Powerful B2B online furniture store

DELTA-V: tradition meets contemporary functionality

At DELTA-V, the office furniture manufacturer, excellence goes beyond just their swivel chairs. The newly launched online store stands out with its exceptional features and distinctive design.

Delta-V homepage

Results at a glance:

  • introduction of a new online store with powerful performance and a modern design
  • optimized data transfer in the background of order processes
  • increased user-friendliness in the store via improved search functionalities
  • stronger customer loyalty through targeted provision of content


DELTA-V GmbH, headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, professionally furnishes offices and businesses and supplies high-quality furniture designed by DELTA-V. Established in 1844, the company has its origins rooted in a traditional Dutch trading house. Since then, DELTA-V has risen to prominence as one of the leading B2B dealers in the German market, expanding its presence to Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Their extensive product range features around 45,000 items, offering a versatile selection of chairs, desks, cabinets, furniture, and shelving systems to cater to diverse needs.

Delta-V FactFinder display with infos

The challenge

DELTA-V sought to upgrade its online store to align with the standards of a top office furniture retailer. This entailed transferring the entire database, ensuring compliance with current security requirements, and creating a visually appealing and user-friendly web design.

Mockup: Delta-V_FactFinder

The solution

After a thorough analysis, DELTA-V decided on a comprehensive and complete relaunch of its online store using the state-of-the-art OXID eSales online store system.

As part of this process, the entire database of DELTA-V was seamlessly transferred from Oxid 5 to Oxid 6, following standard protocols. To optimize the import of data, code refactoring and cleanup were conducted in the area of custom development, ensuring smooth integration during the import process. These improvements resulted in faster and more secure integration of relevant data from daily imports into the store, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.

The system integration also included setting up a new ERP system that was implemented in parallel with the e-commerce platform by another technology provider. DELTA-V collaborated closely with valantic to introduce additional exciting functionalities to the store, enhancing its overall capabilities.

OXID eShop Visual CMS

The new store incorporates a user-friendly content management system that enables the creation of website content without requiring any programming expertise. This allows for easy customization of the navigation, the Hero product display, and product information in the listing. To facilitate this, an intuitive tile view with mouse-over functionality was implemented.

FactFinder Next Generation

The enhanced search now incorporates automatic category and product suggestions, along with a direct “add to cart” feature. These additions significantly improve the convenience of product searches for DELTA-V’s customers.

Young man working on his laptop sitting in a niche.

Further project details

valantic services:

  • Quality assurance: During the testing phase, the project team received continuous support from valantic’s quality assurance team. All implemented functions were thoroughly tested in the test environment. In collaboration with DELTA-V and the QA team, special test cases and the most critical store functions were defined. These test cases were then integrated into automated tests and executed after each deployment. This approach eliminated the need for manual testing, ensuring efficient and reliable quality assurance throughout the project.
  • Developer consulting/assessment: valantic also offered valuable assistance in evaluating the skills of prospective developers applying to join DELTA-V.

Connected systems:

  • FactFinder Next Generation (search)
  • Oxaion (ERP)
  • PIM (eggheads)
  • Usercentrics (CookieHandling)

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