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Uelzena automates SAP master data maintenance

Keeping master data consistent with workflows

Who maintains what when? When is the maintenance process complete? Who checks the entries to ensure they are correct? Companies often fail to answer these questions, which means that there are inconsistent processes in master data management. The result is not just a lot of errors, but also frequently unnecessary follow-up costs. With automated workflows and simplified processes, Uelzena eG, a leading contract manufacturing and dairy products company, succeeded in reducing such risks significantly.

With the introduction of valantic’s master data management solution Master Data Cockpit (MDC), Uelzena optimized its company-wide processes for item creation with automated workflows and clearly-defined responsibilities for the maintenance of various field functions.

Project goal

An overview of the project

The requirements for a new SAP master data management solution were clear: The item creation process in SAP was supposed to be simplified and especially speeded up. Another goal was the clear definition of responsibilities for the different field definitions and a verifiable dual control principle for the item master data and adjacent data such as parts lists and work schedules. This was supposed to ensure continuously high data quality. In addition, the solution was also supposed to be applicable to other areas of master data management such as the management and maintenance of accounts receivable and payable.


Quick implementation thanks to good cooperation. The project requirements included:

  • Analysis of the current state of affairs and formulation of an individual requirement specification
  • Quick preparation and implementation of the productive start
  • Automated workflows in the context of item creation
  • Clear assignment of the maintenance responsibilities and automated notification via e-mail about the maintenance status and need to act in MDC
  • Significantly simplified and secure process design
  • Integration of a dual control principle for the individual master data fields as well as for adjacent master data such as work schedules, parts lists, and info records that is important to Uelzena.
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With the newly-introduced SAP add-on, master data quality was improved significantly for the long run. At the same time, employees readily accepted the automated workflows in the context of item creation. The people responsible for maintenance have clear assignments and they are informed automatically via e-mail by the Master Data Cockpit about maintenance status and the need for action.

A workflow tailored directly to Uelzena’s processes guides the responsible people in the individual views and simplifies the entire process flow and the input of the required data. The maintenance work required for master data records takes far less time now. Furthermore, a dual control principle for the individual master data fields as well as for adjacent master data such as work schedules, parts lists, and info records that is important to Uelzena was integrated. This greatly reduced the risk of errors. From the point of view of internal auditing, there are no more indications of weak points in the process of item creation.

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Benefits for Uelzena

Shortening of throughput times and overall workflow duration

Comfortable and individual adjustment

No data migration: control all processes directly in the SAP standard system

User-friendly handling

Reduction of manual errors

Short implementation time at precisely defined costs

Learn more about how valantic’s Master Data Cockpit (MDC) also optimizes and automates your company-wide processes for data management here:

About Uelzena

Uelzena  eG  was founded in 1952  as the central dairy for selling the member dairies’ excess milk.  Thanks to a strategic reorientation, Uelzena took advantage of new development opportunities to become a service provider for the food-processing industry. Today, Uelzena is one of the leading suppliers and innovative problem-solvers in the contract manufacturing and dairy products industries. The company’s core business is the manufacturing of spray dried ingredients and pre-products as well as many kinds of milk fat preparations for the food industry. Using state-of-the-art production technologies and its decades of expertise, Uelzena is in a position to tailor solutions precisely to customers’ needs.

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