software solutions and services for the telecommunications industry offer telco providers the opportunity to implement requirements from the areas of TKG* compliance, TC security, TC customer care and TC software engineering quickly, cost-effectively, securely, and without too much effort.

valantic’s service portfolio includes TKG compliance solutions for implementing public authorities’ requests for customer data, traffic data and stockpile data (Section 9 TTDSG (Section 96 TKG), Section 112 TKG, Section 174 TKG (Section 113 TKG), Section 176 TKG (Section 113b TKG) and for legally compliant telecommunications, international-head and e-mail monitoring (Section 170 TKG (Section 110 TKG). If desired, valantic can act as partner, assuming responsibility for the entire business process and end-to-end dealings with the public authorities. valantic serves the entire spectrum of all TKG-relevant requirements.

Connectivity – Well Connected at All Times

Large companies and corporations are increasingly relying on campus networks (LTE/5G) to offer their employees reliable, high-performance services such as autonomously controlled logistics vehicles. Using the findings of in-house market research, valantic develops pricing models tailored to the market concerned, and makes recommendations for market access, in general, and marketing, in particular. valantic rapidly prepares a detailed picture of the market and competition.

Innovative IoT Product Concepts

valantic’s creative and seasoned consultants develop forward-looking product and service concepts for their . They start off by identifying the target market segments and target customers, and validating what is needed for the planned product and service ideas. At the same time, valantic’s product management experts draw up product concepts compliant with the underlying legal guidelines. A sound business case and appropriate pricing model are also needed for the market launch.

valantic takes a practice-oriented approach to identifying the scope of the IoT product portfolio, use cases and value proposition by conducting workshops as well as customer and expert interviews.

Innovative IoT Product Concepts


How Data Create Real Added Value for Businesses

Data analytics generates immense added value and efficiency gains for businesses. Target group analyses, usage reports, bandwidth optimization based on historical load profiles, and the next-best-offer for business and consumer customers are just four examples among many. With historically accrued data spread across numerous data silos, alone, however, telco service providers will never achieve a competitive advantage, since reports and evaluations can only be prepared with huge delays, or not at all.

valantic’s experienced consultants consolidate all the data in a “single source of truth” and move reporting to a new Big Data platform, an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Automated reports and analyses are generated in near real time, exactly when they are needed. valantic establishes a sound, data-based foundation for successful business decisions, geared systematically to the needs of its business and consumer customers.

Traffic Flow Analysis in the Mobile Network

valantic set up a geomarketing platform for one of its telco service provider clients that captures and analyzes traffic and movement flows based on anonymized radio cell data. It coordinated the system architecture with Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information to ensure that all legal requirements were met with certainty. The project culminated with the successful market launch of the Big Data platform and opened up a new business line for the telecommunications service provider.

Picture of Times Square in New York

Services and Devices – IPTV and the Metaverse (AR)

Telecommunications providers are laying the technical platform for promising new business areas with their high-speed networks. In one real-life case, a telco provider made the strategic decision to set up a new B2C TV offering. The use case envisaged streaming TV and VoD content via fixed and mobile network connections.

valantic devised an end-to-end strategy and roadmap for all levels of the new IPTV streaming platform and assumed responsibility for risk, complexity, committee, partner and supplier management for all of the product offerings and the technology.

The platform and apps experienced a successful market debut thanks to a methodical, step-by-step launch process that systematically focused on the customer’s needs.

Smiling woman with headset in front of screen | Services and Devices – IPTV and the Metaverse (AR)

Digital Enablers – Thinking About Tomorrow... Today

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up immense business opportunities for B2B telco providers in terms of new product ideas and revenue sources. valantic’s consultants create IoT product offerings aligned with the needs and wishes of attractive B2B target markets.

The individual offerings are designed and developed as standardized product bundles consisting of end devices, cloud connections and software. One telecommunications provider worked successfully with valantic, launching the first portfolio batch – which consisted of three new IoT product offerings – after around only six months.

Customer Contracts and Personnel Records Perfectly Under Control

Reliable, centralized contract management is vital for the success of telco providers’ business operations. Almost every department – from purchasing and sales to controlling and management – benefits from it. valantic’s reliable, powerful contract management solutions minimize risks – such as missed deadlines, budget overruns, excessive throughput times, and inadequate approval and handling procedures – laying the foundation for business success.

Contract management software from valantic
Customer Contracts and Personnel Records Perfectly Under Control

AI-2-AI Communication

valantic works with Artificial Intelligence, generative Conversational AI and powerful speech recognition algorithms. For voice service providers, valantic’s consultants have integrated two different speech recognition systems (AI-2-AI) and conducted end-to-end infrastructure performance tests. This was preceded by an assessment of the integration options in regard to cost, complexity and customer experience.

Optimally exploiting the business benefits of AI
Conversational AI

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